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How the Left Took Control of Our Culture, Lexicon & How To Take It Back With David Horowitz

The Hard Truth with Tony Shaffer – Don't miss David Horowitz and LTC Tony Shaffer discussing the Far Left's takeover of the American Lexicon, Cultural Channels, News Media, Social Media, and National Discourse, and how to fight back. Check out David's new book, Final Battle: The Next Election Could Be the Last...

How to B Happy with Amelia Love

Nurses Out Loud with Jodi O’Malley MSN, RN – Amelia's mission is to equip people with the tools to be happy while putting Jesus above it all. She has created a movement with her Sunday church service, Wellness Wednesdays, and Wow Unite Community. Check out her free electronic book "How to B Happy" and join the...

Rep. Ken Buck on Big Tech Censorship and Manipulation

The Hard Truth with Tony Shaffer – Don't miss Rep. Ken Buck and LTC Tony Shaffer on The Hard Truth as they dive deep into the data manipulation and censorship practices of tech companies and their partnerships with the federal government. Plus, hear their thoughts on the January 6th security video footage...