Do You Get It?

6 Episodes

By: Paula & Syrena

Do you get it?Your hosts, Paula and Syrena, talk about different scenarios regarding our lives. We share our opinions on different topics, small or large, and random sh*t people seem to not understand. Hope you enjoy.You got it now?

Last Sunday at 3:22 AM

In this episode, Paula and Syrena have another little story time with someone very very special.

!!! TW !!! Topics regarding *mental health* and *drugs* are involved.

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Story Time!

In this episode, Paula and Syrena discuss stories that have happened in our lifetime with a new little surprise. Music provided by https://freebeats.ioProduced by White Hot

Mental Health

Paula and Syrena discuss topics regarding mental health. From personal experiences to hypothetical, we got it covered. Maybe a part 2 will come out with the same topic.

Selena Gomez & Hailey Bieber

In this episode, Paula and Syrena talk about the Jelena and Hailey Bieber drama.

Thoughts on Parenting (Kids)

In this episode, Paula and Syrena talk about growing up as kids, kids’ exposure to technology, and parenting.


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