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By: Anna + Alison

Dyadic, hosted by Anna and Alison, is the podcast that thrives on eclectic, often manic tangents. Their conversations cover a wide array of topics, weaving unpredictability and humor into every episode.What sets Dyadic apart is its unwavering commitment to connecting with listeners. The hosts are not just voices in your earbuds; they are your virtual companions on a journey of meaningful discussions and shared laughter.Whether you're a curious intellectual in search of thought-provoking conversations or someone who craves a break from the ordinary, Dyadic welcomes all. Join Anna and Alison for an engaging, at times unpredictable, journey that...

Notes on Nostalgia
Last Sunday at 12:00 AM

Explore the captivating world of nostalgia in our latest podcast episode, Notes on Nostalgia. From its psychological underpinnings to its profound effects on the brain, we explore the roots of nostalgia and uncover its transformative power in shaping our lives.

In this episode, we'll unravel the intricate psychology behind nostalgia, revealing how it serves as a potent tool for emotional regulation, memory reconstruction, and identity formation. Learn how indulging in nostalgic reminiscence can enhance mood, reduce stress, and foster a sense of well-being by connecting us to cherished memories from the past.

But nostalgia isn't...

Third Man Mystery

Explore the captivating Third Man experiences from individuals who have encountered a mysterious presence during moments of extreme stress and isolation. From historic expeditions to modern-day accounts, we uncover the compelling stories that reveal the human capacity for resilience and companionship in the face of adversity.

In this episode, we investigate the human psyche to unravel the phenomenon known as 'Third Man Syndrome.' Through a blend of storytelling, analysis, and personal reflection, we examine the psychological and emotional dimensions of these encounters, offering insights into the intricate relationship between perception, cognition, and resilience.


Manifesting Manifesto

Anna + Alison weave through topics like numerology, signs and synchronicities, lucky vibes, tarot + oracle, clairvoyance, and the transformative power of meditation. Get ready for a cosmic chat where laughter, learning, and embracing the journey come together.

What is Numerology? Alison and Anna unravel its basics, discussing how numbers weave into their manifesting experiences, turning the ordinary into something a bit cosmic. Prepare for cosmic anecdotes! The hosts share personal stories filled with signs and synchronicities, those moments when the universe seems to share a little secret wink.

Dive into a casual...

Magic in the Mayhem

Behold, the Great Disappearing Act: Yep, we ghosted without leaving a single clue. Now, in 'Magic in the Mayhem,' prepare for the hilarious reveal. Imagine this: Anna's tranquil break turned into a chaotic escapade with an uninvited guest, and peppermint oil played the not-so-secret weapon. Meanwhile, Alison went full-speed ahead into a timeout of epic proportions. It's the comically mysterious saga of our unplanned hiatus – a mix of laughs, bedlam, and just a dash of unpredictability. 

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Wasted Wisdom: Krampus

Join Alison and Anna on another rendition of Wasted Wisdom—with a holiday twist! In this episode they are going to be putting on their parkas and trotting their hooves through the world of Krampus! 
They discuss the origins of this lore, physical descriptions of Krampus, and much to Alison‘s dismay—whether or not Krampus has a girlfriend. They look at the history of Krampusnacht, how it is celebrated in Germany and the way that different cultures view different holiday traditions! 
As usual, holiday cocktails have been crafted and are carrying the hosts through this Winter Wonderla...

Head or Heart: The Science of Vibes

We are diving into the age-old debate of head versus heart, unraveling the intricate dance between intellect and intuition. Get ready as we explore "Head or Heart: The Science of Vibes."

We will uncover and discuss the connection between our cerebral musings and the rhythmic pulses of the heart. Challenging conventional thinking, we plunge into the science of vibes, exploring the fascinating world of heartwaves and the profound impact they have on our everyday lives. Throughout the episode, we'll be tuning into the differences between brain waves and heartwaves – or as we like to say, "pulsing" through th...

Conviction Chronicles: Part 2

Anna tells a story of how her family member accidentally dated a murderer—and that’s just the beginning! In this captivating chapter of "Conviction Chronicles: Part 2," Anna leads us through the mysterious corridors of her family's history, weaving a tale rich in love, betrayal, and unexpected turns. Prepare to dive into the intricate layers of a young man's life as he finds himself entangled with a girl from a vastly different world.

Unaware of the clandestine past that shrouds his lover, our protagonist unwittingly spends his nights over the resting place of her former flame. Against the...

Conviction Chronicles: Part 1

Alison recounts when her childhood was unexpectedly met with the news of murder. Follow in this two part episode, Conviction Chronicles. In part 1– Alison shares when her childhood friend and her family were met with a forbidden love—turned runaway.  In a shocking twist, the love is extinguished for good (AKA murder 😉). 

 Alison recounts how this tragedy left her small town divided. Her childhood friend soon announces she is engaged to a new love. The biggest surprise? The wedding will be televised! Is it a wedding AND a funeral? The ultimate twist? A pregnancy is soon to be announc...

Phantom Phobia

Phobias are often hidden like phantoms—but what about phobias that may be phantom all together? Do you have phobias? Are they considered to be real or just perceived?  Welcome to Dyadic Podcast's Season Three Premiere: "Phantom Phobia." In this episode, hosts Anna and Alison explore phobias, workplace peculiarities, and more!

Anna and Alison navigate the often humorous intricacies of everyday anxieties, sharing tales of chair swivel showdowns and unexpected office antics. From the comical fear of engaging in elevator small talk to the hilarity of coffee-stained shirt mishaps, "Phantom Phobia" promises an entertaining rollercoaster ride through the...

Dyadic After Dark: Haunted Asylum

Prepare to be spellbound as we step into the fourth and final episode of Dyadic After Dark, our Halloween mini series. Anna and Alison take you on a journey through the sinister and haunting halls of Asylum 49 in Utah. This isn't your average haunted house; it's a place where the living and the dead are entangled in an uncanny dance, and the spirits of the past refuse to rest.

This episode was based on a terrifying submission that was received from a listener who ventured into Asylum 49–and lived to tell the tale. Their heart-pounding account was to...