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Are you hooked on fishing? Join Jesse and Andrew from Average Ontario Anglers for fishing facts, humour, and information that will help you expand your fishing knowledge. Each episode will have you smiling as we cover tips, tricks and reviews to help you become a better angler. 

May the Pike Be With You

In this episode Jesse and Andrew discuss fishing for pike, a popular and underrated fish. They start off with some interesting facts about Niagara Falls and then dive into the behaviour of pike in May. They also discuss prime locations for pike fishing, and their behaviour and preferred habitats.  They also announce a giveaway for Patreon subscribers and answer questions from Instagram followers.

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Some of our favourite pike lures:

Big Blade Chatterbait: https://ptboprotackle.ca/products/z-man-chatterbait-big-blade

Giant Beavers Scared the Fish Away - Lore Part 4

In this episode Andrew shares fishing lore and mythical creatures. They explore different theories and stories surrounding these creatures, speculating on their existence and origins. The conversation highlights the similarities between sightings of these creatures and the possibility of undiscovered species in remote areas. Afterwards, Jesse and Andrew discuss their recent trip to Musky Odyssey and the lures they purchased. 

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Pre Spawn Bass Wrangling Bonanza

In this episode  Andrew and Jesse talk with Brad Scott about pre-spawn bass fishing in Ontario. They also share an interesting fishing fact about beavers. Brad, also known by his Cowboy Canadian Outdoors social media account, specializes in bass fishing and has extensive experience fishing in both Ontario and the United States. They discuss the recent changes to the fishing season in Zone 20, which allows for early season bass fishing. Brad explains the behaviour of bass during the pre-spawn period and provides tips on when and where to target them.

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Dreaming of Topwater

In this episode, Jesse and Andrew answer fishing-related questions submitted by podcast listeners. They discuss modifications to Jesse's flat back canoe, their favourite topwater baits, the benefits of guided fishing trips, and their preferred wake-up times for fishing. They also cover some tips for fishing in Algonquin Park, and their experiences being bitten by fish with teeth. 

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Trout Opener Tactics

In this episode Jesse talks with Jake Collins an avid steelhead angler and the owner of Fishheads Canada. They cover challenges anglers may face during trout opener, such as increased fishing pressure and unpredictable weather and emphasize the importance of research, stealth and patience when fishing for these finicky fish. Jake shares his recommendations for essential baits to have for trout opener that can help you stand out in a pressured creek or river.

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Small Baits Catch Giant Fish

In this episode Jesse and Andrew welcome Dan from Great Lakes Finesse to discuss finesse fishing and his new baits. Andrew shares a fishing fact about seagulls, including the different species and some interesting facts about their behaviour. Dan talks about the new Juvy Craw, a modern take on the tube bait, and the Juicy Hellgrammite, a small finesse bait that will be a killer presentation.  Dan also shares his favourite finesse fishing techniques, including dragging small baits on the bottom, using underspins, and provides advice for anglers looking to improve their finesse fishing skills.

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Hold the Salt Gary!

In this episode, the Average Ontario Anglers talk with Wes from Wam Baits. They discuss the history of soft plastic lures, the inspiration behind starting a bait making business, and the process Wes uses to ensure the quality and effectiveness of his baits. This episode provides valuable insights into the world of bait making and the passion behind creating unique and effective baits for Ontario's fish species. Wes recommends three top baits for bass fishing in Ontario and explains how he engages with the fishing community to gather feedback and improve his designs.

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My Boat Leaks

In this episode, the Average Ontario Anglers discuss basic boat prep for the open water season. They provide a checklist for inspecting and repairing boats, including checking the hull, engine,  and electronics. They also talk about the importance of wearing life jackets, and having other safety equiptment. Jesse talks about weird ways that people around the world catch fish that are definitely not acceptable in Ontario.

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Lures For Losers?

In this episode, theJesse and Andrew celebrate their 50th episode milestone! Andrew shares an interesting fishing fact about fish cognitive abilities, including memory, learning, and communication. He highlights the importance of understanding fish behavior and adapting fishing techniques accordingly. The episode covers effective lures that are easy to use even for beginners and a new exciting product made by a local company that is sure to be a huge success all across Ontario.

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Ice Out Pike Fishing

In this episode, Andrew and Jesse discuss spring pike fishing.  Jesse's interesting fishing fact is about a brand of Japanese fishing lures that slams fish in Ontario. They then discuss the behavior and preferred temperature of pike in the early spring, as well as the best places to find them in colder water.  The episode ends with Andrew reading  a weird poem celebrating pike fishing in Ontario.

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