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By: Jeffrey Cohen

Father of two looks at life and this sometimes insane world.

Denver, Ho!
Last Saturday at 4:16 AM

Just had a busy weekend in Denver.


Hey Rabbi

More antagonism from a Rabbi this past month is revisited, plus getting ready for the book sale. Oh - and I said this was episode 500 when it's actually episode 501.

Three Service Visits

Welcome to podcast #500!

For this milestone episode, I simply talk about two hours in which three difference service visits occurred nearly simultaneously at my home.

Election Day 2021: Who‘s the Traitor

This November episode is divided into recordings made throughout Election Day as I volunteered to work at a local poll site. Things took a turn late in the day. I also wrote an article about the situation which can be found at

Name That Game Show

I've been auditioning for a network game show over the past few weeks.

I thought there would be a resolution one way or the other by now.

But I'm still in limbo, waiting to see if I made the cut.

That Takes the (Birthday) Cake

Went to dinner with some family last week, and remembered a cake-related prank that my friends used to pull on each other back our college days.

Setting Up the Book Room (Again)

It's that time of year - if you don't want to hear me talking about setting up thousands of books, skip this week.

You Gotta Have (College) Friends

A few stories about two college friends of mine who were real characters. I outgrew that kind of behavior and they didn't.

The Damage Done: Flood Report, Part 2

Hurricane Ida wiped out my Camry, forcing me to do an upgrade I wasn't expecting to accomplish for another two years.

The Damage Done: Flood Report, Part 1

Hurricane Ida did a number on my garage, my possessions in storage, and my car.

Summer Vacation, Part2

The second half of my summer vacation.

This should be followed next week with my take on Hurricane Ida on my home and car.

Summer Vacation, Part 1

Here's the first few days of my August summer vacation, filled with fun and hijinx and a real-time accident captured on audio.

9/11 Memories

My 9/11 experience in 2001 was not as traumatic as what others experienced. It was pretty pedestrian. Still, here are some thoughts 20 years later.

Spec-Magical Day, Part XV

The final Spec-Magical Day segments from earlier this year.

Office Memories

As the notion of retirement becomes more of a reality, I'm still surrounded by mementos and thoughts of my last job (if it was really that).

Stand And Deliver

I bought myself an actual standing workstation.

It brought back memories of other ways I've misused this concept in the past.

The Camp Experience

Thinking about fast food and also summer camps.

Another Crazy Book House

Made two trips to a crazy book house this week.

Photos are on Facebook, if you care to see what I was dealing with.

I'm going back (!) so I will take a few more on Monday!

Modern Fraud

A recent "bill" addressed to someone purportedly living at my address reminded me of some similar scams and thievery from the past.

It's the Heat AND the Humidity

I'm trying to beat the heat and get some work done.

Can't say I've been entirely successful. 

Ticked Off

Had another bad experience with nature this past week.

State of the Summer

Things are getting back to normal, as far as kids summer activities, looking for possible jobs, and dealing with home repairs.