I Came With Fire

10 Episodes

By: Brandon Gresham

Join hosts, Brandon & Zach, two Active Duty USAF dudes, as they interview larger-than-life guests, explore the intersection of current events, history, the supernatural, and the veteran experience.With 30 years of experience between them, Brandon & Zach share a bond forged from shared deployments, being police officers in the Air Force, and have spent time in damn near every country on this planet and almost every continent (they'll get to you one day Antarctica!).Join them for a unique insight into everything this world has to offer...the knowable, the worthwhile, and the curious. They would love to hear what you think...

"Stone Echoes of the Maya" with Luke Caverns
Last Friday at 5:07 AM

Luke is recently returned from his expedition to the Peten jungle of Central America, where he amazingly discovered a long forgotten Mayan city. Luke describes the Peten as "a jungle landscape of ruins, like a pin cushion with no more room for pins to push in". Maya civilization was grander, larger and more populated than any modern city of the modern age.

In this episode Luke discusses the mysterious, innovative, beautiful, and violent Maya civilization. Much of Mayan history has sadly been lost to time due to the destructiveness of Spanish conquerors, disease, jungle overgrowth, and the...

China's Great Limp Forward with "Sino Talk"

We are joined again by Joaquin Camarena of "Sino Talk"! Zach is also back as we say "see ya later" to Chris of "Common Freakin' Cents". If you haven't already, head on over to Episode 18 and listen to our first episode with Sino Talk.

In this episode we jump in on all things related to China, the Indo-Pacific, Russia, and the US alongside its allies. Why is the US sending a new aid package to Taiwan and what's it really for? How can the US counter hypersonic missile attacks on its Carrier Strike Groups? Are American cyber...

UFOs: Contact & Cover Ups with Leslie & Stephen Shaw

Leslie and Stephen Shaw, authors of 'Who They Are and What They're Up To,' discuss their experiences with UFO sightings and the abduction phenomenon.

The Shaws also explore their theories on flood myths, genetic bottlenecking, and an advanced civilization that may have existed prior to a catastrophic event. They discuss the connections between ancient texts, such as the Sumerian tablets, and biblical accounts, including the Tower of Babel. This part of the conversation explores the theory that a strain of humanity split from the rest of the population and went underground 13,000 years ago. The Shaw's further...

"Plastic Patriotism" with George Kemper

The guys interview George Kemper, US Army veteran and former candidate for Illinois State Office! We also welcome back Chris as our guest co-host!

In this episode we cover a lot of ground and have some pretty spicy takes on a lot of touchy subjects! We discuss 2020 and George's loss of employment due to his social media presence. The incident made national news and helped inspire George to take action and run for political office. We continue the discussion on the southern border crisis, minimum and maximum age for political office, minimum age for voting rights, obligations...

"China: Corruption & Crisis" with David Zhang

We welcome David Zhang back to the show! David Zhang, former writer for the Epoch Times, is an independent journalist who covers Chinese affairs on "China Insider with David Zhang". This episode is also co-hosted by our good friend and Green Beret Medic, Chris, from "Common Freakin' Cents Podcast"!

In this new conversation, the guys and David explore the changes in US-China relations, China's domestic crisis, and the shift in how China is viewed by the West. David delves into China's propaganda and optics, as well as the Eastern vs Western mindset.

Currently, China faces...

"Hypersonic Madman" with Marcus Freitas

In this episode, Marcus Aurelius Freitas, a U.S. Air Force Avionics Flight Expeditor, breaks down the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, hypersonic aircraft and munitions programs, and some amazing technology the Air Force has coming into operation! Marcus touches on upgrades and future aircraft, including the Next Generation Air Dominance Fighter (NGAD).

The conversation explores topics such as potential Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) reverse engineering programs, hypersonic engines, Operation Rapid Dragon, and beneficial upgrades for the F-35.

The conversation covers topics such as international collaboration on defense programs, cutting costs in defense, the impact of...

"Not Like One Of Them"

In this episode, Brandon interviews Luis Espindola, a United States Marine Corps veteran, small business owner, and 2024 House of Representatives candidate for Texas' 27th Congressional District.

Luis discusses his motivation for running for Congress and his focus on bringing change to the political system. He emphasizes the need for term limits and discusses his proposed "Money Where Your Mouth Is Act". This act would require members of the House and Senate to spend 20 hours throughout their elected term working alongside Border Patrol agents and an additional 20 hours embedded with law enforcement in their respective districts. The intent...

"Half A Cylinder Of Knowledge" with Aaron Love

We welcome back Aaron Love! If you haven't listened to our other episodes with Aaron, head back to "S1, E3", "S2, E2" & "S2, E16".

In this episode the dudes jump in on states trying to keep Trump off the ballot by invoking the 14th Amendment, Section 3 (an old post-Civil War provision meant to keep Confederates from claiming power). They discuss the use of "lawfare" against political opponents, short news cycles and conspiracy theories, the concept of 'Hyper America,' and the limitations of Chat GPT.

Brandon, Zach, & Aaron continue the conversation and also cover:


"New Year, Same Guys" Popcorn Podcast 6

You already know the drill! This is Popcorn Podcast #6.

Brandon and Zach jump in on various topics including the newly released Epstein files and how the scandal is not the "red-line" for a call-to-action that so many people have hoped it would be.

Zach hits Brandon up about what he'll miss the most after almost 2 decades in Air Force, so naturally the dudes complain about the Finance Office and reminisce about all the amazing friends and ridiculous shenanigans they've gotten into. What is the ketchup packet game?

What happened to MH370? Why were...

"What Is An Act Of War?"

The definition of an "act of war" is intentionally vague. The old saying that "war never changes" is challenged as technology becomes increasingly complex. Cyber attacks can render physical infrastructure useless and Artificial Intelligence confuses people every day--how do we redefine "acts of war" in our modern era? Is the United States already in the midst of a "Cold Civil War"?

In this episode, Brandon and Zach discuss the concept of an act of war and how it is currently defined. They explore the process of declaring war and the role of the United Nations in international...