You've Got This - Real Talk about Belief and Success

15 Episodes

By: Andy J Nathan

In this podcast, learn how to succeed even when you doubt yourself, feel stuck, fail, and feel miserable. Join Andy J Nathan, coach alongside guests in conversation and exploration of what creates belief and success, and what challenges often get in the way. Expect honest conversation and stories of vulnerability, courage and inspiration. Learn life-changing lessons you can apply practically in your personal life, relationships and career.

Get out of Overthinking & into Action
Last Saturday at 5:00 AM

This thought-provoking podcast episode explores arguably the biggest cause of self-sabotage - overthinking and its impact on personal growth, professional development and well-being. 

I delve into the common tendency to avoid addressing the root causes of our problems, opting for temporary fixes that fail to create lasting change.  I uncover how overthinking leads to stress, agitation, and conflict within ourselves and our relationships, hindering decision-making and productivity.  

The episode emphasises the importance of breaking free from the confines of overthinking by embracing discomfort, seeking support, and engaging in practices that promote self-reflection and personal growth. By...

The Gift of Rejection: How to Turn Pain into a Positive

If you're struggling to cope with rejection right now,I encourage you to listen to this podcast that offers you hope and guidance. It could be the one thing that helps you to turn a negative into a positive.  

This podcast dives deep into the science behind rejection and offers actionable strategies for coping with it. With this knowledge, you'll be equipped to tackle any challenge that comes your way, and is packed with practical advice and a positive outlook that can help you turn things around. 

Rejection feels horrible.


The Power of Making a Difference In Someone's Life

In this inspiring podcast episode, I had the privilege of interviewing my first coach, the renowned author and executive coach, David Ferrers.  Our heartfelt conversation revolved around the power of making a difference in people's lives. 

David shares invaluable insights and wisdom gained from years of experience, emphasising the profound impact we can have by supporting others on their personal and professional journeys. We explore the transformative potential of coaching and the importance of connecting with others on a deep level. 

Tune in to this episode to discover how you too can make a meaningful dif...

The Triumphs & Challenges of Sustaining a Career in Music with Sharooz Raoofi

Join Andy and guest Sharooz Raoofi on this compelling journey through triumphs, challenges, and the relentless pursuit of artistic excellence as a musical recording artist, producer and entrepreneur. 

This episode is a must-listen for music enthusiasts who appreciate artistry and seek inspiration from a true trailblazer.

Discover the inspiring story of a young musician who faced the brink of giving up on his dreams while struggling in London at the age of 23, with nothing but empty pockets. Sharooz's career highlights his exceptional adaptability and survival instincts, which have propelled him to great success.


Running Beyond Limits - Conquering 12 Half Marathons in 12 Days with Andy McGuire

In this episode of our podcast, I sit down with Andy McGuire, a man who ran 12 half marathons in 12 consecutive days to honour his best friend's father who was terminally ill. 

Andy shares his incredible journey of pushing beyond physical and mental limits, and how the experience transformed him in ways he never thought possible.

Throughout the interview, Andy details the challenges he faced during his 12-day journey, including battling extreme fatigue and injuries, and how he persevered to achieve his goal. He also shares how the experience helped him grow as a person and t...

How Your Body Keeps the Score

In this podcast, join me as I explore the transformative power of embodiment and how it can help you access your body's innate wisdom to facilitate healing and personal growth. 

I discuss practical ways to connect with your body, reduce stress and anxiety, and optimise your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. 

Whether you want to deepen your self-awareness or find out how it's possible to heal from past traumas, this podcast will provide the tools, insights and signposts you need to learn how to unlock your body's full potential and become the best version of...

What You Need to Do to Become the Man You Want to Be with David Millar

Welcome to the latest episode of the podcast where we explore the struggles men face when they try to do everything themselves. Lone-wolfing can be a slippery slope leading to personal and relational struggles that men may not even be aware of.

In this episode, Andy sits down with Men's Work Facilitator & Coach David Millar to discuss the challenges men face and how they can create real change in their lives. Listen as they delve deep into the question of how men can improve their well-being, challenge themselves, heal, transform and grow without feeling weak.


Make a Mental Switch to Create the Life You Want

Join Andy as he explores the impact of your thoughts, words, and actions on your future in this episode. In this episode, we dive deep into the connection between your mindset and your ability to achieve your goals and live your best life.

It will be an episode where you get a lot of 'ding-ding' insights going off - so get your pen and notebook ready.

Andy will lead you through how your thoughts, words, and actions are the inputs that shape your brain's perception of safety and affect your ability to feel confident, excited...

Simplifying Business, Understanding Your Brain & Learning from Your Mistakes with guest Celest Periera

Welcome to the newest episode of the podcast that's all about helping you unlock your full potential and achieve success in every aspect of your life! 

Today, we're joined by the incredible Celest Pereira, wellness business guru, brain nerd and physiotherapist who's here to share her insights on how to grow a thriving business and make better decisions.

In this enlightening episode, I dive deep into the world of entrepreneurship with Celest, exploring the key strategies and techniques that have helped her build a successful business from scratch.  Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur looking to ta...

How to Stop Being Busy, Slow Down & Create Time

Welcome to a mind-blowing episode of the podcast! 

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and burnt out? It's time to slow down and become proactive! In this episode, I explore the antithesis of busy and reveal how taking your time can give you more time.  It may sound counterintuitive, but trust me, it's life-changing.

As you slow down, you'll feel a surge of energy, become more present with your loved ones, and experience more peace of mind. The secret lies in activating your parasympathetic nervous system, the rest, digest, and repair mode. By doing so, you'll be...

How to Challenge Your Beliefs & Thoughts

In this episode, I'm here to get real with you and hold the mirror up so that you can see what you can't see.  Are you limiting yourself or others without even realising it? Are you talking yourself out of things that could help you grow and expand? Are you struggling to leave a job or relationship even though you know it's not serving you?

As humans, we often think we have control over our thoughts and actions, but did you know that nearly 90% of your thoughts originate from your subconscious mind? That means that most of t...

How to Deal With Overwhelm?

Get ready for a B.I.G. episode! 
This week, we're diving deep into a topic that affects us all: OVERWHELM.

Have you ever felt like you're drowning in a sea of responsibilities, deadlines, and to-do lists?  Well, you're not alone. Overwhelm can strike at any moment and leave us feeling helpless and anxious.

But fear not, Andy's got your back! In this week's episode, join Andy at taking a high-level overview of what overwhelm is and how it shows up in our daily lives. We'll explore the causes behind it, and what's actually go...

Am I a Secret People Pleaser?

I’m talking in this episode about a set of beliefs (part of your default program) that are guaranteed to bring you resentment, burnout, overwhelm, anxiety, frustration and stress.   And they will guarantee that all the relationships that these beliefs connect to (romantic, friends, family, community and work) will be tarnished.

It is of course the pattern known as people pleasing.

You do what you do, because of what you think of yourself.  And more accurately, who you have been conditioned to believe you are.

It is behind the unquestioned belief that putting ever...

How to deal with the Fear of Judgement

Are you someone who has ever experienced fear and anxiety, especially when it comes to the fear of judgement? 

In this intriguing podcast episode, join me to explore the idea that fear is not an absolute, but rather an invitation to grow and do some deep inner work.

Through this exploration, you will learn that the fear of judgement is a common fear that many people struggle with. And how fear can also be an invitation to get curious about what it means to us at a deeper level and to explore the root of t...

How Beliefs Lead You to Success or Rob You of it.

Are you ready to be inspired by the real-life stories of belief, challenge, and ultimate success? Join your host Andy J Nathan in this captivating podcast series where he delves into the struggles and triumphs of everyday people, uncovering the lessons and inspiration we can all learn from.

In this introductory episode, Andy explores the meaning of belief and success, setting the stage for an incredible life story that is both fascinating and illuminating. From battling PTSD and suicidal thoughts, to becoming a world-class shame coach, he shares his journey and how he has helped entrepreneurs, leaders...