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A podcast from CPYU (Center for Parent/Youth Understanding) discussing issues related to the world of youth culture, children, teens and young adults. Hosted by CPYU President Walt Mueller.

Episode 184: "Bad Therapy?" with Julie Lowe and Philip Monroe
Last Thursday at 7:34 PM

Journalist Abigail Shrier is no stranger to controversy. She hit the topic of rapid onset gender dysphoria hard in her first best-selling book, Irreversible Damage. Recently, she released a new book, Bad Therapy: Why the Kids Aren’t Growing Up, which calls out therapeutic practices which she believes hurt rather than help our kids. Stick with us as I chat with counselors Julie Lowe and Dr. Phil Monroe to get their take on Shrier’s new book, on this episode of Youth Culture Matters.

Episode 183: Summer Reading List

The school year has come to a close and we’re launching into the summertime, a season that the old popular tune tells us is a time when the living is easy. If you’re like most, the summer months are a time for vacation getaways and getting your nose into a good book or two. On this episode of Youth Culture Matters, I’m going to share a very fast run-through of twenty books from which to choose if you’re looking for some good summer reading, all of them related in some way to faith, life, youth work, an...

Episode 182: "40 Years of Detention" - What The Breakfast Club Can Teach Us About Youth Ministry

Over the course of our years studying youth culture here at CPYU, there are a host of films that have offered us helpful peeks into the adolescent experience. One of the most provocative of those films is 1985’s The Breakfast Club. As the fortieth anniversary of the film is coming up, it’s amazing how well the film still captures the realities of teenage life. Today, I chat with a couple of youth workers about how The Breakfast Club is still very moving, and in many ways timeless, on this episode of Youth Culture Matters.

Episode 181: "Experiencing the Power of Mercy" with Tim Rogers and Megan Shertzer

What is it like when undeserved mercy confronts undeniable evil, when kindness upends condemnation, and when heaven engages hell? Today, I interview two members of a family about how these things became real for them. It’s a story we need to hear, to consider, and to share with our children and teens as a way to learn about God’s amazing grace. Listen in as I chat with Tim Rogers and Megan Shertzer about how mercy is more powerful than murder, on this episode of Youth Culture Matters.

Episode 180: Cultivating Wisdom and Discernment

Our children and teens are growing up in a world marked by a confusing mix of ever-changing challenges, choices, pressures, and expectations. These realities make it increasingly difficult for them to know what to believe and how to live in the world as faithful followers of Jesus Christ. How will they know right from wrong? How can they develop Biblical wisdom in order to be able to discern truth from lies? We are talking about practical ways to cultivate wisdom and discernment in our kids, on this episode of Youth Culture Matters.

Episode 179: Teens, Tech, and Social Media - A Youth Worker Roundtable

It was back in January of 2007 that Apple CEO Steve Jobs spoke prophetic words to the attendees at the Macworld Conference. Jobs famously said, “Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.” He was talking about the smartphone, a device that has changed just about everything. Stick with us as we have a youth worker roundtable conversation about the latest findings on teens, tech, and social media, on this episode of Youth Culture Matters.

We begin the podcast with a fun discussion about music. Then CPYU Research Fellows and Youth Workers, Jason Engl...

Episode 178: "Loving Parents of LGBTQ+ Students" with Joy Worrell and Joan McConnell

One of the questions youth workers are asking more than any other is this: What can I do to come alongside of and help parents as they seek to love their LGBTQ+ kids? Because all of our kids are divine-image bearers and we are called to parent them with grace and truth. I invite you to listen in as I chat with Joan McConnell and Joy Worrell, both members of the Parent and Family Ministry Team at Harvest USA, about how to best support our youth ministry parents as they navigate these tender, sensitive, and difficult issues in ways...

Episode 177: "Youth Culture Year-In-Review"

Culture is changing at breakneck speed, and today’s youth workers need to not only keep up with the host of new challenges facing our kids, but they need to respond in ways that communicate the truths of the Gospel so that our kids might embrace a life of faithfulness to Jesus Christ as His disciples. Today, I pull together a group of boots-on-the-ground youth workers to help us learn more about where culture has gone over the last year, where it’s headed, and how we can practically respond as we nurture kids in our churches and homes. I in...

Episode 176: "Discipling Students in a Gender Confused World" with Abigail Favale

“The feminist movement has given birth to many things: one of these is the popularization of gender, a concept that drives a wedge between sexed identity and embodiment.” Those words are written by Abigail Favale in the autobiographical chapter simply titled “Heretic”, in her new book, The Genesis of Gender: A Christian Theory. Abigail’s personal story and thoughtful book on the gift of our embodiement as male and female is a must-read for anyone hoping to lead kids through the current muddied and confused cultural narrative on sex and gender. I invite you to listen in to this conversati...

Episode 175: "What a 100 Year-Old Book Has to Say to Us in Youth Ministry Today" with Steve Nichols

The way that we parent and the way that we do youth ministry is always informed by the theology we embrace, whether that theology is embraced consciously or unconsciously. Of course, unless we work to consciously embrace a biblically-faithful and orthodox theology, we run the risk of thinking about God and Jesus in ways that are inaccurate and not even Christian. One hundred years ago, J. Gresham Machen faced and addressed this same dilemma, and he did so in ways that are helpful and informative for us today. I chat with my friend Dr. Steve Nichols about how Machen’s...