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REPOST – Star Wars In Character – The Christmas Spectacular
Today at 12:00 PM

Episode 75 – “The Star Wars In Character Christmas Spectacular”. When Tim loses his Holiday spirit, Dave takes it upon himself to help him get it back. With the help of their Star Wars In Character co-host Chris and Matt, and a few friends from a galaxy far, far way, will Tim ever find something to get excited about this Christmas? Find out in this star studded holiday special!

Doctor Who Adversaries – The Great Architect
Yesterday at 9:00 AM

Have a listen to see if Ian and Eric agree with most, that Paradise Towers is one of the worst ever Who’s.

Alien In Character – Van Leuwen
Last Friday at 9:00 AM

We take our first look at Aliens, and start by trying to figure out what the deal is with the Company as we discuss their frontman, Van Leuwen.

SWICing with Chris – Jimmy Gaddis

It’s another edition of “SWICin with Chris” and this time Chris welcomes Jimmy Gaddis to the show to asking him his 10 infamous questions.

Doctor Who Adversaries – Kara

A first for the show - we don't have just one adversary, but four! The main one, Kara. The assassin, Orcini. His squire, Bostock. And the… well… what IS he exactly? The D.J.

The Thing In Character – Windows

We're looking through the Window this time to study Outpost 31's rather highly strung radio operator.

Effectively Speaking – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

We're taking our first trip to the Temple Of Doom, and what a ride it is!

Doctor Who Adversaries – Tractators

Did we have a good time dealing with these baddies, or did we feel LOUSEy? Have a listen and find out!

Alien In Character – Kane

Brand new show! Following the formula of Mad Max In Character, each episode will have Ian and Eric discussing a character from Alien, then Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection and then back round again. Scene discussion, back stories, trivia and our usual tallies. With maybe some talk on the spin-offs

Doctor Who Adversaries – Kroll

We're discussing the biggest Adversary so far on this show. But will he have made a big impact?

Two Girls One Brew – Monique Sledd Interview

Jami and Khrysti sit down to talk with home brewster extraordinaire, Monique (IG- Exodusbrewlab). Join us as we discuss the joys of home brewing, brew pups, and possibly come up with the most exciting reality TV concept of all time! Two Girls One Brew Music: Feelin Good by Kevin MacLeodLink: Upbeat Forever by Kevin MacLeodLink:

The Thing In Character – Nauls

This time we're seeing what's cooking with Nauls. Will we cut him some slack, or will we cut him loose?

Pass the Popcorn – No Time To Die, Halloween Kills and Dune

In this episode, Chris and Tim review No Time To Die, Halloween Kills and Dune.

SWIC It Figures!

It is time for something completely different and Chris presents a challenge to Matt and Tim that leads to impromptu discussions about Star Wars, Instagram, The Book of Boba Fett and more!

Doctor Who Adversaries – Mutts

Did it bug Ian and Eric to talk about The Mutants, did they end up MUTTering? Have a listen and find out!

Mad Max In Character – Max Rockatansky

Okay, here we go finishing our look at every notable character from the four films, ending with the man himself, Officer Rockatansky.And, a summing up with us two, too!

What We Say In The Shadows – Season 3 Episode 10 – The Portrait

Sniff Sniff Join Andy and Khrysti as we discuss the season finale of Season 3- The Portrait! Imagefilm 017 by Sascha Ende®Link:

Doctor Show Adversaries – Zaroff

Somethings a bit fishy this time, as we delve beneath the waves to find the Underwater Menace.

SWICing with Chris Episode 6 – Cordell Caulkins

It’s a new episode of “SWICing with Chris”! And this time, Chris welcomes SWIC community member Cordell Caulkins to the show to answer this infamous 10 questions.

Old Time Radio Horror – The Heavy Death – Murder at Midnight

It’s the final installment in our look at the lineage of radio horror with Murder at Midnight’s “The Heavy Death first airing on November 4th, 1946.

Mad Max In Character – Toecutter

Here we go with our last ever bad guy of the films, and what a character he is - Toecutter!

War of the Worlds Week – The Peoria Plague

In this presentation of for “War of the Worlds Week” we’re sharing this frightfully eerie audio drama strongly inspire by the 1938 broadcast of The Mercury Theatre On The Air’s “The War of the Worlds”. From WUNH rain in Peoria, Illinois, it’s the 1921 audio drama - “The Peoria Plague”!

Old Time Radio Horror – The Mannequin – The Witch’s Tale

In this episode we hear another tale from Old Nancy and her cat Satan with “The Mannequin” from The Witch’s Tale.

Effectively Speaking – Spielberg’s War of the Worlds

Why not join Eric and Matt as they share their annual treat of talking War Of The Worlds!

War of the Worlds Week – WKBW 1968 Commentary

In this special episode Matt records a commentary for one of his favorite adaptations of “The War of the Worlds” - the 1968 broadcast by WKBK Radio in Buffalo, NY!

What We Say In The Shadows – Season 3 Episode 9 – A Farewell

Gregor is back! No, not that one, the one with the head still attached to his body! Join Greg, Quint, Matt and Khrysti as they control their shock as they discuss Season 3 Episode 9- A Farewell!

Old Time Radio Horror – Possessed by the Devil – CBS Radio Mystery Theater

Today we have our fist listen from CBS Radio Mystery Theater with “Possessed by the Devil”.

War of the Worlds Week – KHOW 630 AM War of the Worlds 1987

In this edition of “War of the Worlds” week, we share this long hidden gem! It’s the Denver, Colorado’s KHOW 630 AM adaptation of “The War of the Worlds” from 1987!

The Penultimate War of the Worlds Week Preview

In this special episode, Matt gives a preview of War of the Worlds Week for the 2021 season!

Doctor Who Adversaries – Zarbi

We've reset the clock and gone back to the beginning. But is that a good thing? Have a listen and find out!

Old Time Radio Horror – Behind the Locked Door – Mysterious Traveler

In this episode we take our fist listen to “Mysterious Traveler” with “Behind the Locked Door” from November 6th, 1951.

What We Say In The Shadows – Season 3 Episode 8 – The Wellness Center

Don't forget to stretch before you listen to this episode! Khrysti and Andy get their sweat on and mark their territories discussing Season 3 Episode 8- The Wellness Center! Imagefilm 017 by Sascha Ende®Link:

The Thing In Character – Palmer

This time, we're looking at one of the more memorable of the characters, the one with possibly the most famous line of the whole film, Palmer.

Old Time Radio Horror – How Love Came to Professor Guildea – Escape

Today we feature the East Coast national performance of “How Love Came to Pressor Guild” by “Escape” from February 22nd, 1948.

Effectively Speaking – Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein

We're back to horror comedy this time, as we look at the effects in the last of Universal's first run of horror movies.

The Best of Fives – Halloween Kills…Kills

In this Halloween themed edition of “The Best of Fives”, Chris and Luke list their top 5 favorite kills for the 2021 film “Halloween Kills”!

Old Time Radio Horror – The House in Cypress Canyon – Suspense

We’re reaching into the nearly 1000 episode archive of the series “Suspense” and taking a listen to “The House in Cypress Canyon” from December 5th, 1946.

SWICing With Chris – Bryce DeWitte

It’s another installment of “SWICing with Chris” and this time he welcomes live-event superman Bryce DeWitte to show.

Doctor Who Adversaries – Omega

In the latest of our specials, we're looking at the Renegade Timelord, Omega.

Old Time Radio Horror – The Demon Tree – Dark Fantasy

This time we take a listen to the supernatural side of classic audio horror with the short lived series Dark Fantasy tale of “The Demon Tree”.