My Mate's a Witch

10 Episodes

By: Rach Fitz and Gel the Witch

Do you want to know more about Witchcraft? Spells and manifesting, crystals and crystal balls, spirituality and spirits. Listen to Gel take Rach the apprentice witch through her training, exploring all the elements that make a kick ass witch. Rach Fitz - Sexual Health Expert and Comedian is guided through witchcraft by her mate Gel, a lifelong Witch. They met in the pub and now they are going on a journey of magic together.Connect with us on Instagram @mymatesawitch

Gong Baths
Last Friday at 11:00 PM

This week we have a guest in the witches cottage Clare from Mushaboom Gongs to talk all things Gong. 

The Silver Method - part two

This week we continue exploring the Silver Method as well as a healthy dose of the usual nonsense.

The Silver Method

Gels had a band on the head so who knows if what she's spouting this week is fiction or reality..but do we ever really know? This week she tells us about a method of mediation called the Silver Method that takes us to the other side!

Near Death Experiences

We're getting deep this week with our wonderful guest Karen the Yogi getting spiritual with all things terminal lucidty, end of life and near death experiences...don't worry there's also a healthy dose of daftness and nonsense to keep you going!

Science and Spirituality

This week we have a guest in the witches cottage the wonderful Karen. Karen is an amazing Yogi and fascinates us with her insights on spirituality and science.... all the information you need to engage the sceptics. She's also got a great voice for radio! 

Health - Reality TV Casting

This week the witches talk health, how to stay healthy and check what your body needs to be healthy from the witches perspective. Rach is signing up the witchy duo for the 'Race around the World' TV show and Gel swerves another scam.

Manifesting Money

Manisfesting Money.  This week the witches accidently (is anything really accidental?!) stumble across the topic of manifesting money. 

Theta Sound Waves - Manifesting without even trying

The witches are back with bells on after a week off cos Gel had the lurgy.  They're back and this week Gel is blowing Rachs mind with talk of Theta sound waves and tapping into all the creative, manifesting that you never thought possible.

Tarot Reading

This episode Gel gives Rach a little tarot reading and Rach tries to read Gels. Intuition or totally decide!

Not Giving Up

This week Gel and Rach talk about apathy, overwhelm and giving up.