Rooted in Retail

5 Episodes

By: Crystal Vilkaitis

Running a store can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be lonely! Rooted in Retail is a show dedicated to helping independent retailers thrive in today's ever-evolving retail landscape. This show is made for Main Street retailers like gift shops, jewelers, pet stores, boutiques, florists, home decor and furnitures stores, hardware stores, toy stores, craft, quilting and sewing shops; tea and coffee shops, specialty retailers and more. Join your host Crystal Vilkaitis weekly, as she explores topics that are vital to the success of your store. From marketing to mindset, money to merchandising, sales to leadership, she'll cover it...

All Things Visual: Creating a Merchandising Moment with Michelle Sherrier, The Retail Whore
Last Sunday at 12:00 PM

When it comes to visual merchandising Michelle Sherrier of MC Design Collaboration and host of The Retail Whore Podcast is the go-to! In this episode, she shares her impressive wisdom, insight, and eye for creating the best visual outcome in your retail stores.

Don’t let your store and inventory get stale, give often and intentional resets to your store space. With MC Design Collaboration, Michelle works with her clients for quarterly, whole space resets but she recommends smaller refreshes with an injection of new inventory to happen monthly. She helps retailers create stories and merchandising moments by...

Human Touch in a High Tech World, Standing Out in Retail

Small businesses this is YOUR time!

You don’t want to miss this conversation with Mark Schaefer, social media marketing expert, author of 10 incredible business and marketing books, and Keynote Speaker at my conference, EVOLVE this spring.

Mark brings his decades of experience and lens for the future of marketing to talk about his newest book, Belonging to the Brand.

The old ways of marketing are out and if you don’t adapt and evolve…you will be left behind. Now more than ever people are craving community and connection. And your company can be...

Social Media Made Simple

Welcome to the first episode of Rooted in Retail, where I, Crystal Vilkaitis of Crystal Media, am sharing all my experiences, tips, and tricks to guide retailers to success! We’re wasting no time and diving into my favorite topic, something I’ve been working with since 2007…Social Media.

During my time working with retailers over the last decade, I’ve seen a lot of resistance when it comes to social media. This resistance comes from the ever-changing landscape of the industry, the learning time for each new app and its features, and the fear retailers have of putti...

The Profit Lady

Cathy Wagner, The Retail Maven, or as I lovingly refer to her…The Profit Lady...joins me on this episode to talk about profit when it comes to retail. She has loads of experience helping retailers make more money, have more profits, watch out for retail market trends, and stay ahead of the game.

She shares her actionable tips and steps to bring more profit to your retail business…like these 3 KPIs you NEED to pay attention to:
Rent Costs - 10% of Sales
Team Payroll Costs - 10% of Sales

Rooted In Retail is COMING SOON!

Welcome to my new show, Rooted In Retail!

This is just a teaser trailer of what's to come and I'm so excited to be sharing this with you as this is something I've been wanting to do for several years now! It's finally happening!

Some of you may or may not know but my roots are in retail and this show will be all about educating and having open and honest conversations about business and retail.

Listen in and take a quick peek at why I started this show, what you can expect...