Simply Grace

10 Episodes

By: Rev. Wesley Menke

A collection of thoughts, ideas, and interpretations of the Gospel

Rational Mind, 4,900 times to fore-give
Last Tuesday at 7:01 PM

Sermon 2023.09.17 One of my children was talking about baptism at school with his friend. He told his friend that God forgives all your sins when you are baptized. His […]

Supreme Importance of Fellowship

Sermon 2023.09.10 Rev. Wesley Menke Sometimes it is hard to go to sleep at night, and sometimes it is also hard to wake up in the morning. I remember not […]

Non-Violent Incarnation

Sermon 2023.09.03 Wesley Menke One of the really big challenges we have to deal with as Christians is the way our religion has valorized and spiritualized suffering. Jesus says that […]

Sermon August 20, 2023

Pastor Steve Bieghler August 6, 2023

Theology of the Cross

Sermon 2023.07.23 I was listening to the radio this week and I heard a program about life after death. The person speaking had a near death experience and was telling […]

All Roads Lead to Rome

Sermon 2023 July 9

Rev. Steve Bieghler July 2, 2023

Thoughts on Conflict Sermon June 25, 2023

Rev. Maria Santa Cruz June 18, 2023