The Rachael Omdoll Show

3 Episodes

By: Rachael Omdoll

This podcast was created by Rachael Omdoll, a mom, wife, and business owner, mother of two (three if you count the husband). The goal of this podcast is to inspire you and talk about the tough real life challenges of motherhood and everything that comes with it. Come to be inspired, laugh, maybe cry, and feel comforted knowing you aren't alone on your life's journey.

Episode 3: New Relationships and Young Love
Last Sunday at 4:00 AM

Oh how fun new relationships are.... in the beginning. The road was rocky at times, BUT we still made it and he survived meeting my dad for the first time. Take a stroll down memory lane with me, what stories do you have that relate? 

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Episode 2: Breakups and Toxic Relationships

Welcome back to another episode of The Rachael Omdoll show. In today's episode I give you the deets of a toxic relationship I experienced. I would love to hear YOUR story!

Let's Get to Know Each Other

Welcome to The Rachael Omdoll Show. I created this podcast to simply connect with others about the chaos in life as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. Most likely you don't know a whole lot about me, so let's get to know each other a bit better.