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By: Rachael Omdoll

This podcast was created by Rachael Omdoll, a mom, wife, and business owner, mother of two (three if you count the husband). The goal of this podcast is to inspire you and talk about the tough real life challenges of motherhood and everything that comes with it. Come to be inspired, laugh, maybe cry, and feel comforted knowing you aren't alone on your life's journey.

How to have success on your weight loss journey

Welcome to another episode of The Rachael Omdoll Show!
Let's talk about what makes a person successful in their weight loss journey. And help me celebrate one of my most successful clients who has graduated from FEEL Good Weight Loss Academy.

Episode 10-Hosting an Exchange Student

Welcome back to The Rachael Omdoll Show!

Episode 10- Hosting an Exchange Student

One month in and we are loving our student. How lucky are we that she fits so perfect with our family! 

Episode 9: Easiest Wedding Planning Ever

How much effort and stress goes into your wedding planning? 

It doesn't need to be so difficult! In this episode I am going to fill you in on how I planned my wedding in 3 months with ease

Episode 8: Not a Proud Moment, But I Don't regret It

Welcome back! In this episode I am vulnerable and discussing a time period in my life where I struggled as a single parent. I made some decisions that were not the best of me, however, without this time period I wouldn't have learned about myself and what I wanted out of life.

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Episode 7: 100 Pound Weight Loss - Part 2

Welcome to The Rachael Omdoll Show!
This is part 2 of my weight loss journey. So many lessons learned, and one lesson was the biggest of them all!

Episode 6: 100 Pound Weight Loss Journey-Part 1

Welcome to The Rachael Omdoll Show
In this week's episode I fill you in on the details of my 100 pound weight loss. 
Can you relate to how I felt in the beginning of my journey?

Episode 5 Depressed New Young Mom

Welcome to another episode of The Rachael Omdoll Show. 

Have you felt depressed after having a baby? I did too! Let's talk about it and the struggles of being a new mom and losing your identity.

Episode 4: Surprise You're Pregnant

Welcome to The Rachael Omdoll Show!

Have you found out you were pregnant unexpectedly? Well, I did. I was 20 years old. What a birthday surprise! 

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Episode 3: New Relationships and Young Love

Oh how fun new relationships are.... in the beginning. The road was rocky at times, BUT we still made it and he survived meeting my dad for the first time. Take a stroll down memory lane with me, what stories do you have that relate? 

Let me know!
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Episode 2: Breakups and Toxic Relationships

Welcome back to another episode of The Rachael Omdoll show. In today's episode I give you the deets of a toxic relationship I experienced. I would love to hear YOUR story!