The Marvin Francois Show

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By: Marvin Francois

On this platform Marvin Francois sits down with entrepreneurs from all walks of business to tell their stories of who they are, what they do, how they do it, and how you could do the same. Marvin uses a mixture of humor, wit, and genuine curiosity to ask the questions you as the audience want to hear for a sit down filled with value from start to finish.

Build A Business You Can Sell To Make Millions - Gamal Codner #60

On this episode of TMFS we sat down with Gamal Codner, former founder of Fresh Heritage, shares his journey of starting, scaling, and selling a seven-figure e-commerce brand on TMFS. He stresses the value of community and customer-centricity, recounting challenges from 2019 and the pivotal decision to sell the business for generational wealth creation. Codner discusses lessons learned and his current venture, CodnerCo, coaching e-commerce success. Highlighting mindset and cash flow, he emphasizes understanding cash flow's role in scaling and constraints like transferability and cash flow issues. Codner introduces the ABS method for buying/selling businesses, favors private equity, and...

The Real Estate Secret NOBODY Knows About - Shaneka Lené #59

On this episode of TMFS, real estate investor Sis Shaneka shares her journey in real estate investing, specifically in mobile home investing. She started in 2018 with wholesaling and then expanded her portfolio to include creative finance and mobile home parks. Sis Shaneka emphasizes the importance of sharing knowledge and helping others along the way. She recommends using bandit signs and Facebook Marketplace to find mobile homes to invest in. She also discusses the rehab process for mobile homes and the lack of an ARV (after repair value) concept in the mobile home space. Sis Shaneka explains creative finance and...

Launching A Successful Restaurant Business In 30 Days - Kevin Dolce #58

On this episode of TMFS we sat down with Kevin Dolce, owner of Nineteen90 Business Consulting Firm and Taste Cheesesteak Bar, who shares his journey from corporate America to entrepreneurship. He discusses his background as a child of immigrants and his experience working for Fortune 500 companies. Kevin explains the motivation behind starting his own business and the challenges he faced in scaling it to a seven-figure company. He also shares the process of opening Taste Cheesesteak Bar and the lessons he learned along the way. This was my first time interviewing someone within the bar/restaurant space so as...

Business Funding Strategies NOBODY Talks About - Dub Washington #57

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with funding strategist Dub Washington. Dub Washington shares valuable insights on personal and business credit. He discusses the importance of building personal credit and forming relationships with banks. Dub also explains the concept of credit stacking and provides strategies to minimize inquiries. Additionally, he shares tips on managing personal credit utilization. He shares valuable insights on understanding bank tiers, accessing regional banks, applying for funding, maximizing funding amounts, choosing the right funding product, leveraging shelf corporations, getting cash from credit cards, traveling for free with credit cards, and obtaining $10,000 primary credit...

The Real Estate Investing Strategy NOBODY Is Talking About - Joseph Griffin Jr. #56

On this episode we brought on Joseph Griffin Jr., a real estate investor specializing in tax deed investing. Joseph shares his journey from the military to retirement at 29 through real estate investing. He explains the concept of tax deeds and how they work, including tax liens and tax redemption deeds. Joseph also discusses his own success in tax deed investing and the achievements of his students. He provides practical steps for getting started in tax deed investing, including researching county clerk of court websites and analyzing properties for potential investments. In this conversation, Joseph Griffin shares insights and advice...

The TRUTH About Business Credit - Solomon Woods #55

On this episode of TMFS. Solomon Woods, a business funding expert, shares insights and strategies for accessing business funding. He discusses the importance of personal credit and the steps to improve it. Solomon also explains the role of bank tiers in the funding process and the benefits of leveraging foreign entities. He emphasizes the need to avoid overleveraging and to carefully consider the ability to debt service. Overall, Solomon provides valuable advice for entrepreneurs seeking funding for their businesses. In this conversation, Solomon Woods shares insights and strategies for accessing funding for businesses. He emphasizes the importance of having...

A.I. Credit Repair & Business Funding Strategies - Dion Coopwood & Darius Benders #54

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with credit experts Dion Coopwood and Darius Benders to talk all things credit repair and business funding. On the episode we talk about the power of partnership as Dion and Darius prepare to enter their third joint venture together, we talk about Dion's new Metro 2 Compliance software that has been helping consumers clean their credit report, and we also talk about business funding strategies Darius teaches to help business owners secure well over $100,000 in business credit. If there was ever an episode for you not to miss, it would be this...

Business Funding Secrets Banks Don’t Want You To Know - Irvin Peña #53

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with Business Funding expert, Mr. Irvin Peña to discuss the truth around the keys needed to unlock maximum amounts of business funding.

On this sitdown we discussed business credit sequence strategies, what are bank tiers and their importance in getting funding, how to get funded from banks in different states but leveraging foreign entities, and so much more.

You know I only give you guys the best of the best, so as always, ENJOY!

The Mindset Needed To Win In Real Estate - MG The Mortgage Guy #52

On this episode of TMFS, I had the privilege of sitting down with Real Estate royalty. Mr. NMLS# 58700 better known as MG The Mortgage Guy, himself, and we talked all things Real Estate.

MG shared his thoughts on why he believed a market crash would not be happening anytime soon, how to navigate the real estate investing space as a beginner, along different programs you could use to acquire your first property.

We also touched on the importance of mental health, and how through his journey of growing as an entrepreneur, reminding himself of what's...

Money Secrets To Multiply Your Income In 2024 - Carter Cofield & George Acheampong Jr. #51

On this episode of TMFS, I sat down with the owners of Melanin Money, Carter Cofield & George Acheampong Jr. to talk about the truth when it comes to building wealth in 2024. These fellas came through and gave all the game on the power of relationships, how to leverage your 9-5 to start your investing journey, how we can use business credit to live tax free, along with investing strategies that you can start implementing TODAY to work towards financial freedom.

There's no dynamic duo that I would have rather had help me bring in the new year...