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5 Episodes

By: Scene Less podcast w/Jerm

Jerm from the Union and Metro Podcast ,discusses art, music and life with San Diego artists ,musicians and influential people who are working to bring the arts and music scene together. This podcast is a way to document the scene and the movers and shakers such as Magnol Co who are working with Jerm to continue the tradition of building a safe environment for young artists and musicians to grow their talents . Jerm is known for being an artist , musician and skateboarder who booked and ran club SOMA in San Diego, California from 89-97 .Jerm also has been in bands...

Introduction with host Jerm

Intro and brief chat about the future of the podcast .
future ideas : contact me   : subject podcast guests

Vince Keating _ Skateboarder

Vince Keating is one of the 3 Amigos .Jeremy Barnes , Jerm and Vince Keating all met on facebook through a Waff and continued to chat and share skateboarding . Vince is currently on a skate adventure with his girlfriend and dogs in their renovated van and are touring parks across the states and I was stoked to be able to share stories here at the Red Rum Skates homebase.


JAMM is a band from Northern California consisting of :
Anthony -Vocals
Matt- Guitar
David - Drums
Ian -Bass
 they are playing all over San Diego in March so check em out !!
We chat about their origins , moving to southern  California  as well as adjusting to a new scene !
@jamm.norcal on instagram

Rickety Cliffs

Rickety Cliffs sits with Jerm and share the roots and origin of their band .
Justin; guitar , vocals
Reese ; bass
Justin ; drums

Bleacher Creatures

Bleacher Creatures sit down for a chat about origins and even dabble into politics behind lyrics and the state of affairs in todays world.
 lots of shout outs and great conversation !
 Kellen ; bass
Vic ; vocals
Ian ;drums
Marco ; guitar
 Releasing music in 2-3 weeks 9 early March 
insta; _bleachercreatures_
email :