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Ever wonder why guys always assume you’re down to get dirty within 3 seconds of meeting them? Why you keep making the same bad decisions and getting back with your crummy ex? Why you can’t stick to a diet? Well, there’s a reason and we’re ready to be direct AF with you by behaviorally breaking down the situation and identifying the function in a way that any average Joe or Jane can understand. Liat Sacks & Casey McDaniel, two badass Behavior Analysts are your soon to be BFF’s because they make this crazy, “random” world make sense through the le...

Netflix's: Jewish Matchmaking Host Aleeza Ben Shalom!
Last Monday at 10:00 AM

On today’s episode, the Bitches were lucky enough to sit down and chat with Netflix’s “Jewish Matchmaking” host, Aleeza Ben Shalom. If you have been living under a rock, Liat is modern orthodox Jewish and was fascinated by the show, so of course she reached out to see if Aleeza would come on the show and answer all of her questions and explain how a reality show relates/differs from the real world of dating! Aleeza connects singles from around the world with dating coaches and Matchmakers. Aleeza has been called the “Jewish Dating Guru” for her successful c...

Mo’ Sneakers Mo’ Seventh Heaven

On today’s episode the Bitches sit down for a super behavioral conversation with Nicole Williams, talking all about the sneaker industry and what it means to be a sneakerhead. Casey was skeptical about this episode at first given that she owns legit one pair of sneakers, but once the behavior principles started rolling, she was down AF. Get ready for a wild ride through tons of concepts including selectionism, limited holds, motivating operations and preferences while applying it to a real-world concept, buying sneakers! Even if you don’t own many pairs, this application of behavioral concepts is rela...

Crohn's Disease: Ostomy Surgery, or Death

On today's episode the Bitches bring on a badass chick. Jessica Grossman, the founder and spokesperson of Uncover Ostomy, was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 8. Between the ages of 11-13, she was bedridden in the hospital. After countless diets, torturous tests, and medications with side-effects worse than the disease itself, Jessica had to make a choice. Ostomy surgery, or death.

On January 30th, 2003, Jessica underwent ostomy surgery as her last hope. During the episode we talk about the challenges of having an “invisible” illness. Jess is an open book and answers all of our qu...

Supervision through a DM: with LocalABA

On today’s episode, the Bitches bring on Marrisa and Peggy, two amazing ladies from Local ABA. Local ABA provides remote supervision to BCaBA and BCBA candidates who are working towards getting their hours to sit for the board exam. We know good supervision is hard to find and most BCBA’s do not have the time to provide the necessary supervision when they are prioritizing clients, observations, parent trainings, report writing, dealing with insurance companies etc., but these ladies have solved the problem and are super passionate about the supervision process. We talk all about what good supervision look...

Libido, Arousal, & Sexual Wellness with Dr. Sadaf, host of the Muslim Sex Podcast

On today’s episode, the Bitches bring on a very special guest, Dr. Sadaf, a board-certified OBGYN, life coach, and sexual counselor in New York, with over 22 years of experience in helping women and adolescent girls with their physical and emotional health issues. She is more than just an expert on female anatomy–she has an understanding of the mind’s impact on the body and how it affects a woman’s well-being and sense of self. We ask all the burning questions you are too afraid to ask your OBGYN and she is real, raw, and relatable in her answ...

Moving On with Michelle Dempsey-Multack

On today’s episode, the Bitches bring on Michelle Dempsey-Multack, a writer, mom, coach, certified divorce specialist (TM) (CDS), speaker, and genuine girl power enthusiast. She hosts the weekly podcast Moms Moving On, and is the author of the Book, Moms Moving On! This girl knows how to move on successfully after a divorce, which as if the pain of divorce isn’t hard enough, now one has to think about co-parenting?!? This episode hits home for Liat as she is directly experiencing both of these topics so tune in for some behavior breakdowns on how to Move On and...

Weighing the Risks/Benefits with Dr. Shane Spiker, Ph.D., BCBA

On today’s episode, the Bitches bring back an oldie but a goodie guest, Dr. Shane Spiker. Dr. Spiker has worked for the past decade with dangerous behavior that, without treatment, could result in harm for various reasons. In his new workbook, Dr. Spiker talks with us about how to mitigate those risks and increase the benefits of clinical decisions you may make in a treatment setting. Conducting risk-benefit analysis is a crucial part of everyday life and the Bitches get to learn from the best during this episode! Tune in or Miss the F out!!



WTF is Somatic work and how does it relate to behavior?

On today’s episode, the Bitches bring on Kelley Hoag who runs her own private practice as a Certified Integrative Health Coach using Somatic therapy where she is your guide and advocate to support yourself, trust yourself and live in alignment with your authentic self! Kelly also holds a Bachelor's in Psychology and a Master’s of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis. We talk about how she brings her knowledge of human behavior and somatic bodywork into her private practice, Root to Rise Health. We go into how all private events can be felt within our bodies and can be o...

Attachment Styles with Dr. Morgan Anderson

On today’s episode, the Bitches sit down with Dr. Morgan Anderson, Clinical Psychologist, Attachment Theory Expert, Author, and host of the top-rated podcast: Let’s Get Vulnerable. We talk about all the different attachment theories with her and she behaviorally breaks each one down and how you can take steps to move towards a secure attachment style. Dr. Morgan talks about how we develop our attachment styles based on beliefs/experiences we had in our childhood and that those beliefs you developed in childhood were designed to help you survive not thrive. Casey and Liat open up about thei...

What the F#%k Are You Doing with Your Time? Beating Burnout with Emily Varon, BCBA

On today’s episode, the Bitches sit down with Emily Varon, BCBA. Emily has created a badass workbook called, “Beating BCBA Burnout”, where she gives you simple, yet significant tools to overcome feelings of burnout by working smarter, establishing work hours, and getting more (much more) sleep. The book comes with reusable worksheets and is a step-by-step guide to overcoming burnout and rediscovering your passion for the field of behavior analysis and the families we serve. We talk about how even the simplest thing such as knowing how to manage your Google calendar can make a huge difference in your p...

Improv'ing Your Session with Ali Arena, BCBA

On today’s episode, the Bitches sit down with Ali Arena, a BCBA and Speech Language Pathologist #superpower. Ali has dedicated her education and career to finding the best communication patterns and behavior changes required to navigate the ever-changing social world. Her clients often call her a “social detective” -- more than likely that comes from her unique training as a Speech Therapist and Behavioral Analyst. She is constantly figuring out the best way to use every client’s strengths to maximize their learning and social potential. We talk all about using the “Improv Method” during sessions to help build confid...

Prep + Rally with Dini Klien

On today’s episode, the Bitches bring on one of the coolest guests, Dini Klein, author of the cookbook Prep + Rally. Dini created Prep + Rally to take the stress out of meal prep, create more time to spend with your families, and actually enjoy mealtime again. If you are a busy professional, parent, spouse, or just a human you know how hard it is to manage your to-do lists, work full time, handle all the grocery shopping, take the dog out to sh*t, maybe sneak in a workout, and then be in charge of feeding other humans. It do...

Complex PTSD, trauma-bonding, and self-gaslighting.. oh my!

On today’s episode, the Bitches bring on Dr. Ingrid Clayton, a clinical psychologist and author of Casey’s new favorite #lifechanging book, Believing Me: Healing from Narcissistic Abuse and Complex Trauma. Ingrid shares the emotional story of her childhood trauma and her own journey discovering C-PTSD. We discuss, in detail, Complex PTSD and how it is similar yet different from PTSD, trauma bonding and trauma reenactment, self-gaslighting, and techniques to de-escalate an emotional flashback. Grab your tissues for this one and know that you are not alone. Your Bitches got you! Tune in or miss the F out!

How To Not Die Alone with Logan Ury

On today’s episode, the Bitches bring on Logan Ury, Director of Relationship Science at the dating app Hinge and author of the best-selling book How To Not Die Alone. We talk about the science behind successful dating, and what matters more and less than we think when choosing a partner. Liat seizes the opportunity to have Logan roast her own dating profile. We also discuss the three dating tendencies from her book and so much more so tune in or miss the F out!



From Non-Vocal to Public Speaker

On today’s episode, the Bitches bring on Dr. Kerry Magro who is an award-winning national speaker, best-selling author, and a role model in the disabled community. He talks about how he was diagnosed with Autism at a very young age, was non-vocal for the first part of his life, and how that led to him to be standing on the TEDx stage inspiring thousands of people. Kerry is a pioneer in helping parents deal with the hard question of what happens to their autistic child when I am not around anymore. We give advice to families who are na...


On today’s episode the Bitches talk about #Triggers!! Do you find yourself or someone you know easily triggered? Same. Liat and Casey discuss their personal triggers as well as coping skills to recognize and heal things that may trigger you. So tune in or miss the f#%k out!

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Divorce….Should I Stay or Should I Go?

On today’s episode, the Bitches are stoked to be joined by New York Time’s Top Podcast’s host, Kate Anthony, to talk all things divorce. This podcast hits on all things divorce: knowing when to stay or go, the indicators that it’s time to call it quits, planning to leave, the actual divorce, children, and finding you post-divorce. If you’re someone who feels constantly confused or unsure of the state of your relationship or know anyone in a relationship #everyone, you better tune in or miss the f#%k out!

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Psychedelics: Are We Missing Something Huge?

On today's episode the Bitches bring on probably one of the coolest guest couples ever, Kole and Tah. They talk about how everything we do is led by either desperation or inspiration. Tah is the "Done Dude" (a nurse with nearly 25 years of experience), and Kole (former substance abuse educator turned psychedelic advocate) founded The Condor Approach to provide a psychedelic-informed coaching certification for therapists, life coaches, psychedelic enthusiasts who know. Integration. Is. Not.Optional.

They talk about flocking to the healing possibilities of power plants, fungi, and spiritual medicine, in finding safe spaces and integrating their...

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy with the Man, the Myth, the Legend: Dr. Thomas Szabo

On today's episode, the Bitches bring on one of the greatest in the field of behavior analysis, specifically when it comes to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Dr. Thomas Szabo has spent the past 10 years focusing his practice on teaching people ways to ignite behavioral flexibility in their personal lives and with others in clinical practice, schools, board rooms, shop floors, and community centers. He breaks down ACT and Relational Frame theory so that anyone listening can understand and even talks about some ways to practice psychological flexibility in your own lives. If you know Casey, you know this...

Behavior Analysis in the Wild with Kristyn Peterson, BCBA

On today’s episode, The Bitches sit down with Kristyn Peterson, a badass BCBA, who has paved her own way in the tech world. After feeling burnt out in the clinical and academia spaces she took some time to get to know her own values and how she could contribute her behavior analysis skill set to other settings #generalization. Kristyn now builds products based on behavior analysis for all things technology and business. Whether it’s how to have happier and more productive employees, determining why all your inventory keeps getting lost, or figuring out why a leader is bein...

Addiction and Healing with Dean Moses

Today the Bitches bring on a close friend of Liat who has struggled with addiction and shared his story with us. Dean Moses went on his path of recovery with a passion to help others, primarily young adults, to reach stability and sobriety. Hear Dean tell his story, the behaviors behind maintaining a lifestyle in service of addiction, and how Dean is now using his own experience to help others struggling with addiction overcome and heal. Tune in or miss the F out!

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Answering Your Burning Instagram Questions with The Behavior Chick

All of your burning instagram messages answered by your fave bitches and Behavior Chick! How to work with parents compassionate ABA, empathy, burn out, imposter syndrome, wanting to leave the field, dissemination, how important our work is, knowing your value, advocating for yourself and your clients….using humor to cope, funny memes, safe supportive environment so you do not feel alone, and so much more! So tune in or miss the F out!

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Collaboration for the win with Taylor Ross, BCBA

On today’s episode Liat & Casey sit down with Taylor Ross, a lead BCBA at Blossom Children’s Center in Michigan. This girl really loves her job and we talk all about why! From their interdisciplinary approach to natural environment teaching, this clinic has got it figured out for the best outcomes for clients and staff. Taylor is an advocate for all things Autism & 100% for the movement to make ABA more accepted within the autism community. She wants to show the world that ABA is a beautiful science and try to reverse the negative perceptions about our field. Tune in o...

Extreme Haunts with Ron Lefevre, BCBA

Today’s episode is horror-ble. Haha, just kidding; it is actually “horror-filled”. On today’s episode, we have Ron Lefevre, BCBA, join us on the podcast to talk about his unusual hobby of participating in extreme haunts. If you don’t know what an extreme haunt is, don’t worry, The Bitches, weren’t aware this existed before Ron blew their innocent minds. Let’s just say this ain’t your typical haunted house. This is legit #wildAF. Halloween is here and we’re here to talk about all things Extreme Haunts. This is something you didn’t know you needed to know exi...

Seeing Interventions Through the Neurodivergent Lens w/ Lara Fundaburg & Brian Middleton

This week's bonus episode features Lara Fundaburg and Brian Middleton, a couple of BCBAs helping people see the world through the neurodivergent lens. Check out this fun conversation they had with Casey & Liat, and be sure to check out their upcoming panel (summary below). Tune in or miss the F out!

Show Notes:

Through Our Eyes: Seeing Interventions Through the Neurodivergent Lens

Moderators - Lara Fundaburg (primary) & Brian Middleton (supporting)


What happens when neurodivergent professionals take an in depth and critical look at interventions that are most commonly...

WTF is Schadenfreude?

Why do we feel excited when our ex’s fiancé calls off their engagement, that straight-A student fails a test, and when your boss dings the door of her car? The answer is Schadenfreude; this is the pleasure derived by someone for another person's misfortune. Don’t lie, you know exactly what we are talking about. We’re all guilty; it’s what makes us human.  Liat and Casey keep it #realaf and call each other out. You know what to do: Tune in or miss the f#%k out.

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How Much Higher Can the Prices Be #InflationAF

On today's episode, the Bitches chat with Nicole Williams, who is thrilled to dissect all the things that control our consumer behavior, why prices are so F'n high, and some underlying MOs as to why people freak the F out at grocery stores when storms are coming. She discusses how the Pandemic serves as a setting event for us all, the current state of our personal token economies, and why prices continue to soar. Share some laughs, thoughts, and Ah Ha moments with this episode, and take away too many ABA concepts to count. Whether you are interested in...

New Wave of Behavior Analysis

On today’s episode the Bitches bring on Dr. Stephanie Augustin. She is a BCBA who literally does it all #badass. We talk all about running a business, leading with dignity and respect to our staff and clients, growing up being the sibling of an autistic individual, the struggles of our own mental health, and how behavior analysis has changed our view of the world. This is an episode was a #vibe and you do not want to miss it! Tune in or miss the F out! Love you. Mean it!

Show Notes & Behavior Concepts:

Contingency Sh...

Speaking the same sleep language with Emily Varon, BCBA

On today’s episode the Bitches bring on yet another sleep expert because let’s be real if you are not getting the quality sleep you are not showing up as your best self. Emily Varon is a BCBA who has made it her life mission to combine the science of behavior analysis with the science of sleep. Emily creates amazing learning opportunities for BCBA’s (or anyone for that matter) to enhance their practice by providing context for the way sleep and behavior both complement, and sabotage one another. Don’t worry this episode won’t leave you yawning or...

Winning with Underdogs

On today’s episode the Bitches bring on a very special guest, Gil Winch, all the way from Israel! Gil founded Call Yachol (CY), a unique free market social enterprise whose entire workforce of hundreds of employees and managers is comprised entirely of ‘underdogs’. Half of CY’s employees are people with severe disabilities and the rest come from marginalized or disadvantaged populations, and for most, CY is their first place of work. Yet despite that, CY’s workforce all attain regular productivity and make industry standard wages, proving that there is a huge untapped reservoir of talent – underdogs – that many empl...


On today’s episode, Nicholas Maio-Aether returns to the show to discuss everything HIV. Get everything from the basics about HIV to Nicolas' own story about living with HIV on this jumbo-sized, info-packed, analytic-up-the-wazoo edition of the podcast! Tune in or MISS THE F*** OUT!!!

Show notes: 

Course link: 

The course will also be available in a bundle for June (link): 

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School Psychologists are cool to date

In episode 118 we speak to some School Psychologists. Have you ever heard of them? Don’t worry if you haven’t, very few have. We introduce Chris Ponce and Brook (NOT BROCK) Roberts. These Legit Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (School Psychologists in states not named Texas) have curated and produced their own podcast, TASP TALKS. What is a School Psychologist? Come listen to us ramble On about what happens when a behavior concern arises in a school district. Also, find out which one of the school psych’s didn’t do their homework and finds out Liat may be missi...

Serial Killers with Dr. Joni Johnston

Why is society so fascinated by serial killers? Why does one even commit such a terrible crime and then do it again...and again? In today’s episode, we have Dr. Joni Johnston on to share what her job is like as a forensic psychologist working with serial killers and criminals who have committed horrid crimes. She discusses how she makes “recommendations” that have a huge impact on someone’s life (do we allow this person to be released or stay locked up for life?). Liat shares excitement in anything true crime-related, so much so that she can barely form a s...

Following in your footsteps, Mom and Daughter BCBA Duo

In today’s episode, we have two very special guests, Michaela and Audrey Poggie, a mom and daughter BCBA duo. Audrey started in the field in 2008 and fell in love with ABA. She loved it so much that she converted both her daughters and her husband to join the field.  Imagine having a family of BCBA’, ya we can’t either. We get to hear from Audrey about how the field has changed over the years, what she is excited about for the future of the field and how it is seeing her daughter as a newly minted BCBA. Wow, ti...

Nicole Shallow, Everyone is tired AF

On episode 115 (holy sh*t) the Bitches bring on a long-awaited guest, Nicole Shallow. You might know her as Your Behaviour Gal on the gram. Nicole has been a BCBA since 2019 and absolutely loves helping feel empowered, and supported on their journey to make positive changes in their lives through improving sleep habits. Let’s be honest, we are all guilty AF of falling asleep with air pods in playing Grey's Anatomy on repeat am I, right? After a lot of research, completing her graduate project on sleep, gaining mentorship in this area, and making a difference for her cl...

Art & ABA with Natasha, BCBA

On today’s episode, we get to chat with Natasha Bouchillon whose background in fine art and behavior analysis brings a unique intervention approach to facilitating emergent learning, functional communication, and cultivation of creative behavior known as “aesthetic behavior“. In other academic and scientific disciplines, we typically know this as creative intelligence or creative thinking. If you know Liat you know she gets off to Art & ABA so tune in to hear all the cool sh*t Natasha is doing with her company Canvas ABA and her work with PEAK!!!

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True life: I am a BCBA and have no support with Dr. Jim Moore

In today’s episode we bring back one of our favorite guests, Dr. Jim Moore! We had so much fun with him on episode 54 and wanted to check in and see what he has been up to these past two crazy years. We had planned to talk about one topic, but we felt pulled to talk about the lack of support BCBA’s feel once they pass this test. Jim gets it and so do the Bitches so tune in for a hot conversation that hopefully will inspire, motivate and make you feel like you are not alone! Love you...

Human Behavior Pattern Recognition and Analysis but Real Raw and Relatable

Do you ever wonder why people act the way that they do? Well if you listen to our podcast chances are you do so tune in to today’s episode where the Bitches interview human behavior experts Brian Marren and Greg Williams and they discuss all things human behavior related. We talk all about HBPR&A (Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis) and how it relates to ABA and realize we are all talking the same thing just different jargon. You will leave this episode ready to tackle any crisis or situation that you encounter with a few simple tips fr...

Lifetime’s Leave it To Geege Stars Geege Taylor and Tyler-Curtis Elliot Meet the Bitches

On today’s episode we bring in two stars from Lifetime's newest reality show, Leave it to Geege. Chatting with Geege Taylor and Tyler-Curtis Elliot (BCaBA), we get an amazing insight into their life of raising Pootie, Geege’s adult son with autism. Once you meet this family, we promise you will fall in love. Unapologetically themselves, this southern dynamic duo is endlessly entertaining to chat with—and they give a unique understanding of how they approach and practice behavioral therapy with Pootie. We cover everything from how to successfully film an episode of the show with Pootie, to keepin...

Everybody Lies with Kayla Perry, BCBA

On today’s episode, we dive into the art of persuasion and the nuances behind lying. Whether we’re embellishing the truth, casting doubt on the truth, or avoiding the sting of awkwardness, deceptive behavior can be both harmful and adaptive. Harmful in the sense that calculated, methodical lying with a malicious intent of deceiving, could cost someone precious parts of their identity. Adaptive in the sense that white lies, or surface-level fibs, can spare someone hurt feelings and a lot of relationship repair. Persuading others to act as a reference for a job interview is a version of lyin...