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By: Marvin Francois

On this platform Marvin Francois sits down with entrepreneurs from all walks of business to tell their stories of who they are, what they do, how they do it, and how you could do the same. Marvin uses a mixture of humor, wit, and genuine curiosity to ask the questions you as the audience want to hear for a sit down filled with value from start to finish.

How To Build a 6-Figure E-Com Business - Dontez Akram #50

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with 7-Figure Ecomm expert, Dontez Akram to talk about how to have success in the space. We talked about leveraging AI to grow your ecomm business, how you can get started with little to no costs using the 'Pre-Sale Method', and even dove into some free game for young men that are listening as well.

Talking about the importance of self control in your journey as a man and dealing with women, lessons that Dontez has learned through being a Father of 2 at such a young age, the power...

Don't Become An Entrepreneur! - #49

On this episode of TMFS, I talked about the side of getting into Entrepreneurship that most don't talk about. From the uncertainty of success, to balancing relationships with business and family, all the way to the inconsistency of income and so much more, this episode was my most transparent to date. As always, hope this provides value to all business owners who listen. ENJOY!

Protect Generational Wealth Using Trusts - Layla Lockwood #48

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with your favorite trustee, Ms. Layla Lockwood to talk about how we can protect and preserve generational wealth through having a trust. Layla gave game on how we could use trusts to protect life insurance policies, how we can avoid using our personal guarantee to secure business credit, different types of trusts you can use depending on your situation and so much more. As always, I hope you all receive tremendous amounts of value from this episode. ENJOY!

Business Lessons I Learned After Almost Losing EVERYTHING #47

On this episode of TMFS, there's no guests, no appearances, just me, myself, and I bringing a different element to the show. I sat down and provided the real and raw truth about 'scaling quickly' that most business owners don't talk about and detailed how it almost resulted in me losing my first business. My goal with episodes like this is too document my process as a business owner and provide a much needed perspective to other business owners who are navigating this journey and feel like they're alone in what they're dealing with. I hope this episode adds...

How To Start A Box Truck Business - Jabbar Williams #46

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with Box Trucking specialist, Jabbar Williams AKA Box Truck Shawty, to give you guys the game on how to get started in the trucking industry. While most trucking experts teach how to get started using 18-wheelers, Jabbar teaches about leveraging a program called 'Amazon Relay' which allows you to get into the trucking space without ever owning a truck.

In the episode we break down how he's been able to only work 30 minutes a day while running his company, why box trucks are a better business model than 18-wheelers...

From $40K To $4 Million In Real Estate - Natay Hayes #46

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with 7-Figure Real Estate Investor, Natay Hayes to discuss success in the real estate game. We broke down how multi-family real estate provides more leverage than single family, her current journey into buying commercial buildings, different strategies that can be used to finance real estate investments, the importance of showing family the process of building wealth, and so much more. ENJOY!

Monetize Your Online Business Blueprint - Marcus Y. Rosier #45

On this episode of TMFS, I sit down with Online Marketing and Sales Mastermind Marcus Y. Rosier to break down the GAME on how to turn your online business into a cash machine. We cover the importance of marketing and why selling is unnecessary, how to find the right vehicle if you're looking to start a business from scratch, why follower count doesn't matter when it comes to building a profitable business, and so much more. ENJOY!

Meet The King of Amazon Wholesale - Will Rivera #44

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with Amazon Wholesale Millionaire Will Rivera to break down the game on having success in the ecommerce space. We talked about the power of Amazon wholesale along with strategies you could use to get started, how Will has taken his success to become a serial entrepreneur in the fitness space and real estate space, and the importance of discipline in navigating the journey of trying to build a successful business. As always, you know I only bring you guys bangers so ENJOY!

The Secret Credit Reporting Agencies You Should Know - Daraine Delevante #43

On this episode of TMFS, I interviewed Daraine Delevante LIVE from the Credit Summit in Atlanta, Georgia on the importance of knowing the secondary credit reporting agencies. In this interview we talked about the journey that got us both to this point which started out with an iPhone and an interview, the importance of consistency, how to find secondary credit reporting agencies, and different strategies we could use to get negative items deleted from a credit report. At this point, Daraine and I have done too many interviews to count, but of them all, this was easily the most...

Building An 8-Figure Business: The Truth - Him 500 #42

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with Marcus Barney AKA Him 500, the founder of one of the most prominent financial literacy communities, Recession Proof. On this episode we talked about the truth of managing multiple businesses, his ability to master curating live events to create cashflow, the importance of marketing and branding when building a business, balancing marriage and entrepreneurship, and so much more. To date, this is definitely my favorite interview I've done and it was truly an honor to sit down with one of the best in the game today. Enjoy!

Turn Your Social Media Followers To Dollars - Bandman Kevo #41

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with credit and digital marketing specialist Bandman Kevo to talk about creating income online. In the sitdown we talked about how he's been able to make over $7 million dollars by educating on Onlyfans, the importance of constantly investing back into your business, how mentorship took his business to the next level, and so much more. This was a fun one for me because I don't normally get the opportunity to sit down with individuals like Kevo, so y'all already know I had some questions ready to go. ENJOY!

Buy Real Estate With No Money Down - Andre Haynes #40

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with Real Estate Investor Andre Haynes to talk about the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America Program, otherwise known as NACA. Through this program, Andre was able to start his investing journey and become a Real Estate Millionaire, and now, he's going to every platform possible to teach others how they can do the same. In our sit down we talked about the mindset shift needed to get to the next level, how Andre was able to leverage NACA to get a 0.8% interest rate on his property (yes you read that correctly, 0.8...

Become A Millionaire Without Doing The Work - The Hartzogs #39

On this episode of TMFS, I sit down with Anthony & Jhanilka Hartzog to discuss their success in building a cleaning business empire. Not only has the cleaning business made them millionaires, but they've educated thousands across the country to go out and do the same. We talked about the ins and outs of growing the business, how they balance entrepreneurship, parenthood, and marriage, learning when it's time to delegate certain parts of your business, and so much more. ENJOY!

Million Dollar Business Strategy - Branden Nelson #38

On this episode of TMFS, we sit down with the Chief HR Strategist for EYL University, Brendan Nelson, to talk about the strategy and structure that goes into building a successful business. In a day in age where entrepreneurship is glamorized as simply being making content and selling products online, there's a behind-the-scenes aspect that you don't see: Payroll, H/R, Compliance, Company Culture, and the list goes on. Brendan Nelson broke it down to help new and current entrepreneurs learn the do's and don'ts of it all. ENJOY!

Credit Bureaus Don't Exist! - Daraine Delavante #37

On this episode of TMFS, we bring on a staple of the program, Mr. Daraine Delevante to bring even more consumer law mastery to you all. We talked about Daraine's upcoming conference, the Credit Summit, and the importance of how this conference will provide financial empowerment to families all across the country. We talked about the truth behind the term "credit bureaus" and if they exist, bankruptcies vs. identity theft, how to deal with debt collectors, Bank of America's owning the CFPB over 250 million dollars in fees, and so much more. As always, you know we strive to bring...

Meet The King of Business Credit - Herman Dolce #36

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with one of the premiere names in the business funding space, Mr. Herman Dolce AKA Haitian CEO. In this interview, Herman provided the blueprint on how to get your business funded, common mistakes entrepreneurs make when looking for funding and so much more. We also talked about becoming a billionaire, the biggest losses taken in his entrepreneurial journey, and what he learned from meeting Steve Harvey and working with his foundation. As always, you know I only bring you guys the best of the best so I know you'll receive value...

Building Wealth Using Stock Options - Option Snipers #35

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with one of the most prominent groups of traders in the stock options space, the Option Snipers. Fresh off of receiving the two comma club award from ClickFunnels, the Option Snipers gave all the game on getting started in the stock option space, managing emotions as a trader to ensure long term success, and how to leverage your profits from stock options to invest in cash flowing assets. It's safe to say that Stock you options! Enjoy!

From STEM To Real Estate Millionaire - Jhanel Wilson #34

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with Jhanel Wilson, an 8-figure Real Estate Investor based out of the Philadelphia area. Jhanel's introduction into Real Estate came when she had to save her Father's home from being sold in a Sheriff's Sale and since then she's never looked back. Jhanel has grown her portfolio to over 150 doors and has mentored other aspiring real estate investors towards acquiring 6-7 figures in Real Estate as well. Jhanel gave all the game on Cash-Out vs. Cash flow when it comes to acquisitions, leveraging small banks to access millions in funding towards...

Never Pay For Another Flight or Hotel! - Julia Menez #33

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with Travel Hacking Specialist and host of the Geobreeze Travel podcast, Julia Menez on all things travel hacking. In this episode Julia gave the game on the best credit cards to leverage when traveling so you can spend little to nothing, hacks outside of credit cards that you can leverage to travel for free, how to create a travel hacking plan ideal to where you're looking to travel to, and so much more. As always, I'm only here to provide you guys value and I know this episode won't disappoint. ENJOY!<...

You're 1 Email Away From $100,000 - Acquania Escarne #32

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with email marketing specialist, Acquania Escarne. While Acquania has had great success in the Real Estate and Life Insurance space, she has quietly become email marketing's best-kept secret, working with some of the biggest names in the entrepreneurial space today.

We talked about how to drive sales to your business through email marketing strategies, how to nurture leads with emails, increasing open rates, and the biggest mistakes people make when building an email list. This episode was a banger from top to bottom with nothing but gems on top...

Real Estate Strategies & Buying Land - Newt The Entrepreneur #31

On this episode of TMFS, we bring back a TMFS alum, Newt The Entrepreneur to talk all things Real Estate. Since our last episode from less than a year ago, Newt has continued to scale his real estate portfolio and has now elevated from investor to developer along the way. I invited him back to show in real time how he finds his deals, the ins and outs of buying land, and additional real estate strategies to have success in the real estate business. ENJOY!

$100K Credit Card Strategies - Rashedah Henriques #30

On this episode of TMFS, I sit down with personal credit specialist Rashedah Henriques, AKA, Shedah 3, to talk credit card stacking. We broke down building out a credit report, the best credit cards for certain perks, ways to leverage relationships with banks and so much more. Y'all know I only drop bangers and this episode is nothing short of that. ENJOY!

How to Make Money From Podcasting - Brendan Boyd #29

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with the owner and founder of 'The Pod Agency' Brendan Boyd. Brendan breaks down the ultimate blueprint for making money from podcasting as a guest AND as a podcast host. We discussed everything from building a subscription-based community, the power of building relationships with podcast hosts, making 5-6 figures from affiliate partnerships, and so much more. Given that I have a podcast of my own you know I received tons of value from this but I'm sure you will too! Enjoy!

How To Use A.I. To Fix Your Credit - Khabir Muhammad #28

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with the owner and creator of one of the world's best DIY credit repair software, Khabir Muhammad. We talked all things from mindset, his journey from corporate America into the credit repair space, and empowerment of the consumer, and for the first time ever we did a live walkthrough on TMFS showing step by step how to maneuver his software. The episode was one of the most legendary episodes to date and I'm very grateful to have had him on this platform for all of you to experience. Enjoy!

How This 23-Year-Old Couple Made $2 Million From Their Phones - Patrick Khim & Alexis Mai #27

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with Patrick Khim and Alexis Mai, owners of Closers List to talk all things High Ticket Sales. In the episode we talk about their journey into the sales space, how to become a high ticket closer, finding your first client as a closer, the difference between being a closer and an appointment setter, and so much more. As always, if you received any value from this episode don't forget to leave a review! Thanks!

How To Get $150,000 In Business Funding In 90 Days - Darius Benders #26

On this episode of TMFS, we sat down with credit and business funding specialist Darius Benders to talk all things business funding. Darius provided all the jewels and gems on credit card stacking, maximizing business funding, creating streams of income through digital products and so much more. If you're all about finding ways to get access to capital and making more money in your business, this is definitely the episode for you. Enjoy!

How To Fund Your Freedom In 2023 - Derek Boone, Kenny Smith, and Ramel Newerls #25

On this episode of TMFS, we sat down with Ramel Newerls, Kenny Smith, and Derek Boone to discuss the fund your freedom challenge. This challenge was created to by provide the blueprint for getting business funding and leveraging it towards investing in commercial and residential real estate. We cover how to create a business funding sequence, build your credit report, find deals in residential real estate, monetize commercial real estate, and so much more. This was our first time having three entrepreneurs on one episode, they did not disappoint. Enjoy!

How To Master Business Funding In 2023 - Millionaire Essentials #24

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with business funding masters Tevin Facey and Brandon Jackson, Owners of Millionaire Essentials. These two have funded clients across the country and came to TMFS to provide all the jewels, gems, and resources for getting business funding and starting your own funding company. The game dropped on this episode got me so excited I darn near started my own funding company so I know you all will receive massive value from this sit-down. Enjoy!

How To Delete ANYTHING From Your Credit Report In 2023 - Daraine Delevante #23

On this episode of TMFS, a fan favorite Daraine Delevante comes back to drop gems upon gems for out listeners. We talk the T-Mobile data breach, Wells Fargo getting sued by the CFPB, how to delete co-signed accounts from your credit report, and so much more. Enjoy!

How To Start An Event Space Business - Brian Waldron #22

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with the Event Space GOAT, Brian Waldron, to talk all things event spaces from A-Z. Brian is one of the most successful event space owners I've met to date and has done well over $3 million dollars in sales and counting through just one of his locations so it was an honor to have him on. In this sitdown, we discussed how to find a location to start your business, different ways to monetize an event space beyond just events, how to get free months of rent from your landlord and so...

How To Start A Turo Car Rental Business - Ralph Jarvis #21

On this episode of TMFS, I sit down with Turo Master Ralph Jarvis AKA 'RalphMeansBiz' to talk about how to have success in the car rental industry. Ralph talks about how you can find a car to start your fleet, how to finance a vehicle in your business name, and why car accidents can be a financial blessing in disguise if your business is properly structured. Y'all know I don't bring anyone on here unless they got game on top of game to give y'all so grab a pen, some paper, and soak up the gems. Enjoy!

How To Sell Anything To Anyone For A Lot Of Money - Imad Jbara Ep. 20

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with Imad Jbara, a client success manager at Imad breaks down the game on high ticket sales, how to navigate a sales script, leadership frame, overcoming objections, and so much more. I thoroughly enjoyed this sit down and I know you will too. Enjoy!

You Don't Need Tenants To Get Rich In Real Estate - Ramel Newerls Ep. 19

On this episode of TMFS we sit down with Brooklyn native, Ramel Newerls to talk about the commercial real estate game. Ramel, also known as 'Young Mogul' gives a free masterclass on how to invest in commercial real estate through leveraging self-storage facilities. We discuss all things from how to find your first property, how to finance your first property, and how to create multiple streams of income from your property. This is an episode you won't want to miss so grab a pen, a paper, and enjoy the free game!

How To Monetize Your Story - Episode #18 w/ Lusene Donzo

In this episode, I sit down with entrepreneur Lusene Donzo. He talks about serving in the military while running a business, surviving a Grand Mal seizure, and how he was able to turn his pain into profit by monetizing his story. He teaches how you can do the same through digital products, books, speaking engagements, and so much more. ENJOY!

The Truth About Options Trading - Episode #17 w/ Joey Taylor

On this episode of TMFS, I sit down with Joey Taylor, Options Trader & FinTech Startup Owner from Carolina who breaks the options game down from top to bottom. We talk about how he got his start in entrepreneurship, what made him start a Fintech company, different types of traders in stock options, and so much more. Enjoy!

Become A Real Estate Millionaire - Episode #16 w/ Newt The Entrepreneur

On this episode of TMFS, I sit down with Philly native, Newt the Entrepreneur to talk all things Real Estate. We talk how to get started in real estate, funding your first deal, working with appraisers, and so much more. If you ever wanted to get started in Real Estate, this is definitely the sit-down for you. Enjoy!

You're LOSING 357.5 Points From Your Credit Score - Episode #15 w/ Daraine Delevante

On this episode of TMFS, we sit down with a TMFS LEGEND Daraine Delevante to talk consumer law mastery. We discuss student loan cancellation by Joe Biden, Bankruptcy deletion, the equifax score glitch, and so much more. Enjoy!

How To Get Business Funding - Episode 14 w/ Mrs. Cashflow (Aqueelah Shabazz)

On this episode of TMFS I got a chance to sit-down with Business Funding specialist Mrs. Cashflow AKA Aqueelah Shabazz and we talked about her story of overcoming bankruptcy, how she found herself moving to Atlanta, but more importantly she breaks down all the game on how to obtain business funding. Enjoy!

Scale Your Credit Business To 7 Figures - Episode #13 w/ Ratiq Dewitt

On this episode of TMFS, I sit down with Ratiq Dewitt, Co-Owner & Founder of ADR Financial Group, the best credit business out of Charlotte to give all the jewels and gems on how to scale a credit business the RIGHT way.

Ratiq breaks down the game on how to monetize beyond credit repair, how to hire the right staff, the art of the sales call, and so much more.


How To LEGALLY Live Tax Free! - Episode #12 w/ Carter Cofield

In this interview I sit down with Certified Public Accountant, Carter Cofield as he breaks down GAME on how to live TAX FREE (the legal way of course). We talk everything from write-offs, LLC vs. S-Corp, the infamous 'G-Wagon' play that has been circulating across social media, and so much more.