You've Got This - Real Talk about Belief and Success

10 Episodes

By: Andy J Nathan

In this podcast, learn how to succeed even when you doubt yourself, feel stuck, fail, and feel miserable. Join Andy Nathan, Men’s Leadership Coach alongside guests in conversation and exploration of what creates success, and what challenges often get in the way. Expect honest conversation and stories of challenge, courage and overcoming. Learn life-changing lessons you can apply practically in your personal life, relationships and career.

From the Brink of Suicide into Service - Guest Episode with Kevin Brown of Mind Masters Scotland

What does it take for a man to want to take his life?  To escape the feeling of being a burden, of having nothing to live for?

Find out what is possible for a man when he is able to step back from that brink, from that edge and take a new path.

In moments of desperation, it can seem like all hope is lost.  Like there's nothing left to live for.   Kevin Brown, Coach, Grandfather, Father, Husband and Founder of Mind Masters in Scotland has a powerful story.   

And what's incredible about this...

How do you Become a High Value Man?

Podcast Summary: "Becoming a High-Value Man"

In this episode, we delve into the transformative journey of becoming a high-value man. I explore key attributes that define this individual—a person radiating confidence, purpose, and authenticity.

Often portrayed in the media as a toxic version of a man or a highly sexualised man, listen as I walk you through what a high-value man really is. 

If you are looking to explore men’s work at a deeper level, and if you are looking to explore masculinity further, this episode will interest you.



In this captivating episode, we delve into the realms of masculinity, martial arts, natural healing, and tantric sex practices with men's business coach, Spencer West. 

Join us as Spencer shares profound insights into the modern interpretation of masculinity, drawing from his experiences in coaching men to navigate the complexities of identity and confidence. 

Discover the transformative power of martial arts not only as a physical discipline but as a tool for cultivating mental resilience and self-discovery.

Explore the fascinating intersection of natural healing and masculinity, as Spencer discusses holistic approaches to physical an...

The Man, The Fire, The Move

If you ever wondered how a coach deals with challenges, chaos and uncertainty - this is the episode for you.

In this episode, I get real about a fire in my home, a big move and the challenges of launching a successful men's work program.  

I reflect on the toll it took, emphasising the need to find equilibrium and prevent burnout. 

I challenge the societal expectation of men for doggedly pushing through, underscoring the importance of slowing down and prioritising personal well-being.

I connect this personal story to the concept of sh...

Live Coaching Episode: How to move into Action with Sam Wilson

In this must-listen episode, I coach my friend and client, Sam Wilson live on the show to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what an action-focused coaching session is like.
Sam is embarking on a new career, and he's looking to make progress on showing up on social media and sharing the work he's doing. In this session, I help him identify his specific goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and overcome the obstacles that are holding him back.

Even if you're not in the same situation as Sam, you'll learn a lot from...

A Model to help Men understand their behaviours with David Millar

n this episode, Andy talks with men's coach and Jungian archetypes facilitator David Millar about:

The key tools they use to help men overcome challenges, understand their behaviors, and create significant change in their lives.Why men's groups and communities are the solution to helping men thrive and deal with life's challenges.How creating communities exclusively for men to talk, share, and hold each other to account is actually coming full circle to what groups of men used to do, pre-industrial revolution.

Despite the alarming statistics on male suicide and the fact that many men are in...

Martial Arts - a Pathway out of Addiction for Men with Nick Thwaits

British Judo Teams Champion (twice) and Scottish Judo Coach of the year Nick Thwaits knows what it takes to grow up in an elite high-performance environment, having been on the judo mat since his early years.

Nick has also wrestled with addiction, something so common with a man who comes from a childhood where addiction and chaos were within the parental unit.

Nick's incredible and inspirational journey is why Nick does the work he does today teaching people and especially men, the potency of discipline and using the body as a tool to channel difficult...

Men's Challenges in Relationships with Relationship & Couples Psychotherapist Jo Ranson

In this 'express' episode Andy is joined by Relationship & Couples Psychotherapist Jo Ranson, also faculty member of The Man Program.

This is a great conversation where you get to peek backstage into what makes someone become a relationships therapist and Jo also explores some of the work she's going to be doing with the men in The Man Program.

If relationships are important to you this episode is a MUST listen.

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How Taking Photographs of Men Created a Movement of Men Talking with Graham Williams of TALK.

In this episode, I sit down and talk with Graham Williams of TALK.

TALK. aims to start a wider discussion around Men’s Mental Health and being gay in the modern world.

It’s time to TALK.

Graham is an Edinburgh-based photographer who is currently working on an ongoing portraiture called TALK. which explores the subject of men’s mental health.

The portraits are made during/after a conversation between the photographer and sitter about their own experiences of men’s mental health.

The Challenges of Being a Man - Getting Curious about Masculinity with Soul Circus

Catch Andy in Conversation with Christina Hunt of Soul Circus Festival  - an episode with a difference where Andy is the interviewee.

This episode is a powerful conversation that covers parenthood, role models, mentors, labels (toxic masculinity) and more.

If you identify as a man or have a significant man in your life and you want to understand men deeper - this episode is a phenomenal starting point.