3 Episodes

By: Nyah

Nyahknows is where I share my ideas and experiences on topics like self awareness, philosophies, spirituality and more.

Attachment and Detachment

In this episode, I voice my opinion on attachment and detachment and the ego's role. Is the ego as bad as we make it seem, and can we use it to our advantage? I believe it comes down to the individual, knowing when to be attached, and learning how to detach when necessary. 


In today's episode, I'm going to be analyzing love and the different forms it can take. I explore what it means to love as a human with egos and what I believe is our most authentic nature: genuine pure love. 


Doubt is one of the biggest obstacles we encounter in life and keeps us in a fear-based mindset.  In this episode, I explore self-doubt and where it may stem from in our past experiences; then, I give insight into what has helped me manage it. I made this in hopes of inspiring people to take a look into their past to heal limiting beliefs about themselves.