In Session with Amanda

2 Episodes

By: Amanda, LCSW

Amanda is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, passionate about mental health and wellness. In session brings topics and discussions to assist you on your journey of becoming empowered from within. Each episode, Amanda will bring, guests, topics and tools to support you in feeling inspired! You can keep up-to-date and find more content from Amanda on her instagram at @empoweredfromwithin. 

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

On this month's episode, Amanda talks about how we can create more awareness about the stories we tell ourselves. We all have an internal dialogue and narrative that impacts how we feel about ourselves and our relationships. You can take control of your thoughts and gain more tools to manage your stories!

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Living Your Values

In this Episode, Amanda talks all about values. Values are a crucial foundation to each of our lives. Getting clear on your values can contribute to better relationships, increased self-awareness and can help you be clear on your goals. Amanda will walk you through some thought provoking questions to assist you in exploring your personal values on a deeper level. 

Here is a link for a set of values cards to further explore your values: