10 Episodes


Jesus brings life and life to the full. Join Jim Sim and Mark Middleton as they help you discover how to live the life that Jesus promised.

Restoring Your Wonder - with Mark Middleton and Michael Thompson
Last Wednesday at 8:00 PM

In this episode Mark Middleton sits down with Michael Thompson and talk about keeping your wonder. 

Rest for Your Souls - Wes Lindseth - 06.16.24
Last Tuesday at 5:00 PM

Senior Leader of LIFECHURCH7, Wes Lindseth, shares helpful tools on how to let your spirit lead so you can find rest for your soul. 

It's Holy Spirit - Mark Middleton - 06.09.24

The Holy Spirit helps us to obey. Listen as Mark Middleton shares on obedience and the fruit it produces. 

It's Holy Spirit - Mark Wheaton - 06.02.24

The Holy Spirit is our Helper. Listen in as Mark Wheaton teaches about the Holy Spirit. 

It's the Spirit, He is Here to Help You - Wes Lindseth - 05.26.24

Holy Spirit is our Helper. Listen in as senior leader, Wes Lindseth, teaches on the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Pentecost Sunday - Mike Thompson - 05.19.24

Mike Thompson shares about the birth of the church.

Mothers Day Invitation - Mark and Rachel Middleton - 04.12.24

Mark and Rachel Middleton read Genesis 1-3 and point us to the Father who pursues and protects us. 

It's The Father - Jim Sim - 04.05.24

Listen as Jim shares about the Father from John 17 and James 1.

Jesus and the Father - Mark Middleton - 04.28.24

Join LIFECHURCH7 as Mark Middleton teaches on the Father from John 17. 

The Father's Love - Wes Lindseth - 04.21.24

Join LIFECHURCH7 at senior leader, Wes Lindseth, teaches about the Father and having a prayer life.