5 Episodes

By: Jay

Jay is a podcast host and the mastermind behind 3oh3, a podcast that delves into everything relevant to the current world. With his natural curiosity and passion for exploring new ideas and perspectives, Jay has created a platform where people can come together and engage in thoughtful discussions about the most pressing issues of our time. Whether it's technology, sports, games, or current affairs, Jay brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to each episode. His ability to break down complex topics into digestible pieces makes him a favorite among listeners who appreciate his thoughtful and intelligent approach to podcasting. ...

Robots verse Selena verse Hailey

The first segment discusses Robitics and AI. Where do we draw the line and say STOP. The second segment chats about something the three of us has no idea about... Selena and Hailey, and how their little dispute is probably the greatest clickbait campaign ever.

Right to repair and Gamer ID's. I have no idea.

In this podcast Stooge, Knock and myself investigate the right to repair issues before we tackle the my personal agenda of Gamer ID's. Please let us know if you want to hear us discuss a hot topic.

Online health records and gaming subscriptions!

In this episode we tackle the issues surrounding the complexity of My Health Record, a new government initiative to put all you health records in one place, like MyGov. After Optus, have we learnt much?

We also look into a passionate topic of mine aimed straight at the gaming industry. Bring back subscription gaming.

A comedian walks into a bar... Is it locally owned?

Two topics on tonight's podcast.

We start with Comedians, and whether they should get a 'Get out of jail free' card when they make sensitive issues their joke material.

We then look at local business v global mega stores. Why don't we buy local when we know we should?

Early Access and Evs

This episode I am joined by Stooge, Loz and Knock. We battle it out (we actually agree with each other) in discussions about Early Access in games such as STEAM and looking into EV's and answer the question... Are we there yet?