10 Episodes

By: Melissa Lapin

The conversational podcast where you will learn to recognize the every day encounters that seem mundane but have the ability to transform your very existence. On AfterTheWell we're going to be talking with all types of people from all walks of life about how their life changed after having a 'well' experience with Jesus. Just like the woman of John 4:4–42 we always walk away not only changed, but transformed after an encounter with the Love of Jesus.

ATW - Time with Donna Rowe
Last Wednesday at 6:00 PM

In this episode of After the Well, Melissa Lapin and Donna Rowe discuss their personal experiences with spirituality and encountering God. Donna shares her journey of growing up in a family without a strong religious background and her search for a deeper connection with God. She recounts a pivotal moment at the age of 17 when she felt a profound encounter with God, which brought her peace and a sense of purpose. They also discuss the importance of personal experiences with God and the need for individual exploration and understanding of spirituality. Donna Rowe shares her...

ATW - Conversation with Rod Williams


 In this conversation, Melissa Lapin interviews Rod Williams, who shares his journey of faith and the different perspectives he gained from his experiences in various churches and ministries. Rod talks about encountering the love of God through a pastor who made him feel seen and loved. He also discusses his involvement in the Jesus movement and the impact of the charismatic movement on his faith. Rod shares how he experienced a pivotal moment of feeling the presence of God during a difficult time in his life. He emphasizes the importance of being conscious of G...

ATW - Conversation with Beth Alexander


 In this episode, Melissa Lapin interviews her friend Beth Alexander. Beth shares her background and testimony, explaining that she did not grow up in a faith-based household and had limited exposure to church. However, at the age of 19, she had a powerful encounter with Jesus' love and decided to become a Christian. Beth then discusses her journey of navigating the expectations and pressures of religion, as well as her search for purpose and identity. Despite the challenges, she has found peace and confidence in following God's leading. Beth Alexander shares her experience of feeling l...

ATW - Time with Justin Fahrenbruch


 In this conversation, Melissa Lapin interviews Justin Fahrenbruch, an evangelist from Saginaw, Michigan. Justin shares his journey from growing up in a Lutheran church to struggling with drug addiction for 14 years. He had a transformative encounter with Jesus in a parking lot, which led to his deliverance from addiction. Justin discovered his calling as an evangelist and began sharing his testimony and the love of Jesus with others. He emphasizes the importance of kingdom identity and understanding the principles of the kingdom. Justin's wife, Candace, has been a strong supporter throughout his journey. In t...

ATW - Chat with Dr. Tony Robinson


In this conversation, Dr. Toni Robinson shares her journey of faith and how she came to know Jesus on a personal level. She talks about the challenges she faced, including the loss of her job and home, and how she learned to trust God in the midst of it all. Dr. Toni emphasizes the importance of authenticity and vulnerability in our relationship with God and with others. She also highlights the power of community and how sharing our struggles can inspire and encourage others. In this part of the conversation, Tony and Melissa discuss...

ATW - Interview with Melody Dowlearn


Melody Dowlearn, CEO of the Identity Academy, shares her journey of rediscovering her identity and aligning her vision with her faith. She talks about her well moment, where she had a powerful encounter with Jesus that shifted her entire life. Melody also discusses her struggles as a rebellious teenager and the challenges she faced as a single mother. She emphasizes the importance of finding healthy community and the role her husband played in her healing process. Melody's story highlights the transformative power of encountering God and the significance of embracing the process of growth...

ATW - Conversation with Emily Evans - Part 2


Emily Evans shares her journey of wanting to go on a missions trip to Africa since she was eight years old. She discusses the challenges in her marriage and eventual divorce, which made her question her ability to fulfill her dream. However, after her divorce, she received an invitation to go on a short-term mission trip to Africa. Despite personal struggles, she embraced the opportunity and saw God's redemption and glory in her journey. Emily emphasizes the importance of not hardening the heart and partnering with God, as well as the need for empowering...

ATW - Conversation with Emily Evans - Part 1


In this conversation, Melissa Lapin talks to her friend Emily about her journey of faith and the impact of encountering the Kingdom mindset. Emily shares her desire for more in her faith and her search for a church that aligned with her beliefs. She discusses the healing she experienced from father wounds and the transformative impact of the movie 'The Shack'. Emily encourages listeners to draw close to the Lord and find their identity in Him. In this conversation, Emily Evans and Melissa Lapin discuss the power of words and the importance of being...

ATW - Chat with Bethany Gassan


In this conversation, Melissa Lapin and Bethany Gassan discuss Bethany's journey from San Diego, California to Juneau, Alaska, and her faith upbringing as a Jehovah's Witness. Bethany shares her well moment with Jesus, which occurred after a difficult breakup and a period of intense anger towards God. She describes how she screamed and yelled at God for hours, and in that moment, she heard an audible voice asking her why she blamed her problems on someone she didn't even believe in. This encounter led Bethany to reconsider her beliefs and eventually give her life...

ATW - Chat with Lance Byers


 In this conversation, Melissa Lapin and Lance Byers discuss their personal journeys with God and how dissatisfaction played a role in their spiritual growth. Lance shares his experience of growing up with a distant relationship with God and how he eventually pursued a deeper connection in his mid-twenties. He also talks about the role of dissatisfaction in his life, from relationships to career choices. Melissa emphasizes the importance of acknowledging discontentment and seeking God's guidance in finding a better path. They both reflect on the lessons learned and the freedom that comes from embracing d...