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By: The Dyspeptic Contrarian

Venting at the craziness enveloping the USA.

Order in the Court... Finally!!
Last Wednesday at 7:33 PM

The Supreme Court handed down many important decisions at the end of their term and I discuss how they help restrain our administrative state and hopefully return more power to the people and our elected representatives.

I also provide an update on the movement of people from blue states to red and the big dollars that they bring with them.

There are also headlines galore dealing with the usual nonsense that we humans insist on perpetrating. So, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Heads We Win, Tails You Lose

Enjoy an abbreviated episode for the latest of the fallout from Joe Biden's debate debacle.

No headlines... just a pre-holiday hit and run.

Heads We Win, Tails You Lose

Enjoy an abbreviated episode for the latest of the fallout from Joe Biden's debate debacle.

No headlines... just a pre-holiday hit and run.

No Country for Old Men

Besides a slew of headlines, I give you my take on presidential debate that shook the world. Enough said.

Enjoy (if you can).

Whatever Works!

In this episode I wonder aloud as to whether living under an emperor would be better for reversing our current decline, than our Constitutional Republic. I discuss the pros and cons and, well. you can make up your own mind.

Headlines deal with the usual nonsense. Stupid criminals and politicians (it's getting more difficult to tell the difference), and the usual mishigas.

And I end with a tribute to a baseball player who was incomparable. So, take 45 minutes of your hectic day to have a laugh and take solace in knowing that as bad as...

Good and Evil Aren't Just a Matter of Black and White

In this episode I discuss two stories, the Israeli hostage rescue and the Caitlin Clark obsession, that have taken up lots of airtime this past week or so, and how they are perfect examples of how the media amplifies the leftist perspective.

There's also the usual slew of headlines that will make your head spin. So, relax, sip on the beverage of your choice and decide whether to laugh or cry (or both, simultaneously). Enjoy!

Show Me the Man and I'll Show You the Crime

Along with the usual headlines that deal with the incompetence of our political class, the dementia of our president and the casual insanity that has infected life in general, I share my jaundiced eye view of the proceedings and its potential aftermath.

And just to liven things up a bit I provide a comparison of America to both the Roman Republic and Roman Empire. So, sit back and enjoy the cynicism!

It's Good to Be the King

In this episode I share with you the things I'd do to bring America back if I were King. I won't share them with you here so as not to ruin the listening experience. Let me just suggest, with all due humility, that a country run by yours truly would be a much better place than you find it today.

There will also be headlines, of course, that run the gamut of human's capacity to be foolish, stupid and greedy.

Sit back and enjoy the episode (even if it runs a wee bit longer than...

Same Crap, Different Day

First off, I'd like to apologize for not including any show notes in the previous episode. There was some glitch in the program and everything I would type came up backwards. I did consider making the notes anyway and letting enterprising listeners use a mirror to figure out what the hell I was saying, but eventually decided against it.

That's enough groveling. This episode all you're getting are headlines dealing with the usual mishigas. You know, corrupt politicians, craven celebrities and your everyday run-of-the-mill American.

Sit back and enjoy and have a wonderful Memorial Day...

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