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By: Altitude Accelerator

Tech Uncensored, Crucial Analysis in Tech, is a weekly podcast brought to you by Altitude Accelerator. Hosted by Hessie Jones, we explore emerging news, and relevant topics that startups care about. We speak to subject matter experts, founders and advisors in Investment: Venture Capital, Equity Crowdfunding, and across Industry: Clean Tech, Biotech, Generative AI, Blockchain, Web3, Privacy, Security etc. who weigh in on the challenges that startup founders face today, as well as the profound opportunities that come with emerging tech and market adoption.

Episode 53 The Intelligent City - Towards Progress and Sustainability

By 2050, 70% of the world’s population is projected to live in cities. 

We will evolve into an increasingly urban economy. Urban centers will adapt and evolve to meet the needs of their growing populations. 

Urbanization can lead to 1) economic growth, 2) improved living standards, and 3) cultural diversity. Some key stats about the rise of the urban populations: 

The world’s urban population has been rising almost six-fold since 1950, from 751 million to 4.4 billion today. This trend is expected to continue, with the urban population more than doubling its current size by 20502. 

Now, More than 56...

Episode 52 Steering Growth Stage Founders Towards Sustainable Businesses

David Peterson, known as the Optimization Coach, assists growth-stage companies in 2X their revenue growth to achieve their 10X goal. He helps them become more appealing to investors or (if they choose) achieve their status as a successful founder-owned businesses.  

At this juncture, early-stage founders are already generating revenue and may aim to raise a successful Series A round, therefore they will need to focus on revenue quality. They sell a vision of their future business emphasizing the key qualities that investors want to believe in. They must construct a compelling narrative that justifies whether their idea i...

Episode 51 Make or Break: Establishing Product Market Fit is Crucial to Success

Product Market Fit is a make-or-break factor for startups. Even the best products can fail without market demand, while an average product can succeed if the demand exists. 

What does success look like once companies reach this critical milestone? The product resonates with the market means that: 

Customer actively buys, uses and recommends the product to others in sufficient numbers... Enough to sustain growth and profitability 

Investors often demand evidence of product-market fit before investing – demonstrating that your product has real demand and a viable market, especially at the earliest growth stages. 

Here are som...

Episode 50 Traditional Demand Generation is Broken. There is a better way to Improve Win Rates

Demand Generation is a broad marketing practice aimed at creating awareness and interest in a company’s products or services. It involves using various tactics across numerous channels, such as content marketing, social media ads, and more 

While the practice has been around for as long as brands have existed, it has undergone some significant changes and formalization over the past few decades. 

One of the catalysts for the changing sales landscape since the advent of digital has been: 

Decentralization of information. In the past, companies were primarily the holders of information about produ...

Episode 49 Evolving DEI within Venture Capital with Gayatri Sarkar of Advaita Capital

Today we’re facing headwinds in this fast-paced tech economy.  There is this global race to win in the advancement of Artificial Intelligence between the East and the West, however there are clear impediments that persist to drive change in current technologies that are hampering the speed to win. 

There is this realization of the how brittle our systems are because of the harms, the bias and the deep fakes, pervasive scraping of data that have permeated platforms and communication systems creates an increased risk that resulted in more regulatory attention, public awareness in lockstep with the pace...

Episode 48 Building your Personal Brand as a Tech Leader

These days there has been this surge of people who are developing influence within their specific corner of the market. They are digital creators who specialize in a niche and begin to establish themselves as experts in their field. 

The rise of influence has been less about celebrity, but these days it’s a strategic advantage for many entrepreneurs who want to build relationships, and ultimately leverage their personal brand to build their businesses 

Here’s the scenario: You are building your business, building your product and getting some critical traction. You want to move faster...

Episode 47 Startup Resilience Navigating Relationships for Early-Stage Founders

Growth Hackers' determined that the greatest indicator of startup success is resilience: 

“You might feel that things are moving slow in your company – that is natural. You may make decisions, that, in retrospect may lead to undesired consequences, or perceived setbacks in your goal to reach critical milestones. If you are an entrepreneur building a brand new startup, you probably have trouble seeing any light at the end of the tunnel from time to time.” 

It’s how far startup success is defined by how far an entrepreneur is willing to go and wait to see its st...

Episode 46 Is 2024 The Year of Investor Restraint and Startup Resilience?

Will 2024 will be another challenging year for startup founders?  

The world bank came out with the following prediction for 2024: 

“Global growth is projected to slow for the third year in a row—from 2.6% last year to 2.4% in 2024, almost three-quarters of a percentage point below the average of the 2010s. Developing economies are projected to grow just 3.9%, more than one percentage point below the average of the previous decade.” 

They are dubbing it the “Weakest Half-Decade Performance in 30 Years" 

This is a so-called recession that never really came (because of low unemployment, despite high...

Episode 45: AI and the Future of Passwords with Jeff Shiner, CEO 1Password

AI has consumed the tech space and mainstream business. What implications does generative AI have on cybersecurity? Will it change the threat landscape for better or worse?  At Collision, Hessie Jones interviewed Jeff Shiner, CEO of 1Password to discuss the implications to personal information and how will passwordless technology help combat these threats. 

Episode 44 Trinsic - Can We Safeguard our Identities in an Increasingly Automated Web?

As of February 2023, 850 million people globally don’t have an ID: no birth certificate, national ID–a legal identification that enables access to basic services like setting up bank accounts, getting a job–a system we’ve taken for granted in the West. Solving the identity problem becomes more pronounced as societies become increasingly digital. This will further elevate the need for secure and convenient ways to verify a person’s identity as they transact and communicate online or remotely. This comes at a juncture as we face many problems with impersonations, deep fakes, AI generated media and content where safe...