meeting your soul

10 Episodes

By: Ferrah Chino

This podcast was designed to empower others to dive into their self-discovery journey by sharing my struggles and triumphs as I have perused a deeper connection to my own heart. I’ll share tips and tools for embodying love, authenticity and soulful confidence. My goal to create a community that openly discusses wellness in a holistic sense. Let’s work together to find harmony within our mind, body and spirit through ancient texts, somatic practices and positive psychology techniques. I’m so happy you’re here – I love you already! I would love to hear about your story, feel free to reach o...

60: LEAH ZACCARIA, Entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher, and Author
Last Thursday at 6:11 PM

Please welcome, LEAH ZACCARIA, Entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher, and Author to the meeting your soul pod! I've known Leah for a decade and she's shifted the way I express myself through continuing my own self study through Sendatsu: Next Level Yoga Teacher Training + being a influential mentor within my world. She inspires people to live their truth and to be who they are truly meant to be by embodying that in all she does. 

Leah is an accountant turned entrepreneur.  She was a CPA working in Corporate America for 15 years with a Masters in Taxation.  She went through a p...

59: regulate your nervous system based on neuroscience

Are you feeling stress, unable to sleep, experiencing relationship conflict, chronic anxiety, or even difficulty managing frustration? These are all indications that your nervous system is dysregulated, so here are 5 steps that I follow each time I’m feeling out of whack. 


How to regulate your nervous system based on neuroscience: 

Breath + feel: Where are you feeling this within your body? What reaction is occurring on a visceral level?30-90 second rule: When you experience something neuroscientists explain there is an initial biochemical and electrical surge that lasts 30 to 90 seconds when your unconscious and consc...

58: never give up

Life has a funny way of working out exactly as it's meant to, but when the intended path shifts into a muddy creek filled with thorn bushes many consider or end up throwing in the towel. Because why not? "This can't be the right way" "I must have made a wrong turn" "If it's not easy, it's not meant to be" "This is hard" are all phrases that have streamed through my mind at various points in my career, relationships and even my own self discovery journey. In the midst of another major transition within my life, I recognize...

57: @ZuarelBlue, your local + friendly entrepreneur

This week’s guest is an entrepreneur, non-profit owner, and one that has accomplished more than what most people dreamed of. Zuarel Blue, @ZuarelBlue, host “The Entrepreneur Life” wholeheartedly believes in the power of entrepreneurship and it’s ability to transform lives and communities for the better. Zuarel’s philosophy revolves around supporting small businesses, youth development, and community advancement for a brighter future. Through Entrepreneur Life and Foundational Black America, Zuarel Blue embodies a holistic approach to prosperity and aims to make a lasting impact. Listen in for some of his life lessons and tips on how to grow your...

56: signs from the universe

Have you ever consistently seen 111? or a specific color or animal accompanied with a deep, unshakable sense of peace? You might also have a recurring dream or see a specific symbol or person within your dream. That could be another way your inner world is trying to tell you something. Even experiencing a strong feeling pulling you towards a particular person or location or being pushed away from certain paths in life is a clear sign from the universe. These are all ways that you can communicate with your intuition, but can be a tad overwhelming when you're first...

55: loving kindness meditation

The technique of metta meditation involves reciting positive phrases toward yourself and other beings. This is a traditional Buddhist practice that has been practiced for thousands of years and has scientifically shown to activate the areas of our brain associated with love and compassion. There are many versions, however they all share the common aspiration of cultivating unconditional positive emotions toward all beings and strengthens connections. After you recite kind phrases toward yourself, you extend that kindness to other people. This allows you to display compassion and empathy towards all.

There are many versions, however they all...

54: you better werk!

Everyone has struggled with self worth at one point in their life. Whether it after a break up or a time when you felt like you weren't being seen or recognized for your contributions. However, I would have to say that I've learn a few tricks to feel sting of pain and use it as motivation to grow. So, here are my thoughts on self worth and how to always return back to you with love.

Do you.. 

want to cultivate more confidence within yourself and various areas of your life? need direction forming actionable steps to...

53: clinically trained and mystically guided, Casey Stevens

"Over the span of my career, I have sweetly integrated being clinically trained and mystically guided." - Casey Stevens 

Casey supports clients in the pursuit of empowerment, true alignment and wholeness. Hence the reason why this conversation filled me up to my core. Her kind demeanor, playful present and honesty was a breath of fresh air. We began by discussing her childhood, major hurdles she experienced throughout her life, and how she moved into living a more spiritual life. It was an absolute pleasure to chat with her and I hope this convo fills you up with t...

52: habits that stick!

5 tips on how to establish new habits that stick!

1. Keep is minimal: only change one thing at a time! Don't try to revamp your entire life at one. Tackle one change at a time and make it seamless to resist the initial gravitationally pull to do the usual. 

2. Keep it simple + visible: Many people think they lack motivation when what they really lack is clarity. It is not always obvious when and where to take action -- so make that new habit obvious + within your visual field as constant reminder. 

3. Track your habits: Ha...

51: rituals for the soul

What keeps you grounded + connected to yourSelf? In today's episode we discuss how to establish daily rituals that support your mental and physical well being and how to notice when your nervous system might be unregulated. I share a few rituals that have been extremely effective for me over the years and how I incorporate them into my daily routine. 

Interested in  a self guided course on creating a lifestyle rooted in confidence, purpose and joy? Try out my 21 days of rituals with soulful yoga classes, calming meditations and journal prompts to encourage self-discovery. 4 meditations, 3 yoga classes an...