Straight Outta Philly

10 Episodes

By: Brent Snyder

America's Fascination with True Crime is today's Phenomena. This season, we're going to explore a new true crime each episode ending the season with Philadelphia's controversy "solved" serial killer case known as the The Frankford Slasher.

Trump Vs. Desantis

Preview of upcoming Republican Primary.

Murder Lake: Serial Killer On The Loose?

Serial Killer terrorizing Rainey Street in Austin TX. Bodies being found in lake, law enforcement quiet. Single men being targeted?

America's Dark Fascination With True Crime

Ever wonder why America is fascinated with True Crime? What causes it? Is too much a bad thing? Well, in episode 2 we dive into the physchology behind the phenomena in regards to our fascination with True Crime and Serial Killers specifically.

StraightOuttaPhilly Season 2 Premier!

Season 2 Premier....The mess the Mass. Air National Guard Leaker created, the corruption-plagued Ukraine War and much more. You don't want to miss this one! South Philly's #1 Podcast!

The Frankford Slasher - Official Trailer

Official Trailer for Season 2 Premier....The Frankford Slasher. A true crime story about an unsolved serial killer that was active during the late 1980's in Philadelphia.

Season Finale Wrestling Extravanga!!!

Straight Out of Philly's Season Finale.....The first ever Wrestling Extravaganza. If you are a wrestling fan, you do not want to miss this.

StraightOuttaPhilly - Season Finale Preview

Season 1 finale Preview - Wrestling extravaganza

StraightOuttaPhilly Special - Arrest of DJT

Special breaking news on leaks of our 45th President being arrested Tuesday morning

StraightOuttaPhilly - Episode #6

Milestone episode #6 - Philadelphia State of the Union, Cigar Etiquette, and reviews of Cocaine Bear and Jared from Subway. You don't want to miss it!

StraightOuttaPhilly's Sports Spectacular Vol 1

Nothing but Phillies Spring Training notes, 3 Most overrated Philadelphia Athletes and the Mt. Rushmore of Sports Movies