WhyWork Podcast

10 Episodes

By: Alan Girle, Trajce Cvetkovski, & Sara Pazell

The WhyWork Podcast is an organisational strategy session and legal dissection of workplace events that are laced with humour. Your bloggers, Alan, Trajce, and Sara, explore the contemporary and uncomfortable realities of work and the boundaries that are tested. Alan and Trajce dismantle case law and Sara pushes all to consider how to redesign the world of work so that business objectives are realised and that people thrive. Good stories are told. The WhyWork team throws shade on some of the stories and the people involved as they consider defensible and remarkable work design strategy. When you listen to the...

S05 E07: We've gone Barney
Last Monday at 6:10 PM

Season 05 Episode 07: Trajce raises the issue of the Barnaby Bother. It was a Boisterous Barnaby Bumble… Alan explains the alcohol-infused ‘Barnaby bumble’: It made national news, all around Australia, and it was highly embarrassing to anyone involved. Trajce reminds the crew that Zahi Steggall, Member of Parliament New South Wales, SW MP, has implored, “We must do something about alcohol use in parliament.”

We cannot trivialise this. Yet, alcohol consumption is culturally indoctrinated in Australia. Trajce announces his publication on trivialisation of risk in the workplace. Alcohol-related activity is one of the 6 typologies found in Reality TV, a reflecti...

S05 E06: Doctor, doctor, give me a call

WhyWork Podcast subscriber Anna Linning asks, “How are different organisations managing the phenomena of digital and instant communication modes in their business - Teams, social media, intranets, and the like?” “Doctor, doctor, give me a call,” Alan chimes, reflecting on Anna’s work in an Australian occupational medical practice.

The team debate the Fair Work Amendment Bill 2023 on the right to disconnect because of the issue raised by Anna: the communication impact on mental and emotional load. “I’m finding major problems with this amendment,” scoffs Sara, “Have we returned to that Caucasian, male, privileged work convention?” Alan replies, “… thi...

S05 E05: Shimmyin' on the dance floor

WARNING: This episode references suicide and sexual matters.

The WhyWork crew debate the contest of being forthright in social relations. Trajce reveals a case of a young, drunken lawyer determined to approach a colleague on the dancefloor at a work party. The courts deemed his behaviour to be highly inappropriate and sexualised. This sounds like Season 01 and Episode 01, ‘Bubbles of Trouble.’ “It’s rather sudsy, ” Alan reflects. “It’s the ‘A’ word,” says Trajce, “the Aaa-lcohol that subjects a young person to a new state of vulnerability. This is a common theme.” “Ten Bundies and Coke might erode a few boundaries,” h...

S05: E04: Office spirits: Culture & controversy

Sara laments the damage to her little toe that got no roast beef, “… and it was on my birthday!” she punctuates the story. No, she hadn't been drinking...

The team debate the idea of drinking at work, particularly when it is distributed. Sara describes a case when a teacher concluded his remote video call with his employer by drinking from a cask of wine. When disputed, the parties agreed on the facts that this violated workplace agreements and code of conduct.

Alan slurps his lemon soda in the background as Sara and Trajce debate the ideas...

S05 E03: Grab the Pilates socks – it’s our ‘right to disconnect’ time

“These lawyer boys are like Teflon,” Sara labels, “You see? There you go again– deflection! That is deflection number 02 this morning,” she accuses Alan.

After discussing Alan’s adventures, soaring above the lush, grassy, green, open paddocks of Tasmania and Trajce’s newfound love of the Reformer and his Pilates socks, the team venture into workplace discourse.

Trajce asks, “If I ask you about your right to disconnect, what does it mean to you?” Alan, Trajce, and Sara debate the amendments to the Fair Work Legislation 2009 on the right to disconnect. The team focus their discussions on the...

S05 E02: More than paper airplanes: The projectiles impacting our teachers

Season 05 Episode 02: More than just paper airplanes: The projectiles impacting our teachers

"I have injury statistics on teachers," inivites Sara, "Tell me how is it that they are struck by flying objects? Hit by projectiles!" That question leads to confessions by the boys as they recall their school days. Sara remembers her Italian language teacher who used to throw chalk at students. "It's the reverse now!" exclaims Trajce.

Sara challenges the team to consider the enduring impact of good design, starting with the environment for a lasting effect on those using the space; positively, if...

S05 E01: Citizen Control

Season 05 Episode 01: Citizen Control.

"Consultation - meh! Peh!" complains Sara, with disdain. "There is a lot of corporate hazing and gaslighting," reflects Trajce. This episode was spurned by the presentation by Dr Elise Crawford of Central Queensland University on her reesarch of worker particpation in their work design during the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia Queensland seminar last year. Sara elaborates on the tiered scales of organisational citizenship which can fall into the categories of 'non participation,' 'tokenism,' and 'degrees of citizen power.' Alarmingly, 'consultation,' falls into the category of 'tokenism...

S05 Trailer 04: Ready for take-off - coming soon

WhyWork Season 05 Ready for Take Off, Coming Soon

S05 Trailer 03: New lessons, old tales

There's more: The English legal profession, "Trajce, you're always on top of this," says Alan. Consultation, Teachers. Lawyers. All of it is on the table. We're back. Educate your mind because the system will keep you blind.

S05 Trailer 02: Hello, hello: Should I get a new kitchen bench?

Honey, we're home. Season 05 is coming to you soon. Kitchen benches and silicosis. It's a thing. Work design versus interior design. Home renovations and engineered stone. Yah, let's do this. "Testing, testing, testing, hi there." "It's an intro, guys". Educate your mind.