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Coaching Mastery - The Art of Simplicity

In this episode, we delve into the concept of simplicity in the realm of coaching, particularly in the disciplines of running, triathlon, and endurance sports. Drawing inspiration from an artist's approach to mastery, we explore how this analogy beautifully applies to the art and science of coaching.

Topics Covered:

Simplicity as Mastery: How the most effective coaches adopt a minimalist approach. Avoiding Overcomplication: The risks of relying too heavily on numerous tools and metrics. Balancing Technology and Personal Touch: The importance of integrating modern tools with the human element in coaching. Streamlining Your Coaching Practice: Tips...

3 Types of Coaches - Which Type are You?

🎧 Join us as we explore the diverse landscape of endurance sport coaching. Whether you’re coaching out of a love for the sport, or you’re mixing your passion with a dose of business acumen, understanding your current position is key to your evolution.

🔍 We dissect the characteristics of Hobbyist, Professional, and Transitional coaches:

🔥 The Hobbyist's fire is lit by passion alone, coaching for the joy and success of their athletes, often sidelining the financial aspect of their service.

📈 The Professional thrives on strategy and sees their passion for coaching as a part of a larger busi...

Release: AI Workout Builder Calendar Mode

A follow on from last weeks release, you can now use the AI Cycling workout builder when building template plans or directly on a client calendar.

See the release notes

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Creators & Guests

Cam Langsford @ Training Tilt - Host

Training Tilt is an all in one coaching and e-commerce platform that has e...

Release: Create Cycling Workouts by Typing Text

New feature released to Training Tilt. Use our AI tools to quickly and easily create cycling workouts by using text

Watch the video version on Youtube

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Creators & Guests

Cam Langsford @ Training Tilt - Host

Training Tilt is an all in one coaching and e-commerce platform that has everything you need to create, build, and grow your endurance coaching business online. You can learn more about Training...

Which Feature Should I Work On

Hope you and your athletes are setting some killer PRs and making gains! If not, all good, growth is rarely linear! I try to remind myself of that often!

Quick thing for today’s blog—I've been working on some new features for Training Tilt simultaneously and the context switching has started to mess with my mind and slowed my progress on all of them!

I’ve been dragging my feet so I need your help deciding which one to focus on and get over the line first.

Hit me up in the chat b...

Meet Michelle Lake - A Business Coach for Coaches

Hey Coaches,

In this latest podcast episode, I dive into something that’s been on my mind: the business side of coaching. I share why coaches, especially in endurance sports, need to take their business acumen as seriously as their coaching expertise.

During my regular hunt for potential customers on LinkedIn, I stumbled upon Michelle Lake—a game-changing business coach specifically for endurance coaches. 🎯 She takes everything I’ve been trying to help you with to the next level.

We discuss four key insights from Michelle that really resonated with me:

1️⃣ Con...

Is Your Coaching Platform Serving Your Best Interests?

In today's episode, we're tackling a question that's often overlooked in the coaching world: Is your current platform really serving your best interests? While dual-focus platforms that cater to both coaches and athletes seem like a one-size-fits-all solution, they may actually come with some subtle but significant trade-offs.

Key Points

The Allure of Dual Focus: Platforms like TrainingPeaks have become industry giants by offering services to both athletes and coaches. But what does this mean for the coaches specifically? Conflicting Incentives: In a dual-focus model, the platform has to serve two masters—coaches and athletes. This ca...

Why I Write Boring Sh*t

In this episode, I take a deep dive into why my content may seem mundane, ordinary, and downright boring. It's not about flash or dazzle; it's about the nuts and bolts that truly matter in running a successful business.

Topics Covered:

The confession: why my social posts, podcasts, and videos might seem dull. How focusing on the daily grind in training, like nutrition and recovery, parallels the importance of seemingly boring content in business. Why "just getting by" shouldn't be your goal and how embracing the mundane can lead to significant success.

Links & Resources:<...

New Adherence Dashboard for Coaches

Back from Samoa Heat Camp with a release of some new features.

We hope you find this episode insightful and helpful. As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

You can read the full blog here

I also mentioned my previous post in the episode about the power of working in a group and how group dynamics can improve individual performance.

Creators & Guests

Cam Langsford @ Training Tilt - Host

Training Tilt is...

The Power of the Pack - How Groups Improve Performance

In this episode, we're diving into the topic of group dynamics in endurance coaching. We discuss my recent experience at a heat adaptation camp in Samoa and how group dynamics not only improved the athletes' performances but also unexpectedly influenced my own performance not only supporting them but also in my own training performance. We'll explore how these dynamics can foster a sense of community, unity and mutual support, even when training is primarily online. Plus, we delve into the role of technology in managing group coaching.

Show Notes:

Introduction: Exploring the impact of group...

Realize Your Value: A Coach's Pricing Guide

Welcome to today's episode, where we navigate the tricky terrain of pricing your services as an endurance coach. How do you determine the right value? It's a question that trips up many in the coaching field, leading to a dangerous pitfall - undervaluing what they bring to the table. Our discussion today will help you shift your mindset and acknowledge the true value of your services.

We kick off by exploring the wealth of knowledge and experience that endurance coaches bring to their clients. Remember, what you're providing isn't just a training plan - it's...

5 Principles for Scaling Your Coaching Business:

In today's episode, we dive deep into transitioning from a one-on-one coaching business to a one-to-many model. With our step-by-step guide, we'll break down the ways to break free from the limitations of a one-on-one model and effectively scale your business.

Key Discussion Points:

Discover the revenue ceiling any services business hits when they run out of time to service any more clients. Understand how much more revenue you can achieve with a scalable business model. We provide a handy revenue calculator in our blog post here. Get insights into the challenges...

Creating Blog Posts with an AI Assistant

There is a lot more uses for AI for an endurance coach than just AI generated workouts and training plans.

Today we're going to dive deeper into how AI can be a game-changer for creating content in endurance coaching. This blog post is a continuation from last week, where we worked with an AI assistant, Chat GPT, and brainstormed a whole bunch of content ideas.

Our main aim, as endurance coaches, is to connect with potential customers by offering them valuable content online. This not only makes us more known in our field, but...

Generating Content Ideas with AI

For online and in person coaching businesses an essential marketing strategy is producing customized content for the audience you're hoping to engage with and convert into customers.

At its core, it's about being a beneficial presence online, to become more known, liked and trusted by those people you’d like to have as customers one day.

I've recently been exploring and leveraging Chat GPT, a powerful AI platform with impressive capabilities in content idea generation.

Listen to the episode, watch the video or read the full post to learn more about how to sa...

AI Won't Replace Coaches... but

In today's episode, we're going deeper into the role of AI in coaching. Although AI isn't ready to replace coaches, it's set to provide a competitive edge for those who adopt it. The transition to AI could be as significant as when we moved from paper to digital methods, or adopted video conferencing tools.

AI goes beyond creating tailored training plans and extracting insights. It can help streamline business processes, create content, and even refine marketing strategies. Ignoring this tool could be a risky move for coaches.

Looking back, technology has always been a game-changer...

AI Generated Zwift Workouts and Training Plans

You can read the full blog here

You can watch the video version here

Hey Coaches, I’m here on vacation (Holiday for Kiwi’s) in Hawaii, I've been doing plenty of surfing, running, swimming, eating and drinking, but because I love my job so much I’ve also found some time to experiment with the integration of artificial intelligence into our platform. It’s all experimental at this point but the work I’ve been doing is focused...

5 Reasons to Embrace Online Coaching Payments

Since 2015 we’ve securely processed millions of dollars worth of coaching revenue through our Stripe integrations. It has always been a big part of our mission to streamline the operations of endurance coaching businesses to help them save time and money so they can get back to what they love. Coaching their athletes.

As a coach, you're the expert when it comes to guiding athletes to their personal best in endurance sports. But when it comes to the business side of coaching, we know it can be a challenge to juggle everything. That's where the power of on...

More Website Traffic With Endurance Calculators

Adding endurance calculators to your website will add value to your existing athletes but also drive new traffic to help generate new business.

Instead of sending your clients to other peoples websites for calculators, send them to your own site!

Learn more about the benefits of having calculators on your own site, and how you can get them setup for free.

You can read the full blog here

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Which Coaches Will AI Replace?

Which coaches will AI replace? that’s the question I’m now asking myself.

In January I wrote about AI potentially replacing endurance coaches in my post “Will AI Replace Coaches?”. In that post I talked about how AI had been around a while but honestly wasn’t very useful, but was starting to get really good at lots of things. I wasn’t sure whether it would replace coaches or not.

Well, with the rapid advancements in AI in a few short months since then, my thoughts have evolved.

Now the question isn...

The 6 Figure Endurance Coaching Business Framework

Grow Your Endurance Coaching Biz the Right Way 🚀

I just wanted to share something I think could be super helpful for growing your endurance coaching business without getting stuck at a revenue plateau.

I often write about the business models and products required for long term growth, but I’ve never really explained in detail how these products could practically make up your total annual revenue, and how that could change and grow overtime.

So with that in mind I created a cool revenue calculator and I wrote a new blog post about a fra...

Dopamine to Avoid Procrastination and Boost Motivation

Struggling with procrastination or maintaining motivation? Motivated for the things you LOVE doing but not so much for the things that you know NEED doing?

That’s me in a nutshell. I struggle when it comes to staying motivated and avoiding procrastination around the things I know I NEED to do to but don’t LOVE to do. Getting on top of these things is what really helps us make progress toward those big big goals in life.

Ever wonder why you feel motivated sometimes but not others? To me it’s always felt very myster...

Middle Aged Men on Skateboards

How old are you?

Recently, I found myself arriving at an office building with my skateboard tucked under my arm, only to be greeted by one of my peers with a disapproving look and the question, "How old are you?". As a 45-year-old software entrepreneur, I have become familiar with the stigma of doing things outside of the norm.

10 minutes later as I observed the same person who questioned my choice of transportation complain about their long walk from their car due to limited parking, I couldn't help but...

It's the Leads, not the Launch

Endurance coaches, I know I've been hammering on about the importance of lead generation in my recent blog posts. You might even be thinking, "Enough already! We get it!"

But the truth is, many coaches still haven't grasped the full significance of this concept. Even those I deal with regularly continue to wonder why they struggle to sell their products and services when they launch them.

The reality is, you might as well skip your launch if you don't have any carefully and lovingly nurtured leads.

I'm going to give this topic one...

Take Take Take, Quit

Take, Take, Take, Quit

That’s how you can tell you might be attracting the wrong customers. They take, take, take, and then they quit.

You’ve probably had this happen with your coaching business.

A new client seems really excited, they signup, pay and you have a kick off call with them. They are full of questions and want your advice on this training principle and that new tech device, and the latest nutrition strategy. All seems well until training is due to start. For some reason they don’t start the traini...

First Seek to Understand

During a recent trip through the North Island of New Zealand I was listening to the audio version of Stephen Covey's book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People". The book is great and and I highly recommend it. I’ll write more about the other habits soon but for now the habit I want to drill into is of "Seeking First to Understand, Then to be Understood". It reminded me of the last few articles I've written about effective marketing for endurance coaches, which requires a thoughtful approach to build trust with potential clients before trying to sell them pr...

Coaches Should Send More Emails

Running, triathlon, or endurance coach?

Got an email list but never send emails to your subscribers?

Many coaches have started email lists but rarely send emails, and when they do, it's a sales pitch. 

This neglects the opportunity to nurture their leads and build relationships with them. In our latest blog post, we'll discuss why triathlon, running, and endurance coaches should be sending more emails and some basic tips on how to do it effectively.

You can read the full blog here

You c...

Build a Better Coaching Business in The Off Season

As a running, triathlon or endurance coach, you probably know the feeling of being swamped with work during the busy season. Training plans need to be written, workouts need to be monitored, and athletes need support and guidance (some more than others, lol). It can be hard to find time for anything else, let alone to think about ways to improve your coaching business.

But what if I told you that the off season is the perfect time to focus on these things? By taking advantage of the slower pace, you can create a more efficient and...

8 Reasons Coaches Should Own Their Content

As an endurance sport coach, it's important to have a strong online presence in order to attract clients and build your reputation as an expert in your field. While social media can be a useful tool for reaching out to potential clients and sharing your knowledge and experience, it is dangerous to rely on it too much. There are many compelling reasons why endurance sport coaches should consider owning all of their own content on a blog, podcast, or email newsletter.

You can read the full blog here

You can watch the video version here<...

What's this podcast for?

Hi, Cam here from Training Tilt. I just wanted to give you a heads up about our upcoming podcast before we launch into the episodes. It's not a traditional podcast yet, and who knows what it might evolve into. But essentially, it's a way to share the content that I write for endurance coaches on our blog.

You can also find everything on our blog at, and we'll be posting everything on YouTube as well. Training Tilt is a platform that helps running, triathlon, and endurance coaches get better results for...