Straight Talk With America’s Sheriff David Clarke

10 Episodes

By: America's Sheriff David Clarke

America's Sheriff David Clarke tells it like it is on his STRAIGHT TALK Podcast. Clarke takes on many different controversial issues including race, law and order, politics and more. Get ready for a good dose of common sense!  SUPPORT PODCAST/JOIN VIP CLUB (free mug, coffee sample & invites to private podcast events & more): Straight Talk With America's Sheriff David Clarke | podcast | PatreonRequest Sponsorship/Endorsement Opportunity Package Information: TV - The Edgiest Most Hard Hitting Conservative Site CLARKE ( PROMO CODE: CLARKE For Booking Info or Media Requests:Judy L Wilkinson, JLWilkinsonConsulting@gma...

Courage, Conflict, and the Court: America at a Crossroads | Episode 61

'America's Sheriff' David Clarke discusses numerous issues on this episode, starting with Easter Sunday and the 'Transgender Visibility Day'. Clarke is disappointed that church leadership has not spoken out about Easter's Christian relevance among political and social storylines. He says the 'quiet' miss an opportunity to guide the faithful when religion and politics mix. Clarke then discusses Caitlyn Jenner's criticism of President Biden for celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter. Given Jenner's role in popularizing transgender visibility, he questions her stance against Biden's actions. Clarke questions the propriety of certain conservative leaders spearheading critiques, highlighting the complications...

Speaking Truth to Power: A Journey Through Church, Politics, and War | Episode 60

In this episode of the Straight Talk Podcast, former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, discusses a range of topics, starting with the announcement of the Badge of Honor Cruise & Awards Gala scheduled for December 2024. The cruise aims to honor law enforcement excellence with guests like Sheriff Clarke, Sheriff Wayne Ivey, Tom Homan, and Sheriff Mark Lamb.
Sheriff Clarke then shares his experiences and views on celebrating Easter, and his critical take on the Catholic Church's handling of illegal immigration, emphasizing its financial gains from federal grants. Shifting gears, Sheriff Clarke addresses internal GOP conflicts, particularly those centered...

Law Enforcement and Governance: Perspectives from Former Sheriff David Clarke | Episode 59

In this eye-opening episode of the Straight Talk podcast, former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke dives deep into the complexities of the ongoing war in Ukraine, shedding light on the untold human cost and the dire situation on the ground. Clarke critically examines the global response to the conflict, the role of the United States in international diplomacy, and the stark contrasts in media coverage compared to other global conflicts. Additionally, Clarke explores the broader geopolitical landscape, including tensions between the US and Israel, and critiques domestic policies with a keen eye on public safety and the implications...

From DC’s Vacancies to Ukraine’s Uncertainties: A Deep Dive into Governance and Accountability | Ep 58

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke hosts the Straight Talk Podcast, discussing national and international follow-ups. Clarke criticizes the U.S. government's handling of vacant federal buildings in Washington, D.C., arguing that Congress's efforts have made little progress in getting federal employees back to work post-pandemic. He is also vocal about Ukraine aid, questioning accountability for billions of dollars spent on the war against Russia. Clarke also questions the judiciary's impartiality in the Fannie Willis case. He calls the National Guard's NYC subway deployment a superficial solution to safety issues. The podcast concludes with Clarke criticizing the...

Nikki Haley's Exit and the Search for GOP Integrity | Episode 57

Dive deep into the heart of American politics with former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on "Straight Talk." Known for his no-nonsense approach, Sheriff Clarke brings his law enforcement background and conservative perspective to analyze current political events, key issues affecting our nation, and the intricacies of leadership within the Republican Party. From discussing Nikki Haley's exit from the presidential race to critiquing GOP leadership and strategies, Clarke doesn't hold back. This podcast also explores global conflicts, like the situation in Israel, and domestic challenges, including crime policies in cities like New York. Join us for unfiltered insights and...

The Truth about Section 702: Government Spying Unveiled | Ep 56

In this Rewind episode of the Straight Talk Podcast, originally aired on December 19, 2023, Sheriff Clarke discusses the government's surveillance overreach and the delicate balance between national security and individual freedoms in the debate over extending Section 702. This robust discussion criticizes the overuse of monitoring capabilities against Americans, despite the intended goal of targeting foreigners. The episode shows how monitoring fails to prevent terror attacks, questioning the government's claim of national security to justify Fourth Amendment violations. Despite FBI abuses, Congress is divided on whether to amend or extend Section 702. The program also examines intelligence officials' Congressional hearing language...

‘Straight Talk Rewind’ Washington DC and the Lack of Consequences for the Elite | Ep 55

In this rewind episode of the Straight Talk Podcast, which originally aired on May 30th, 2023, host Sheriff David Clarke discusses the perceived lack of accountability within the United States Federal Government. He expresses frustration over what he views as corruption within federal institutions, such as the FBI and NIH. The podcast focuses on specific examples like the FBI's alleged refusal to turn over subpoenaed documents on the Hunter Biden case, FBI director Christopher Wray's non-compliance with Congress, and Dr. Anthony Fauci denying NIH's funding of gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which was proven false. Clark...

Political Parallels: Biden, the GOP, Trump, Derek Chauvin and Justice in America | Ep 54

In this compelling episode of Straight Talk, former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke dissects a series of pressing issues, from the demise of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny to the parallels drawn between political opposition in Russia and the United States. Clarke provides a critical analysis of the Biden administration's actions against Donald Trump, the January 6th detainees, and the broader implications for political dissent in America. Shifting focus, Clarke critiques the Republican Party's effectiveness and unity, the expulsion of George Santos, and the implications of such actions for party strategy and voter engagement. The episode also digs into...

Nikki Haley Continues Her Political Suicide Mission. Benjamin Netanyahu Presses Hamas Eradication. The Dumbest DC Official Crime Statement I've Ever Heard | Ep 53

In this episode, America's Sheriff David Clarke discusses topics at the national level primarily concerning the Republican party and the upcoming presidential nominations. He provides critique on some Republicans, especially Nikki Haley whom he perceives to be damaging her political image. Sheriff Clarke foresees Donald Trump potentially securing the nomination for the Republican Party. He also criticizes the Republican Party for internal division and advises against overconfidence. Clarke transitions to discuss an escalating crime wave in Washington D.C. He criticizes the policies making D.C a gun-free zone and argues it leaves law-abiding citizens defenseless against carjacking...

Biden Has The United States At War In The Middle East, Disgraced FBI Director Wray Is Caught Lying Again Deletes Records To Hide From Congress Ep 52

In this episode of the Straight Talk podcast, host and former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke discusses the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine. He criticizes the Biden administration's approach, noting that U.S. service members are being placed in harm's way without a defined mission. Sheriff Clarke maintains that there are ongoing operational war activities with numerous losses of US service members, stating that the US cannot be partially involved. Additionally, he criticizes the FBI's alleged inaction and lack of accountability regarding its handling of an analyst-written anti-Catholic memo. He concludes with the argument that...