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Healthcare Unmasked: The Battle for Transparency
Last Friday at 8:13 PM

Nurses Out Loud with Nurse Michele, RN – Unveiling the concealed corruption within the medical industrial complex, focusing on the COVID-19 vaccine. We empower healthcare providers with factual knowledge, advocating for ethical, patient-centered care. This book serves as a tool for enlightenment and informed decision-making. Join us in this revelation, urging transparency and integrity in public health.

Censorship and Intolerance in the Climate Change Debate

The Other Side of the Story with Tom Harris – In today's society, widely accepted values often overshadow scientific facts, especially in the climate change discourse. While we champion freedom of speech, voicing against popular opinion can have harsh repercussions, notably in academic circles. Join me as I converse with Dr. Judith Curry, a renowned climate scientist, delving deep into the complexities of climate science and the...

Conversation on Issues in Management of the COVID Pandemic

America Out Loud PULSE with Dr. Harvey Risch – Dr. Reid Sheftall, an MIT-educated surgeon who started a charity foundation, where, for the last 23 years, he has been performing burn reconstruction and cardiac surgery on children of limited means. He is the author of Heroes and Villains: The COVID-19 Book of Lists, where he explains not only where things went wrong in managing the COVID-19 pandemic but also who exactly pushed...

Failure and Insanity: How We Can Win the Cognitive War

The National Security Hour with Edward Haugland – I delve into my new book, "The Cognitive War: Why We Are Losing and How We Can Win." With over four decades in national security, I discuss why this war is unlike any other—a perpetual battle that threatens our freedom and Republic. Learn about the three pivotal areas that can change the course of this ongoing conflict: Failure and Insanity, The Awakening, and The Challenge...

Why We Are Losing and How We Can Win

The National Security Hour with Col. Mike and Dr. Mike – In this episode of the National Security Hour, we speak with Edward Haugland, a seasoned veteran in US military and intelligence, to delve into his new book, "The Cognitive War: Why We Are Losing and How We Can Win." We explore how the federal government, in collaboration with global entities like the UN and WEF, is waging a cognitive war against its own citizens. Haugland...

Chaos or Revolution? You Decide

The National Security Hour with Col. Mike and Dr. Mike – Today on the National Security Hour on the America Out Loud network, Colonel Mike and Doctor Mike welcomed Dr. James F. Pastor, who is the author of an extremely prescient book called You Say You Want a Revolution: A Compelling & Cautionary Tale of What Lies Ahead. Dr. Pastor's career has embraced nine years in the Chicago Police Force, five in a tactical unit...

Cognitive Warfare: China’s Invisible Battle for Minds

Dr. Li-Meng Yan w/ The Voice of Dr. Yan – Since almost half a year ago, my guest on this episode, Edward Haugland, and I have frequently discussed the cognitive war in both The National Security Hour and The Voice of Dr. Yan. Why do we focus on that topic? The answer is simple: It's a perpetual war for human beings. Currently, the Chinese Communist Party, the biggest threat to the free world, has spent decades developing...

98 Days: True COVID Story With Doug Hines & Ashley Gunderson

Nurses Out Loud with Kimberly Overton, BSN, RN – As I look back on my time as an ICU nurse during the height of the pandemic, I can’t help but be filled with sadness, anger, and fear. Sadness for the lives we lost, anger for the willful ignorance that contributed to their untimely and unnecessary deaths, and fear - Fear that we have only scratched the surface of what’s to come. Hospitals across this country continue to utilize...

Global Warming Is the Great Deception

The Other Side of the Story with Tom Harris – The threat of global warming has morphed into a catastrophe of impending climate change, leaching into many areas of our society: education, government, transportation, energy, and civil liberties, just to name a few. Anyone who speaks out against the narrative of dangerous human-caused climate change is shunned, threatened, and scientists, in particular, are at risk of...

American Exceptionalism Is Paramount to Our Nation’s Survival

The Hard Truth with Tony Shaffer – In today’s society, where mediocrity is celebrated, and achievement is minimized, the term “American Exceptionalism” has become a taboo word among mainstream political and media circles, directly from Marxist teachings. Still, there are enough Americans who believe work ethic, critical thought, and ideas are important to themselves, and they encourage the same from their fellow citizens...

Michael Walsh: The Devil’s Pleasure Palace

The National Security Hour with Edward Haugland – Mr. Walsh is a true American Patriot who’s written six critically acclaimed novels and a hit TV movie with two New York Times best-sellers. His popular columns for National Review under the pseudonym of David Kahane were developed into the book, Rules for Radical Conservatives. As our audience knows, I focus on strategic issues and cognitive warfare...

Joe Connor, FALN, and the Real Seditious Conspiracy

The National Security Hour with Mary Fanning – On this episode of The National Security Hour, investigative journalist Mary Fanning, host and executive producer of The National Security Hour, is joined by her guest Joe Connor, co-author of the 2018 book Shattered Lives: Overcoming the Fraunces Tavern Terror. A recognized spokesperson and advocate on antiterrorism and national security matters, Joe Connor...

Durham, Judge Jeanine, and Crimes Against America

The National Security Hour with Dr. Michael Scheuer & Colonel Mike – Today’s National Security Hour on the America Out Loud Network – in the first and third segments – follows our previous discussion of the Durham Report. In the middle section of the show, we interview Judge Jeanine Pirro, who gives a caustic review of the grand mess that the new mayor of New York...

Abraham Lincoln With Author John Cribb

The National Security Hour with Mary Fanning & Colonel Mike – On the National Security Hour on the America Out Loud Network, our guest is Mr. John Cribb, a veteran author from Spartanburg, South Carolina. Mr. Cribb is the author of a new book called The Rail Splitter: A Novel. This book of historical fiction follows the life of Abraham Lincoln from his birth...

Investing in Conservative Non-woke Businesses With Wayne Allyn Root

The Hard Truth with Tony Shaffer – As many businesses double down on wokeness a la Nike, Gillette and many others, what businesses can Americans patronize and trust not to use their money for subversive purposes?  Nationally Syndicated Talk Hose Wayne Allyn Root has answered through his new book, The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book: The Great Conservative Companies to BUY From & Invest In!, and brings...

Soros, the Man Behind the Curtain

Our Lives & Politics with Booker Scott – George Soros is responsible for the rise of woke culture in America. Matt Palumbo, author of the book 'The Man Behind The Curtain', examines the extent of Soros' influence on progressive politics in the country. Additionally, an interview with Craig 'Sawman' Sawyer, who founded Veterans For Child Rescue to combat...

Spoils of War With Michael Haywood

The National Security Hour with Edward Haugland – We discuss the book “Spoils of War” with the author Michael Haywood as part of an American Patriots series, in which we investigate the lives, lessons, and efforts of real Americans who have sacrificed for the security and advancement of our Republic. Americans like Michael Haywood, who support and defend...

John Christmas: The Man Who Exposed Russian Oligarchs’ Bank Fraud

The Hard Truth with Tony Shaffer – Join LTC Tony Shaffer and whistleblower John Christmas as they discuss the extensive financial fraud in Russia and the consequences of exposing it. Christmas fled Russia after exposing bank fraud, fearing for his life. Don't miss their insights on the moral rewards of whistleblowing. Plus, LTC Tony Shaffer's take...

How the Left Took Control of Our Culture, Lexicon & How To Take It Back With David Horowitz

The Hard Truth with Tony Shaffer – Don't miss David Horowitz and LTC Tony Shaffer discussing the Far Left's takeover of the American Lexicon, Cultural Channels, News Media, Social Media, and National Discourse, and how to fight back. Check out David's new book, Final Battle: The Next Election Could Be the Last...

How to B Happy with Amelia Love

Nurses Out Loud with Jodi O’Malley MSN, RN – Amelia's mission is to equip people with the tools to be happy while putting Jesus above it all. She has created a movement with her Sunday church service, Wellness Wednesdays, and Wow Unite Community. Check out her free electronic book "How to B Happy" and join the...

Rep. Ken Buck on Big Tech Censorship and Manipulation

The Hard Truth with Tony Shaffer – Don't miss Rep. Ken Buck and LTC Tony Shaffer on The Hard Truth as they dive deep into the data manipulation and censorship practices of tech companies and their partnerships with the federal government. Plus, hear their thoughts on the January 6th security video footage...