Where are the children?

3 Episodes

By: Silent Victims of Crime

Contact: If you would like to be a guest on our podcast, or volunteer or donate, please visit our website: wwww.silentvictimsofcrime.org or call us 305-482-3339.About the podcast.“Where are the children?” podcast by Silent Victims of Crime non-profit explores the urgent and important societal question, what happens to the children when a parent is incarcerated? Current statistics states that there are 2,7 million children experiencing parental incarceration right now and 70 % of children of prisoners may end up in the prison system.Every month we will be bringing in experts in prison reform, child development, trauma, healing and educ...

Where are the children? Episode guest: Augustin Castellanos, MD
Last Friday at 7:30 PM

In this special episode, Tinkerbell is interviewing Augustin Castellanos, MD, a retired Neurologist, graduated from the University of Miami Medical School in 1980. He practiced neurology and sleep medicine in Palm Beach County from 1987-2007. He has been a practitioner of mindfulness since 1999 and a teacher since 2009 (mindfulness-based stress reduction and mindulness-based attention training) trained by the University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Mindfulness and the University of Miami Neuroscience Lab.

Where are the children? Episode guest: David Lawrence Jr.

In our second episode of “Where are the children?” Podcast, we have the honor of interviewing the legendary champion of children’s rights, David Lawrence Jr.. He is the founder and board chair of the Children’s Movement of Florida. David Lawrence Jr. Founded the Children’s Movement of Florida because he knows it’s about everyone’s child. It’s about justice.

Where are the children?

The first episode focuses on the current statistics of parental incarceration and the impact of it on the family unit.