The Mindful Creature: Meditations for Exploring the Animal Within

11 Episodes

By: Claire Takahashi

A guided meditation podcast to reconnect with the Natural world and calm your inner creatures. Season One - Songbirds: A Voice Within. Ten minute meditations arriving each Sunday on the wings of a songbird to calm your mind and reconnect with the Earth as your week begins. --- NOTE: Please do not listen to this meditation podcast or any other guided meditations while doing something that requires your complete attention… like driving your car!

Home Within: A Cardinal Meditation

In the final episode this season, we meditate with Cardinal and explore the home within ourselves. This meditation invites us to wonder and wander through our inner space in a new way. Spend time at your inner Sit Spot and infuse a dash of calming color into your day.

Wandering Prompt: What would support the structure of your inner home this week?

Find out more about Cardinals and listen to their songs and calls:


Listen for Your Unique Self: A Black Billed Magpie Meditation

This episode, we meditate with the Black-billed Magpie, a special songbird with a unique voice and personality. Collaborate with Magpie to explore your own voice. This meditation offer space for us to listen to our inner voices with clear intention and meet ourselves right where we are. 

Wandering Prompt: How will you celebrate and care for your unique voice this week?

Here is a place to learn more about and listen to the calls of the Black-billed Magpie:

Powerful Listening: A Wren Meditation

The Wren, although small, has a more powerful song than a rooster! And because of how they live across the globe, you can follow the sunrise through the time zones with the song of the Wren.

Look up the Wren to see which little Wren cousin lives nearest to you and see if you can practice deep listening with this amazing little brown bird. 

Wandering Prompt: If the Sunrise was sitting across from you for a conversation - just like Wren greets her each morning - how would you w...

Your Unique Inner Song: A Mockingbird Meditation

One of the most prolific songbirds, this meditation invites you to playfully listen and explore something new with the Mockingbird. Infuse your inner self with the confident voice of this bird who is always learning a new song to share with the world.  See what song your inner Mockingbird is playing and dancing with today!

Wandering Prompt: What new thing will you try or play with, like a Mockingbird?

Listen to the ever shifting creating songs and calls of the Mockingbird:

Feathered Voices: An Evening Grosbeak Meditation

In this meditation, spend time in quiet stillness with a flock of Evening Grosbeaks. What will you discover as you communicate with this large finch? Find a spot on your inner landscape to listen for their clear, chirping voice as their strong beaks crack whatever puzzle you are facing and bring your inner voices into community. 

Wandering Prompt: 

How would you like to support the flock of your inner voices so they can feel heard and seen?

Listen to the chirps of the Evening Grosbeak:


Confident Observant Calm: A Black Capped Chickadee Meditation

Observe your inner landscape with the Black Capped Chickadee. A confident, energetic calm bird -- mighty yet small and sassy! This meditation guides you on a wander with Chickadee and offers you the chance to explore the insights they discover. 

Wandering Prompt: 

The Black Capped Chickadee may be small, but she observes and offers insight that supports everyone — what small voice within you, would like to support the whole of you, this week? 

Listen to the song and calls of the Black Capped Chickadee:


Song of Beginnings: A Robin Meditation

A meditation to explore new beginnings. Whatever the season you are in, Robin is a gentle harbinger of change and offers a calm space for your inner self to pause and listen. What wants to be heard within you today? 

Wandering Prompt: What threshold(s) are you on in your life right now — and how could Robin support these beginning moments?

Listen to the songs and calls of the Robin:

Note: As always, please do not...

The Inner Nest: A Snow Bunting Meditation

With the magical Snow Bunting songbird, we play with feathering our inner nest. What will you discover as you calm the season within you and find new ways to support the home within yourself.

Wandering Prompt: Consider what support for your inner nest feels like. 

Where could you find this within yourself?

And how can you take one small step towards your inner nest this season.

Listen to the songs and calls of the Snow Bunting:


The Inner Twilight: A Nightingale Meditation

This meditation invites you into a magical inner twilight with Nightingale. As you slow down and listen to this masterful songbird, what inspiration will you discover?

Wandering Prompt: Build a playlist that you think Nightingale would enjoy and take it on your next wander.

Listen to the sweet songs and calls of the Nightingale:

Note: As always, please do not listen to meditations while doing something that requires your full attention and eyes always open, such as d...

Our Inner Friend: A Song Sparrow Meditation

Welcome to the first episode of The Mindful Creature! We begin with a meditation inspired by one of my favorite songbirds, the Song Sparrow.

Song Sparrows are one of the most recognizable Sparrows and share their sweet song across the North American continent. What inspiration and wisdom will she share with you today?

And I hope you’ll notice throughout these meditations that although the primary singers in the songbird world are male, I often refer to the birds as she or they, to balance out the energy and care fo...


Welcome to The Mindful Creature.

 Tune in for a new meditation each week - Season One begins February 19th, 2023.

 I'm so glad you've wandered here. These guided meditations are an invitation home from the Earth - while simultaneously offering space for the mystery of our internal and external worlds. A journey to discover new ways of being. And a place to listen for the quiet, creative voices within us that this wild, modern world frequently drowns out or distracts us from. 

In each episode, I'll invite you to step inside yourself, wandering through the...