Every Day's A Holiday

40 Episodes

By: Nicole

Did you know that literally EVERY DAY is a holiday? I don’t know about you, but we love having a reason to celebrate everyday. In this new podcast from Talkocast Studios, the lovely Nicole presents listeners with the history and quirkyness of each daily holiday. Whether it’s your favorite food’s day or something else totally random, happy holiday to you!

Dear Diary Day: 09/22/23
Yesterday at 12:00 PM

September 22nd, Dear Diary Day - a day to pour out thoughts, dreams, and memories onto pages that listen without judgment, reminding us of the power of reflection and the intimacy of our own stories.

Miniture Golf Day: 09/21/23
Last Thursday at 12:00 PM

September 21st, Miniature Golf Day - a celebration of the pint-sized courses where fun looms large, reminding us that life is full of obstacles, but a little bit of play can make everything par for the course.

National Queso Day: 09/20/23
Last Wednesday at 12:00 PM

September 20th, National Queso Day - a day to dip into the creamy, cheesy goodness that brings people together, one chip at a time, and adds a spicy kick to any gathering.

Talk Like A Pirate Day: 09/19/23
Last Tuesday at 12:00 PM

September 19th, Talk Like a Pirate Day - Ahoy mateys! 'Tis the day to embrace yer inner buccaneer, swap landlubber lingo for pirate parlance, and set sail on a sea of jest and jollity. Arrr, enjoy!

Rice Krispies Day: 09/18/23
Last Monday at 12:00 PM

September 18th, Rice Krispies Day - a snap, crackle, and pop of nostalgia, it's a day to celebrate the beloved cereal that's been stirring up fun in our bowls and crafting memories for generations.

Constitution Day: 09/17/23
Last Sunday at 12:00 PM

September 17th, Constitution Day - a day to honor the foundational document that has shaped the course of a nation, reminding us of the principles of democracy, liberty, and the enduring power of a united people.

Mayflower Day: 09/16/23

September 16th, Mayflower Day - commemorating the voyage that changed the course of history, it's a day to reflect on the spirit of adventure, determination, and the pursuit of a better tomorrow.

International Dot Day: 09/15/23

September 15th, International Dot Day - inspired by Peter H. Reynolds' "The Dot," it's a day to celebrate creativity, courage, and collaboration, reminding us all to "make our mark" and see where it takes us.

National Eat a Hoagie Day: 09/14/23

September 14th, National Eat a Hoagie Day - a delicious nod to the sandwich that knows no bounds, reminding us that sometimes, life's greatest joys come wrapped in bread and loaded with toppings.

National Peanut Day: 09/13/23

September 13th, National Peanut Day - from crunchy to creamy, a day to celebrate the little legume that's packed with protein, flavor, and memories from ballgames to school lunches.

Pet Memorial Day: 09/12/23

September 12th, Pet Memorial Day - a day to remember and cherish the furry friends who left paw prints on our hearts, and to celebrate the unconditional love they brought into our lives.

National Make Your Bed Day: 09/11/23

September 11th, National Make Your Bed Day - amidst the solemn remembrance, find solace in the small routines, recognizing that sometimes, order and discipline begin with the simplest of tasks.

Swap Ideas Day: 09/10/23

September 10th, Swap Ideas Day - a day to ignite creativity, exchange perspectives, and remember that the best solutions often come from pooling minds together.

National Teddy Bear Day: 09/09/23

September 9th, National Teddy Bear Day - a day to hug those plush companions a little tighter, reminiscing on childhood memories and the simple comforts that come from a teddy's timeless embrace.

International Literacy Day: 09/08/23

September 8th, International Literacy Day - a day to celebrate the power of words, the doors they open, and the promise that education holds for every individual, no matter where they stand.

International Day of Clean Air: 09/07/23

September 7th, International Day of Clean Air - a day to breathe deeply, cherish our environment, and advocate for skies that are clear of pollution, for today and generations to come.

Coffee Ice Cream Day: 09/06/23

September 6th, Coffee Ice Cream Day - a fusion of our favorite brew and creamy delight, reminding us that sometimes the best things in life are a blend of the simple pleasures.

Avocado Day: 07/31/23

July 31st, Avocado Day - the day we honor the creamy, green fruit that elevates our toasts, powers our guacamole, and keeps our hearts healthy, bite by delicious bite.

Cheesecake Day: 07/30/23

July 30th, Cheesecake Day - a creamy, dreamy salute to one of dessert's greatest hits, proving that sometimes, life really is a piece of cake.

Lasagna Day: 07/29/23

Buffalo Soldiers Day: 07/28/23

July 28th, Buffalo Soldiers Day - honoring the valor, grit and tenacity of the African American troops who broke barriers and helped shape the American West. Their legacy is a story of triumph over adversity.

Scotch Day: 07/27/23

July 27th, Scotch Day - a day to savor the smoky elegance, the peaty warmth, the golden hues of Scotland's finest, and toast to the simple pleasures of life.

All or Nothing Day: 07/26/23

July 26th, All or Nothing Day - a day to seize the moment, throw caution to the wind, and live as if there's no tomorrow. Because sometimes, the best bet is to bet on yourself.

Parents Day: 07/25/23

July 25th, Parents' Day - a day to honor the ones who gave us life, nurtured our dreams, and continue to shape our world in countless ways.

Tequila Day: 07/24/23

July 24th, Tequila Day - a spirited salute to the heart of Mexico, turning any moment into a fiesta, one shot (or sip) at a time.

Hot Enough For Ya? Day: 07/23/23

July 23rd, "Hot Enough For Ya?" Day - the day when we embrace the sizzle, laugh in the face of the sun, and appreciate the air conditioning all the more.

Hammock Day: 07/22/23

July 22nd, Hammock Day - a gentle reminder to slow down, sway with the breeze, and let the world spin without you, if only for a little while.

Hot Dog Day: 07/21/23

July 21st, Hot Dog Day - a celebration of the humble food hero that's always a hit, whether it's in a ballpark, a backyard, or on a bustling city street.

Moon Day: 07/20/23

July 20th, Moon Day - the day we look up and celebrate our celestial companion, the reminder of man's courage to reach for the stars, and sometimes, land on them.

Daquri Day: 07/19/23

July 19th, Daiquiri Day - when the ice clinks, the lime squeezes and the rum pours, we celebrate life one sweet sip at a time.

Nelson Mandela Day: 07/17/23

July 18th, Nelson Mandela Day - a 24-hour tribute to a lifetime of battling injustice, proving that one person's courage can indeed change the world.

National Tattoo Day: 07/17/23

July 17th, National Tattoo Day - the only day when your skin tells a story more compelling than your words.

National Parchment Day: 06/30/23

On National Parchment Day, we acknowledge the blank canvas that captures our culinary masterpieces and written words, underscoring the importance of even the simplest tools in creating enduring works of art.

Hug Holiday: 06/29/23

On Hug Holiday, let's embrace the power of human connection, proving that the simplest gestures often hold the warmth and comfort of our shared humanity.

National Paul Bunyan Day: 06/28/23

On National Paul Bunyan Day, let's chop down our doubts and fears, and with tales as tall as trees, celebrate the might and mystery of American folklore.

National Sunglasses Day: 06/27/23

On National Sunglasses Day, let's reflect on the cool side of life, shading our eyes not to hide, but to better gaze upon the brightness of the world.

Chocolate Pudding Day: 06/26/23

On Chocolate Pudding Day, we stir together the simple pleasures of life, reminding ourselves that sometimes the sweetest moments are found in the smoothest indulgences.

Anthony Bourdain Day: 06/25/23

On Anthony Bourdain Day, let's savor the world through a myriad of flavors, honoring his legacy of curiosity, connection, and the power of sharing a meal.

Midsummer Day: 06/24/23

On Midsummer Day, we celebrate the sun at its zenith, basking in the golden promise of long days and the simple joy of light lingering on the horizon.

National Hydration Day: 06/23/23

On National Hydration Day, let's remember to keep our lives fluid and our bodies refreshed, honoring water's simple yet vital role in the flow of our well-being.