Passive Income Pilots

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By: Tait Duryea and Ryan Gibson

Welcome to the Passive Income Pilots Podcast – the show designed to help pilots climb to new levels of financial success.Join Tait Duryea & Ryan Gibson, both airline pilots, business owners and investors, as they interview top experts and share practical knowledge on real estate, tax strategy, passive income and generational wealth. This one-of-a-kind show created specifically for professional pilots offers applicable strategies and tactics for improving your financial life. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or just starting out, we'll equip you with the expertise and confidence you need to upgrade your money and achieve true financial independence.

#55 - First Class Intro to Angel Investing: Turning Clutter into Opportunity with OfferUp Founder Nick Huzar
Last Tuesday at 9:38 PM

Ever wonder how to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality?

Tune into our latest episode of Passive Income Pilots as we soar into the world of angel investing and marketplace innovation with Nick Huzar, the CEO and founder of OfferUp!

Discover how Nick's room full of unwanted items sparked the vision for a multi-billion-dollar company that revolutionized the way we sell online. Whether you're a passive income beginner or a seasoned investor, this episode is packed with insights on startup growth, the spirit of innovation, and practical tips for...

#54 - The Inner Game of Real Estate with Leka Devatha

Join us in this insightful episode of Passive Income Pilots as we explore the multifaceted world of real estate with Leka Devatha. From her early beginnings to overcoming the inherent challenges of the industry, Leka shares her journey of resilience, intuition, and strategic diversification. Discover actionable insights and inspiration whether you’re making your first investment or looking to expand your portfolio. Dive deep into the psyche of a successful investor and uncover the qualities that set apart the greats in the volatile arena of real estate.

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#53 - Eyes On The Horizon: Real Estate Insights from Kathy Fettke

In today's episode hosts Tait Duryea and Ryan Gibson navigate through the vast skies of real estate investing with the guidance of real estate titan, Kathy Fettke. As a renowned expert and a beacon of knowledge in real estate and economics, Kathy brings invaluable insights into the current real estate market, investment strategies, and the future of property investment. Whether you're at the helm of your real estate journey or just preparing for takeoff, this episode promises to elevate your understanding of real estate investments and economic trends. Fasten your seatbelts as we explore actionable insights and timeless wisdom...

#52 - Economic Tailwinds: How 1031 Exchanges Propel Real Estate Portfolios With Kyle Williams

Unlock the potential of 1031 exchanges with Kyle Williams, Senior VP at Velocity 1031, on this enlightening episode of Passive Income Pilots. Designed for aviators aiming to navigate the complex skies of real estate investment, this discussion sheds light on tax deferral strategies that can significantly impact your financial trajectory. Whether you're new to investing or looking to optimize your portfolio, this episode offers invaluable insights into maximizing your returns while minimizing tax liabilities. Engage with us, ask your burning questions, and propel your investments to new heights.

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#51 - Navigating Turbulence: Mental Health & Legal Safeguards for Pilots with Joe LoRusso

Join hosts Tait Duryea and Ryan Gibson on Passive Income Pilots as they engage in a profound conversation with Joe LoRusso, aviation law expert and Director of Aviation at Ramos Law.

This episode takes an earnest look into pilot mental health and legal challenges, spotlighting the systemic issues and proposing a transformative approach to aviation industry norms.

Joe brings invaluable dual insights from his experience in the cockpit and the courtroom. He addresses the mental health stigma, explains the intricate HIMS program, and provides expertise on dealing with DUI...

#51 - Flight to Wellness: Elevating Mental Health in the Aviation Sector with Joe LoRusso

On this episode of Passive Income Pilots, Tait and Ryan interview Joe LoRusso.

Joseph "Joe" LoRusso is the Director of Aviation at Ramos Law, having joined the firm in September 2021. With over two decades of experience in the aviation industry, he transitioned to law school after five years as a professional flight instructor. Passionate about representing pilots, Joe's love for aviation drives his commitment to serving the community. His unwavering dedication makes him a strong advocate for clients in aviation-related matters.

Joe talks about the challenges faced by pilots regarding mental health issues and the...

#50 - Real Estate Investing: Building Resilient Wealth and Financial Independence with David Phelps

On this episode of Passive Income Pilots, Tait and Ryan interview David Phelps.

Dr. David Phelps, founder of Freedom Founders, spent 27 years as a former general dentist and business owner. His life took a significant turn when his daughter Jenna faced leukemia. This personal crisis prompted Dr. Phelps to reassess his priorities and shift his focus to what truly mattered: his family. Today, Dr. David Phelps advocates for a Plan B — a strategy he has employed and helped hundreds of dentists and practice owners implement. Instead of conforming to traditional retirement advice that expects individuals to accumulate mi...

#49 - Reflections & Revelations: A Look Back at our Favorite Episodes to Date

Today on Passive Income Pilots is Tait & Ryan's one-on-one episode.

In this episode, Tait and Ryan reflect on past episodes and share insights on their favorites.

Whether you're new to the show and would like to “catch up”, or a long time listener who could use a second listen to our most impactful episodes, this episode serves as a recap and calls out the most special episodes to scroll back for.

Tune in for a look backwards, and a sneak peek of what's on the podcast's flight plan.

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#48 - Mastering Goal Setting and Strategic Planning in 2024

Today on Passive Income Pilots is Tait & Ryan's one-on-one episode.

Tait and Ryan peel back the curtain on personal goal setting that actually works. This episode isn't about the fluff but the nitty-gritty of mapping out a future that aligns with your deepest ambitions in family, business, and investing. We're talking about effective goal-setting, building habits, the art of strategic 'nos', and how a Big Hairy Audacious Goal can give you the laser-focus to cut through life's clutter.

Tune in and gain a treasure trove of insights to help you design a future that brings...

#47 - Innovative Wealth Strategies: From Life Insurance to Alternative Investing with Christian Allen and Rod Zabriskie

On this episode of Passive Income Pilots, Tait and Ryan interview Christian Allen and Rod Zabriskie.

Christian Allen and Rod Zabriskie from Money Insights Group join Tait in a riveting discussion about stepping off the beaten path of traditional investing and venturing into the world of max-funded cash value life insurance and real estate. They illustrate how the 'invest with benefits' philosophy caters to individual financial needs and integrates core wealth accumulation areas. 

Christian Allen, CEO of Money Insights, established the firm in 2014 to empower high-income earners to expedite wealth growth, refine investment strategies, and t...