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Late Night Men started as a group of single Christian men who goes out every Sunday after church service to hang out and talk about anything and everything that pertains to faith, seasons, and life in general. Our conversation starts with a question about a certain topic and from there, everyone will share their thoughts and opinions which normally ends past midnight. This group and conversations shaped us to be who we are right now. In the same way, our goal in this podcast is to share these questions and answers to encourage, challenge and build up every man in...

How Would You Know That She's The One?
Last Sunday at 9:00 PM

There are a lot of things that we consider when we choose our partner in life. Although sometimes, we ask questions that will not lead us to the one that God orchestrated for us.

In this episode, we talked about the questions that we considered before we chose our wife to marry. We even gave some practical tips that hopefully will be useful for our listeners.

Always tune in, every Monday. Here in Late Night Men Talks!

Struggles and Rewards of a Long Distance Relationship (LDR Pt.2)

There are pros and cons of being in a long distance relationship.

Listen to the next part of our conversation as we continue to discuss the topic about long distance relationship. In this episode we discussed  the struggles and rewards of being in this kind of relationship.

If you have  story to share, comments and questions that you want to ask. Feel free to send us a message on our social media accounts.. As we say, we are no experts  and it may not always be applicable to your situation but we hope that you’ll le...

Long Distance Relationship? Does it work?

While physical distance can be challenging, will long distance relationship works? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it? What are the struggles the couple usually face in this kind of relationship? Lastly, what are the fruits that LDR produces?

Tune in as we talk about these questions here in Late Night Men Talks!

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Why Late Night Men and What Is It All About?

We shared here a brief introduction of why the podcast is called Late Night Men Talks and what is it all about. We hope that you'll get excited to hear our discussion every Monday about different aspects of men’s life and if you're a woman tuning in we hope you'll get man's perspective, how we think and process things.

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Late Night Men Talks Teaser

It's late at night and the men are discussing the day's events. Whether it's a business deal gone wrong, an issue they disagree on, or a funny story that's been shared around the room, these guys are not shy about speaking their minds. But when the conversation shifts to more serious topics, that's when the real conversations begin. Late Night Men Talks is a podcast where men of all walks of life come together to discuss the issues that matter most to them. Join us as we explore the minds of these men and dig deep into their thoughts...