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By: Shaun Ayala

Join Shaun Ayala in the "K&B Update," your weekly dose of insider knowledge on the Kitchen & Bath Industry. This is the place to stay ahead of the curve and keep your finger on the pulse of this dynamic industry. Each week, Shaun dives into the latest developments and provide valuable insights to help you navigate the changes. Get ready for a wealth of information, all aimed at helping you stay up to date in the Kitchen & Bath Industry. Tune in now!

The "Gratitude" Episode

Join Shaun Ayala on this special episode of the Kitchen & Bath Update Podcast as he express his heartfelt gratitude to the incredible listeners, retail associates, architects, builders, contractors, and interior designers who have been a part of this journey this year. Happy Gratitude Season!

7 Smart Home Ideas that Creates a Luxury Experience

In today's episode, I talk about 7 Smart Home Ideas for Interior Designers and Builders. Discover the latest innovations in luxury from high-end lighting to advanced security and smart automation, this podcast is your guide to creating state-of-the-art luxury experience for any project.

Trends Transforming Kitchens and Baths: A Peek into the Future for Interior Designers and Builders

In our latest podcast, we dive into the future of kitchen and bath design. Discover the top trends that will shape these essential spaces, from multi-purpose kitchen islands to spa-like bathrooms. We'll explore the importance of quiet kitchens, integrated technology, wellness-focused designs, and thoughtful lighting. Join us as we unravel the secrets of sustainability and learn how staying ahead of the curve is crucial for interior designers and builders. Tune in for a sneak peek into the kitchens and baths of tomorrow!

Why Good Networking Is Crucial for Your Home Design

Step into the future of home design with our latest podcast episode. In today's interconnected world, technology is revolutionizing our homes, and networking is the unsung hero that makes it all possible. From smart kitchens to spa-like bathrooms, and even reimagined outdoor entertainment areas, discover the backbone of modern home convenience and innovation. Tune in and unlock the power of networking in today's home design landscape

Top 5 Current Innovations in the Kitchen and Bath Industry

Join us on this episode as we dive into the top 5 emerging trends in kitchen and bath design that are shaping a more sustainable and innovative future. Nicholas Tamarin guides us through the latest advances in eco-friendly materials, biophilic design, tile technology, smart faucets, and sustainable solutions for smaller spaces. Whether you're an interior designer or builder, stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving K&B industry with these transformative insights.

Embracing the Future: A Guide to Smart Plumbing Products for Interior Designers and Builders

In today's episode, we dive into the exciting realm of smart plumbing products, where innovation meets convenience and efficiency. As interior designers and builders, it's essential to keep pace with the latest trends that can truly transform modern homes. We'll discuss the rising demand for smart plumbing solutions, from cutting-edge detection systems to touchless faucets and digital shower valves. Join us as we explore how these technologies are reshaping the way we think about residential plumbing and enhancing the homeowner experience.

3 Reasons Why Wellness Is Crucial for Today's Homes

Join us in this episode as we explore the profound impact of the wellness revolution on modern homes. With the global health and wellness industry surging towards a remarkable $7 trillion by 2025, it's clear that wellness is no longer a passing trend but a fundamental aspect of homeownership. Discover why homeowners are allocating 50.1% of their budgets to wellness, how real estate is evolving to meet these demands, and why the younger generations, particularly Millennials, are leading the charge. Builders and interior designers, this podcast sheds light on why embracing wellness is no longer an option but a necessity in today's...

3 Tips for Creating a Luxury Kitchen on a Limited Budget

Creating a luxurious kitchen doesn't always require a bottomless budget. With the right approach and a dash of creativity, you can turn an ordinary kitchen into a luxurious kitchen! Here are 3 Tips for Creating a Luxury Kitchen on a Limited Budget.

7 Trends in Residential Design: What Interior Designers and Builders Need to Know

Stay ahead of the curve in residential design! Join us for an in-depth exploration of the 7 Trends in Residential Design that Interior Designers and Builders Need to Know. Discover the latest insights from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and gain valuable takeaways for your next projects. From right-sizing homes to smart appliances and energy efficiency, we cover it all. Tune in now to stay at the forefront of the evolving world of residential design!

Elevating Residential Bath Projects: Discovering the Advantages of Specifying MrSteam Showers

Dive into the realm of home design where the allure of a steam shower takes center stage, offering wellness, relaxation, and a touch of luxury to modern living. Discover how MrSteam, a trailblazer in steam technology with a century-long legacy, can elevate your residential projects into realms of well-being. From fostering a culture of excellence and pioneering innovation to providing top-notch customer care, MrSteam showers redefine relaxation. Seamlessly blending style and function, these showers harmonize with contemporary interior designs. Step into a world where wellness, technology, and luxury converge – choose MrSteam to transform your projects and deliver homeowners an im...

Elevating Remodel Projects: Insights from the J.D. Power Appliance Satisfaction Study

Explore the intriguing world of home appliances in our latest podcast episode! Delve into the surprising resilience of brick-and-mortar showrooms amidst the digital age, as revealed by the J.D. Power 2023 U.S. Appliance Satisfaction Study. With a remarkable 71% of appliance purchases still occurring in physical stores, learn how these insights reshape the landscape for both consumers and professionals in the Kitchen & Bath Industry. Uncover the dynamic interplay between online research and in-store decisions, discover top-ranking brands from the study, and unlock strategies to enhance client satisfaction through tailored experiences and brand selections. Tune in for an illuminating conversation...

Elevate Your Kitchen Projects: The Benefits of Specifying Steam Ovens

Ready to revolutionize your kitchen experience? Join us on this episode as we dive into the world of steam ovens with a focus on the luxury brand Miele. Discover how Miele's innovative approach to steam cooking brings health, convenience, and incredible flavors to your kitchen projects. From ancient origins to modern innovations, we explore the advantages of Miele steam ovens that can transform culinary experiences. Tune in and explore why these ovens are a must-have addition to your kitchen design toolkit!

Redefining Luxury: A New Perspective for Builders and Interior Designers

Step into a world where luxury transcends traditional boundaries. Join me, a seasoned luxury marketer in the Kitchen & Bath space, as we explore the evolving concept of luxury in an ever-changing landscape. Discover how brands like Samsung and LG are reshaping the meaning of luxury and forging emotional connections with clients. From technology-driven experiences to tailored designs that reflect individual lifestyles, we'll dive into the shifts that Builders and Interior designers need to grasp to deliver exceptional results. Tune in to unlock the secrets behind the new face of luxury in the Kitchen & Bath Industry.

The Power of Kitchen & Bath Showrooms: Insights from the NKBA Report

Discover the pivotal role that showrooms play in kitchen and bath projects as we explore the findings from the NKBA's report titled "Showrooms Play A Key Role In K&B Projects." In this episode, we dive into the essential insights that interior designers and home builders need to know. Learn how showrooms influence homeowners' decision-making process, the value they bring to design inspiration, and the impact they have on final purchases. Join us to unlock the potential of showrooms in enhancing your projects and delivering exceptional results.

Elevate the Luxury Kitchen with Luxury Freestanding Refrigeration

Today's Kitchen & Bath Update episode is dedicated to creating luxury kitchens with ease. Designing a high-end kitchen can be a challenge, especially when faced with cabinetry limitations or design constraints. But fear not! Luxury appliance brands Thermador and Monogram have introduced freestanding French-Door Refrigerators that effortlessly infuse elegance and sophistication into any kitchen, without the need for extensive modifications. Join us as we explore the remarkable benefits of these luxury refrigerators and discover how they simplify the process for interior designers, contractors, and home builders to create stunning luxury kitchens. Get ready to be inspired by the seamless blend...

Streamline Your Kitchen Design with the KitchenAid Over-The-Range Microwave with Flush Built-In Design

Welcome to our podcast episode dedicated to the art of seamless kitchen design. As an interior designer or home builder, creating a harmonious space is essential, and today we'll be discussing the KitchenAid® Over-The-Range Microwave with Flush Built-In Design. This remarkable appliance goes beyond enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen – it also delivers exceptional functionality. With its external flush design, turntable-free interior, built-in installation, generous capacity, and powerful ventilation system, this microwave is a true game-changer in kitchen design. Join us as we explore the outstanding features of the KitchenAid Over-The-Range Microwave and discover how it can elevate you...

Unleashing Culinary Innovation: 5 Reasons Why The All-New Pro Harmony Induction Range from Thermador Redefines Kitchen Design

Welcome to our latest episode, where we explore the exciting world of kitchen appliance innovations. As an interior designer or home builder, staying up to date with the latest advancements is essential in creating exceptional spaces. Today, we'll be diving into the All-New Pro Harmony® Induction Range from Thermador, a true revolution in the cooking experience. Join us as we uncover the five remarkable innovations that set this induction range apart from its competitors. With these game-changing features, you'll be empowered to create cutting-edge kitchen designs that exceed your clients' expectations. Get ready to be inspired by the endless p...

Elevate Your Kitchen Designs with the All-New Pro Harmony Induction Range from Thermador Luxury Appliances

Join us in this episode as we delve into the world of luxury kitchen design. As an interior designer or home builder, you know that style and functionality go hand in hand. Today, we'll be discussing the All-New Pro Harmony Induction Range from Thermador, a true game-changer in kitchen design. This induction range offers unparalleled versatility and innovation that will leave your clients in awe. With its sleek frameless design, perfect flush mount, and multiple size options, it seamlessly integrates into any luxury kitchen layout. Tune in as we explore the remarkable features of the Pro Harmony Induction Range...

Induction Cooking: A Modern Twist on an Old Concept

Join us as we dive into the world of induction cooking and discover why it's a game-changer in the kitchen. Say goodbye to outdated electric coil cooktops of the past and embrace the efficiency and innovation of today's induction cooking products. In this episode, we explore the advantages that induction cooking offers over traditional gas ranges. From its superior efficiency, heating cookware directly and speeding up cooking times, to its precise temperature control that prevents overcooking, we uncover why induction cooking is a chef's dream. Safety is also a top priority, with induction cooktops only heating up when compatible...

Unveiling the 2023 Houzz U.S. Emerging Summer Trends: Transforming Bathrooms and Kitchens

Welcome to our latest episode as we embark on a journey into the captivating world of summer home design trends. Join us as we explore the recently released 2023 Houzz U.S. Emerging Summer Trends Report, brought to you by, the ultimate platform for remodeling and design enthusiasts. In this episode, we'll unveil the top emerging trends that have caught the attention of homeowners, design enthusiasts, and professionals within the Houzz community. Our focus will be on the transformative power of these trends in bathrooms and kitchens. Get ready to dive into the exciting findings and discover how...

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Ventilation Solution for your Client's kitchen

Join us as we delve into the often overlooked aspect of kitchen remodeling: ventilation. Discover why proper ventilation is essential for a healthy and comfortable cooking environment, and explore the key factors to consider when selecting the right ventilation solution for your client's kitchen. From kitchen size and layout to the type of cooking and noise levels, we'll provide expert insights to help you make informed decisions. We'll also explore the pros and cons of ducted and ductless range hoods, delve into energy efficiency considerations, and touch on the importance of style in creating a cohesive kitchen design. Don't...

Fresh Air, Fresh Food: The Top Reasons to Prioritize Ventilation in Your Kitchen Upgrade

Join us as we explore the crucial decision of selecting the perfect ventilation solution for your kitchen remodel. As a Kitchen Designer or Trade Professional, you understand the significance of proper ventilation in removing smoke, steam, and odors while maintaining excellent indoor air quality. In this episode, we'll delve into the reasons why ventilation is essential for a successful kitchen remodel and provide practical tips for making the best choice. Discover the different types of ventilation solutions available, including range hoods and downdraft systems, and learn how to consider factors such as kitchen size, layout, cooking habits, and budget...

Bonus: Revolutionize Your Laundry Routine with the NEW GE Profile UltraFast Combo

Get ready to revolutionize your laundry routine with the GE Profile Combo! In this episode, we'll explore the incredible features and convenience that this innovative appliance brings to your home. Say goodbye to the hassle of monitoring your laundry transfer, bidding farewell to dedicated laundry days, and struggling with detergent measurements. With adaptive smart dispense and a convenient lint filter system, this combo is a game-changer. Plus, we'll dive into the ease of installation with no venting required. Get inspired to transform your laundry room with this must-have appliance. Tune in now and discover the future of laundry!

Revolutionize Your Laundry Experience: The Ultimate All-in-One Washer and Dryer Combo by GE Profile

In this episode, we explore a game-changing product for interior designers and builders that will transform your clients' laundry experience. Join us as we discuss the remarkable features and benefits of the all-in-one washer and dryer combo by GE Profile. Say goodbye to the hassle of transferring clothes between machines and the need for external vents. Discover how this ventless solution, powered by a heat pump system, not only saves energy but also protects your clients' delicate fabrics. We delve into the convenience of the automatic detergent dispenser and the smart functionality that allows you to track laundry progress...

Make a Statement with Wolf’s Versatile Knobs and Bezels

In this episode, we explore how luxury brand Wolf is pushing the boundaries of kitchen appliance design with their line of customizable knobs and bezels. With ten color combinations to choose from, you can find the perfect match for your client's kitchen design. Not only do these knobs and bezels add a touch of style, they also serve a functional purpose by allowing easy control of heat. With Wolf's top-of-the-line quality and craftsmanship, you can make your client's kitchen truly their own. Tune in to discover how these customizable knobs and bezels can elevate your kitchen design.

Bringing Bold Kitchen Accents to Life: Monogram and Kallista Unveil Titanium and Brass Collections

Monogram, a luxury appliance brand, unveiled its latest collection, the Monogram Designer Collection x Richard T. Anuszkiewicz, at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas. The collection features Titanium and Brass aesthetics that perfectly complement Kallista's luxury faucets. The sleek and modern design of the Titanium collection creates a sense of balance and sophistication, while the Brass collection provides an inviting and elegant look. The collaboration between Monogram and Kallista showcases the brands' commitment to craftsmanship and innovative design. If you're an interior designer or Spec Builder, this partnership is worth exploring to elevate luxury designs. Share your...

The Smart Home Remodel: 5 Factors to Consider for a Modern Kitchen and Bathroom

Learn the key factors to consider when renovating your clients' kitchen and bathroom into a smart space. Prioritize your clients' needs and choose compatible technologies to create a comprehensive plan with a timeline and budget. Work with professionals for electrical, plumbing, and technology integrations, and ensure strong security features and privacy protection. Need help? Connect with technology integrators or security professionals. Discover how to bring a connected and integrated kitchen or bathroom to life for your clients.

Quick Fix: Tips for Helping Customers Choose the Right Kitchen Appliances in Emergency Situation

In the kitchen and bath industry, word of mouth is a powerful tool, and as a kitchen designer, contractor, or retail associate, being prepared to quickly assist clients in urgent situations is crucial. Recommending in-stock items from local retailers is a simple solution, but asking questions upfront to assess their needs and priorities, understanding the latest features, and comparing and contrasting options will help you provide expert recommendations and ensure they make an informed decision. By being well-prepared and informed, you can help your customers choose the ideal kitchen appliances that are both affordable and tailored to their specific...

Marketing to the Generations in the K&B Industry: Understanding and Connecting with Your Target Audience

Marketing to different generations in the kitchen and bath industry requires understanding their unique values and purchasing habits. Baby Boomers and Millennials are currently important segments of the market. Gen Z values authenticity and diversity and can be reached through social media and influencer marketing. Millennials value social responsibility and technology, and respond well to engaging, socially conscious content. Gen X values independence and responds well to targeted marketing campaigns. Baby Boomers value loyalty and traditional values and respond well to word-of-mouth marketing and television advertising. The Silent Generation values tradition and practicality and responds well to traditional marketing...

The Monogram Hearth Oven: More Than Just a Pizza Oven

Introducing the Monogram Hearth Oven, the world's first indoor electric self-ventilating pizza oven, that offers more than just pizza baking. With its advanced temperature control and LCD touchscreen, it allows precise temperature adjustments for a variety of cooking methods. Its built-in installation design eliminates the need for additional cabinetry work, making installation hassle-free. The Monogram Hearth Oven's self-ventilation system also makes it easy to install in any kitchen. With a handcrafted build and a 9-week lead time, it's an excellent choice for anyone who loves to cook and entertain. Discover the Monogram Hearth Oven, a standout appliance for your...

Introducing Bold Kitchen Accents: Café and Kohler Partnership

As an interior designer, you know the importance of creating beautiful and functional spaces for your clients, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. The new partnership between Café and Kohler offers exciting possibilities for designers looking to add bold accents to their kitchen designs. Café's new Brushed Brass and Flat Black hardware finishes perfectly complement Kohler's finishes, allowing for greater creative freedom. Beyond aesthetics, Café and Kohler also deliver high-quality, innovative products designed to make cooking and baking more efficient and enjoyable. Explore this partnership at a Pacific Sales near you to elevate your kitchen design with bold sty...

4 Ways Technology is Transforming the Bathroom Experience

The bathroom space is changing, it's becoming more than a place to take care of personal hygiene. It's now a space for relaxation and rejuvenation. With the rise of technology, the bathroom has become a hub for innovation, offering new and exciting ways to enhance the overall experience. In this episode, we'll explore how technology is playing a meaningful role in the bathroom.

Enhance Your Clients Outdoor Entertaining Experience: 4 Tips for Using Outdoor Kitchen Appliances in Style

There's nothing quite like creating an outdoor experience that enables your clients or customers to be their best to host in style. Whether they're cooking up a delicious meal, serving drinks, or just enjoying friends and family outside, the right outdoor kitchen appliances you spec for their outdoor kitchen can make all the difference. In this episode of KB updates, I'll talk about how to enhance your clients outdoor experience with 4 tips from specific products.

5 Marketing Tips to Attract the Luxury Customer for your K&B Business

As a business owner within the kitchen and bath industry, attracting luxury customers can be challenging but fruitful if executed correctly. Catering to this market requires a different approach compared to mass-market clients. In this episode, I'll give you 5 Marketing Tips to Attract the Luxury Customer for your K&B Business.

3 Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Brands to Consider for your Next Project

There are many luxury outdoor kitchen brands on the market, each with their own unique features and designs. When it comes to creating the outdoor kitchen for your clients or customers this year, this episode will touch on three luxury outdoor kitchen brands to consider for your next projects.

Unlocking the Power of Sustainability: A Guide to Choosing the Right Appliances for your Next Kitchen and Bath Project

Homeowners are increasingly prioritizing sustainability when shopping for kitchen and bath products. As a marketer, partner or influencer, it's crucial to understand what sustainability truly means and how it impacts the products you recommend. While energy efficiency is often marketed as the most impactful factor, it's only one piece of the puzzle. Look for Energy Star rating, water-saving features, sustainable materials, and end-of-life options when shopping for sustainable kitchen and bath products. By recommending sustainable features, you can help your clients make informed choices that align with their values and reduce their environmental impact.

4 Luxury Kitchen Brands that Add Value to your New Build or Remodel Project

When it comes to remodeling your client's kitchen or picking appliances for a new build, it's important to choose a brand that not only looks great but adds value to the home. Obviously stainless steel appliances can do the trick, but depending on the location and potential home value, having the right brand of appliances would add value to the project. In today's episode I talk about four kitchen brands that are known to add value to a home.

5 Benefits of Touchless Technology in the Kitchen and Bath

Touchless technology has become increasingly popular especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Touchless technology allows the user to use various types of appliances and fixtures without touching them, providing a more hygienic and convenient experience. In this episode, I'll touch on five benefits of touchless technology in the kitchen and bathroom.

Innovation: GE Profile UltraFast Laundry Combo

The recent Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) was a showcase of the latest and greatest in home appliances. One of the most impressive and noteworthy products was the GE Profile UltraFast Laundry Combo. In my opinion, this laundry combo has completely changed the game in the laundry category by combining the functions of a washing machine and dryer into one convenient machine. Yes this has been done before, but GE took this to a whole new level. Find out more in this podcast.

3 Luxury Appliance Brands to look out for in 2023

The luxury appliance market is constantly evolving, with a growing demand for high-end products that offer exceptional performance, quality, and innovative design. Established brands like Sub-Zero, Wolf, Miele, and Thermador dominate the market, but new brands have the opportunity to establish a unique niche. In this episode, we will highlight the top three luxury appliance brands to watch in 2023.