Tee Time Reports

10 Episodes

By: Trevor Basso

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Chapter 389: Might Delete Later Review!
Today at 3:04 AM

Trevor Review's J Cole's latest project, Might Delete Later.

Chapter 388: We Still Don't Trust You Review!
Today at 3:04 AM

Kayden and Trevor go on an in-depth review, on We Still Don't Trust You!

Chapter 387: The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 Review!
Last Thursday at 5:32 PM

Trevor discusses Season 1 of the Netflix Exclusive series, The Lincoln Lawyer!

Chapter 386: Ender's Game Review.
Last Thursday at 5:00 PM

Trevor discusses the film Ender's Games in depth with some humor attached for sure. Tune in for another Tee Time Reports Film Review!

Chapter 385: Tampa Bay Rowdies week 4 coverage!

Kayden and Trevor disccus the week 4, draw against the Pittsburgh Riverhounds.

Chapter 384: UFL Week 2 Quick Recap!

Trevor discusses all games from the #UFL Week 2 slate! Player performances and production are discussed as well! Tune in all #UFL #USFL #XFL fans!

Chapter 383: Turn Up The News!

Tune in for another turn up the news episode! #podcast #podcasting #news

Chapter 382: Dune Review!

Trevor discusses Dune in a in depth review! Especially in anticipation and the huge release of Dune 2!


Chapter 381: Tampa Bay Rowdies Week 3 Coverage!

Kayden and Trevor Discuss the Tampa Bay Rowdies dominant win over Rhode Island FC in week 3 of the 2024 USL Championship League!

Chapter 380: Rebel Moon: Part One- A Child Of Fire Review!

Trevor Reviews and talks about Zack Snyder and his latest project Rebel Moon: Part One- A Child Of Fire.