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Talking Split is a podcast developed by Basketball Victoria, aimed at coaches who want to learn more about the game, as well as develop their skills as coaches and leaders. Headed by Basketball Victoria Coach Development Officer Rob Coulter, he is joined by Basketball Victoria's High Performance Coaches and specials guests each and every week to dissect the world of coaching.

The Senior Coaching Space (Part Deux)

After we went off on various tangents and ran out of time on the previous podcast, we thought we should head back into the senior coaching space and try and give some more information around it for the coaches out there. Turns out, we are going to need a Part 3! We look at preseason, team selection, how to progress players, and why we have senior programs to begin with.


It doesn’t matter if it’s fish in a barrel, on Fortnite, or pull up 3’s in transition – shooting is a massive part of what our players are doing now. We have a look about what we can be teaching our athletes, what the important teaching points are, what types of shots we want our players taking, and how we can help them depending on how we are coaching them. There are some shooting “myths” we tackle, and how we can try to help produce the next generation of perimeter shooters!

Unpacking the Senior Coaching Space

This week we are looking at a space we haven’t touched on in over 80 episodes – coaching in senior programs. We explore the importance of being transparent, knowing the parameters, how to assemble a team, how to work in with junior programs and everything in between. Even if you’re a junior coach, this could remove a few of the barriers to get involved in the senior coaching space.

Dr Alex Lascu

Fantastic guest podcaster this week! Dr Alex Lascu is a skill acquisition specialist by trade and currently lectures at the University of Canberra. Her passion for talent development and community sport is contagious, with over a decade in coaching and a PhD in skill acquisition for women’s cricket. She enjoys existing in the gap between research and practice in the hopes of bringing these two worlds together. Find Alex on Twitter at @skillacqlascu, via email at and her website at Huge thanks to Alex for jumping into the podcast, where she pr...

Would You Rather...

Bit of a different episode this week, where we delve into some “Would you Rather” situations with our coaches and seek their opinions on several topics relating to basketball and coaching. If you’re listening, you’re welcome to give your opinion on some of the topics using the #TalkingSplit, and a reminder we have a Mailbag episode coming up soon, so send in any questions you might have!

S7 E9 - Get Back to Work!

Sometimes sport can be cruel, you can do the work and not get the reward that you were hoping for. You can be disappointed, upset, and frustrated, so we go over some of the things that players can look to do to improve after disappointment. The world of Strength & Conditioning, finding a good coach to help you improve, watching film all rate a mention. Now that you’ve got some ideas, get back to work!

S7 E8 - Let the Games Begin

Now that coaches have picked their teams, or are about to pick them, we look at some of the things that can make the season go a little better if you’re on top of them early. So much of what coaches do is focused around the on-court component, when we have just as much to take care of, off the court.

We discuss the first parent meeting, what you need to go over, how to work with the parents, how to build team cohesion and what you should be looking at doing in your first training session wi...

S7 E7 - Jamboree, World Cup and Team Selection

After 2 weeks off for the chaos of school holidays programs and selections, we are back this week to talk through what we all saw at the U12 Jamboree in Echuca, the FIBA Women’s World Cup and offer some advice and guidance to coaches that are going through one of the most stressful parts of their job – team selection.

S7 E6 - Social Media for Coaches with Jarrod Potter

In his final innings for Basketball Victoria, we have enlisted the help of BV's social guru Jarrod Potter to take coaches through how to navigate the world of social media, and how to use it for good instead of the dangerous world it can lead to! After six years, Jarrod is leaving Basketball Victoria, and he has has been a phenomenal supporter of not just the podcast, but basketball everywhere across the state. A huge thanks to Jarrod for all the time, care, and memories he has supplied to so many over the years!

S7 E5 - Some of the Do's and the Don'ts

Some rules are written (like don’t play zone in U12s or U14s), others are unwritten but common sense (like not clearing your throat into the microphone when recording a podcast – well done Zoe), and others are straight up unwritten and maybe not considered by everyone. We take a bit of a look into some of the things that we recommend coaches investigate doing and some that can be better left alone. There will be heaps of others we haven’t touched on, but you’re always welcome to send through an email for the next time we visit th...

S7 E4 - It's All Part of the Plan

There are so many great quotes about planning, and it’s that way for a reason – it’s important! We look at why coaches need to plan, some best practices for getting the most out of a training session, and what the content needs to look like when you step on the floor with the athletes. For coaches wanting some templates for session plans, just drop me an email on

S7 E3 - AJC Reviews

It’s been fantastic to have the three Australian Junior Championships run for the first time in a few years! The team takes a look back at how the AJCs played out, changes and trends as well as how the BV programs have changed because of what we saw this time around! We then give our advice for what the coaches can do to give their players the best chance of success at this level!

S7 E2: It's Time to Play The Game!

It’s the fun time of year when finals coaching is the topic of discussion and we are looking at any areas that coaches can adjust in a game situation, to give their team a chance for success. Offence, Defence, Timeouts, Substitutions and your mental state all play a part, so get planning on what you can do to influence your team!

S7 E1: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Jamboree: U12 tournament played in Echuca for Country and Wyndham this year for Metro

FDP Academy: Future Development Program - U14 athletes

SDP: State Development Program - U16 & U18 athletes

NPP: National Performance Program - U16 & U18 identified athletes with National team potential

AJC: Australian Junior Championships - U16, U18 & U20 Championships where state teams play each other

SCC: Southern Cross Challenge - U14 & U15 Tournament held in January with other states

ECC: East Coast Challenge - U16 & U18 tournament played in Sydney in January


S6 E18 Motivation and Communication with Dr Julia Walsh

Few guests get a third appearance on Talking Split... (usually their choice, not ours), but thankfully Dr.Julia Walsh returns to discuss how we can find what drives our athletes to play sport, how we as coaches can interact with all athletes better for their retention and foster an enjoyable learning environment.

S6 E17 - How to Tackle Grading

Podcast debut for the new Metro High Performance Coach, Darren Best. Darren brings a wealth of experience into the role which relates heavily into today’s topic (submitted by Talking Split superfan – Daniel Gianchino), “How to tackle grading” for coaches. So many things to consider for coaches depending on the club, the age group, and your own coaching experience. We discuss what training should be made up of this time of year, and if there are things clubs can do to be a step ahead.

S6 E16 - Players Only

Coaches, you get this week off from podcast land – we are talking to the players that are about to go through trials. It’s a stressful time of year, but there are some things you can do to be prepared physically and mentally to give yourself the best chance of succeeding – whatever your goal is at selections. Because your coaches will listen to this anyway, it can certainly help!

S6 E15 Tryouts

It's a crazy time of the year for everyone as tryouts are starting over the next few weeks! We discuss what to look for, how to run them, what you need to consider and how to pick a balanced team.

S6 E14 - Learning from Lasso Pt 2

Back on the Lasso bandwagon this week as we strap in for Part 2, albeit a man down – but like Lasso when he gets behind, we battle on for the win (not the draw). We look at how coaches can best manage the people around them, the relationships they will need to be successful as a coach, some of the things coaches need to be mindful of when taking care of themselves, and the best quotes from the world of Lasso and how they can apply to our coaching.

S6 E13 - Learning from Lasso Part 1

For the last 2 years Ted Lasso has helped everyone get through lockdowns, and we delve into where the show does imitate life as a coach. Sometimes you can watch it just to be entertained, and other times you can take some lessons that we see on the screen and apply it to your own coaching. Part 1 this week where we look around the areas of Starting with a new team, Setting a Culture, and the Support People around coaches. Stay tuned for part 2 next week!

S6 E12 - The Fab 5

Not to be confused with the Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard Fab 5 (bonus points on offer if you can name the other 2 players), or the Jackson 5, today we explore the Fab 5 basketball skills that every athlete should be working on, and every coach should be helping their athletes with. We look at why they’re important, what we would emphasise on each of the skills and discuss if there is anything missing. And if you’re reading this Ash, stop eating the caramel slices…

S6 E11 - Confidence

One of the areas we noticed athletes were lacking on our last return to sport, was confidence. We delve into how as coaches we can build it, how we create environments where it’s a growth mindset for athletes, and how our actions and reactions as coaches can influence it amongst our teams.

S6 E10 - Mailbag Part 2

Back in the mailbag this week, where we discuss at what age should Strength & Conditioning be taught, is conditioning acceptable as a punishment at training sessions, how to manage athletes that are in foul trouble, session planning and working with your Director of Coaching and how different season timing and models may help player development.

S6 E9 - Mailbag Part 1

Thanks to the listeners for their mailbag questions this week, as we delve into the Talking Split Mailbag Part 1. We go over on trials, playing time, statistics, and player motivation whilst we bid farewell a podcast favourite with a special guest...

S6 E8 - Dr Alex Roberts

Dr.Alex Roberts is a Lecturer at La Trobe University, and a member on the Executive Advisory Board for the Womens Coaches Association, and today joins us to discuss parts of her theses on “The Coaches Eye – Exploring Decision Making During Talent Identification”. Alex takes us through some great topics that coaches need to consider such as their coaching bias, what they’re selecting for, long term talent identification and their own development as a coach. You’re able to have a look at Alex’s theses via this link: and would encourage everyone to follow Al...

S6, E7: Under-19 Gems Head Coach Dave Herbert

Fresh off the silver medal at the FIBA U19 Women’s World Cup, we chat to Head Coach Dave Herbert about the lead up and the playing of the tournament, and how the team achieved such a great result winning a silver medal. We look at some of the things that worked, some things that junior coaches can focus on, and some things athletes can do to get them to that level. Rob & Zoe discuss the reaction to the size 5 basketball for U12 and younger and dispel a few of the myths that have been raised on social media.

S6, E6: Wheelchair Basketball Coaching

We are joined by Jontee Brown, BV's newly appointed Diversity and Inclusion Officer who takes us through how he got started playing wheelchair basketball and how players and coaches can get involved in the wheelchair basketball coaching pathway. For anyone wanting to get involved, get in contact with Jontee -

The Olympics Wrap Up

Lockdowns continue, and now that the Olympics have finished what is there to do? Talk about the Olympics of course! We take our chances on Jenni having paid her electricity bill and the dial up internet in Clyde and recap on a great tournament from the Boomers earning their first medal, closing the gap on the USA, shooting percentages, 3x3 vs 5x5, continuity in National team programs, junk defences, pressing defences and offensive style of play from the various countries.

S5 E4 - Why Don't You Get a Job?

Whilst the days, weeks, months, and year has moved quickly, there is a certain time of year that remains the same... July and August are the time for basketball coach job applications. We've got a few pearls of wisdom on how to give yourself the best possible chance to get that job you want! Hint: Leaving a rating and a review on the Talking Split podcast will definitely help*. Good luck coaches!

*DISCLAIMER – it won’t, but it would be appreciated all the same!

S6 E3 - Jack Fleming

It’s been a long time in the making, but we have finally had Victoria’s greatest basketball writer (excluding BV’s Jarrod Potter of course), Jack Fleming on the podcast. We get to cover off how Jack started in coaching with the Greenhills Beavers, through to his latest role as the Assistant Coach of the Tasmania JackJumpers. Youth League Coach of the Month Ash Arnott shamelessly seeks sponsorship after an online shopping order goes wrong, and we get a quick snapshot of the Boomers and Opals progression in Tokyo so far.

I Am Feeling Very Olympic Today

Every 4 (or 5 – Pandemics *sigh*) years we get an Olympic tournament, and we are lucky enough to be in a very kind time zone for the Tokyo Games. We have our tournament specialists in Jenni & Coops on deck today to talk us through team selection, culture setting and tournament navigating. Really encourage as many as possible to tune in and support the Opals and Boomers on their quest for podium finishes, and it’s great professional development for all coaches to see the best in the world compete!
If you too would like to donate to Lifeline for the copious amou...

Talking Split - S6 E1 - U12 Jamboree and Size 5 Basketballs

Season 6 of Talking Split returns after nearly a year on the sideline. Unfortunately, it seems that we have potentially jinxed the whole state of Victoria... as we were discussing how great it is to be back up and running with basketball in Victoria, only to be plunged into another lockdown by the time the podcast drops! Ash takes us through his TikTok habits, we review the U12 Metro Jamboree and how the introduction of the Size 5 basketball impacted game play, and the coaching over the course of the Jamboree.

Episode 54 - Rob Mason

Coach Developer from the Port Adelaide Football Club, Rob Mason, joins us to talk coach feedback to the players, the priorities, the best ways to get the message across, what is wasted words – we cover everything. Lots of gems of information in there for the coaches to take away to help with their coaching. Rob has previously spent time with Diamond Valley Youth League Women as an Assistant Coach, whilst studying his PhD at the University of Melbourne, and has a close understanding of the differences between football and basketball and how the two are closely related.

Episode 53 - Gerard Hillier and Mental Health Solutions

Week 1 of lockdown is sadly upon us, and coaches and players alike need to stay checked in with each other. We speak to Casey Hub Lead Coach, Gerard Hillier, about his time in the Australian Defence Force, managing PTSD, relating his time in the Army to his coaching, and some strategies for coaches to help cope in what is an odd time without basketball for most people. Would be great for coaches to reach out to other coaches within their network and help get through this time by checking in on each other. For those that are struggling, the best...

Episode "50" - The People's Show

We've turned the show over to the listeners this week, and they 100% delivered. 
It's great to have so many people contributing to the podcast with what they’re doing in this lockdown period in Victoria and we can’t thank the listeners enough for sending through their information for what has ended up being our 50th show! (we don’t count the NCAA shows!)

We will definitely do this again in the future, so stay tuned for more opportunities to get involved with the Talking Split podcast!   We couldn’t produce this without the listeners, but also without th...

James Janssen

It was great to hear from our special guest this week, Blackburn Vikings alum, and Davidson College Wildcats Assistant Coach, James Janssen. James takes us through his pathway from VJBL player and coach, through to his current role within the college system. We get to hear some great insight as to what life is like for the college athletes, what the expectations are, but also some outstanding advice on how to choose the correct school – a great listen for all players and coaches. Just a reminder, get your submissions in for the podcast over the next couple of weeks, we ne...

Around The Grounds

Lockdown life is well and truly set in for the Victorians at the moment, but we’ve got your resources covered. We check in with all the High Performance Coaches to find out a few things, what they’re reading, what they’re watching, what they’re listening to, and what professional development they’re working on whilst we wait to get back on court.   We do need our listeners to help out the coaches in podcast land, and this is your chance to appear on the Talking Split podcast. All we need from you is an audio recording of: What are yo...

Katrina Hibbert

Great to have the Sydney Uni Flames Head Coach, Katrina Hibbert, on the podcast this week to discuss her coaching journey. A graduate of LSU and having played in the WNBA and WNBL, we look at how she made the transition into coaching from playing, how teaching has helped her coaching, what she’s learned, and what she is continuing to try and learn in her coaching career.

Obviously a bit of bad news this week with the cancelling of the news of another 6 week lockdown in Victoria and VJBL and Big V seasons cancelled. Please make sure ev...

Adaptive Finishing

The “Missing” milk cartons have paid off, and Coops is in for the podcast this week! 

Following on from the shooting podcast a couple of weeks back, we follow up with adaptive finishing and finishing around the basket. Who uses it the best, why do the players need to have it in their toolkit (not toolbag as Zoe refers to it), and how do we teach it to get the maximum amount of transfer from our athletes into the game.

Rob Beveridge

It’s not every day you have a World Championship Gold Medallist and NBL Championship winning Head Coach on the podcast, but when you do, it makes for one heck of an informative listen. We are joined by Basketball NSW Hall of Fame member Rob Beveridge, who is now thankfully out of his 39 days of isolation, and takes us through his coaching pathway which includes 4 gold and 4 silver medals at the Australian Junior Championships with NSW, a Gold Medal win at the 2003 U20 World Championships, his time in the NBL, establishing a building a winning culture with his teams and al...