My Mate's a Witch

19 Episodes

By: Rach Fitz and Gel the Witch

Do you want to know more about Witchcraft? Spells and manifesting, crystals and crystal balls, spirituality and spirits. Listen to Gel take Rach the apprentice witch through her training, exploring all the elements that make a kick ass witch. Rach Fitz - Sexual Health Expert and Comedian is guided through witchcraft by her mate Gel, a lifelong Witch. They met in the pub and now they are going on a journey of magic together.Connect with us on Instagram @mymatesawitch

Professor Gel Goes Global
Last Friday at 11:00 PM

This week in Episode 19 Gel tells us all about her new online course in witchcraft. Rach is horrified to hear one of her friends doesn't lilke the podcast.

Self Care

This week in the witches cottage Gel returns from her trip to her Spanish estate refreshed from a week of Self Care. 


This week in episode 17 Gel and Rach talk happiness. What helps them to live a happy life aswell as getting sidetracked by Rach's trip to London and naked horseriding in Spain.


This week it's Episode 16 and Gel and Rach talk fear. How to overcome fear and self doubt and follow your dreams. Rach overcomes her fears and enters a comedy competition and Gel talks about turning fear into excitment.

Herbs, Potions and Foraging

This week in epiosde Gel and Rach talk natural remedies, as well as the usual stories and chatting nonsense.


It's Episode 14 and Gel and Rach talk marathons, healthy habits and Wim Hof coming to Liverpool.

Brilliant Chaos in the Witches Cottage with International Visitors and children!!

Exciting International Guests visit the witches cottage this week in Episode lucky 13!
Welcome Laverne the Kiwi Witch, and our first child vistors Conor and Emily. Laverne tells us all about her journey in witchcraft and how the pod is growing in the Southern Hemisphere and we talk about the weird and wonderful things that have been happening to our listeners. Also this week Gel nearly burns down the Withes Cottage burning sage, Rach tries out her new tarot cards and Rachs new handbag has arrived! It's all happening!

Witchy Whittering and Gel Nearly Drowns

More Witchy Whittering from Gel and Rach in Episode 12.  Rach feels betrayed when Gel reveals she has another witch apprentice. Gel explains why she can't visit castles and she escaped yet another near death experience. 

Tuning Chakras

It's episode 11 and this week brace yourself for some weird humming as Gel retunes Rach's Chakras.  Rach tells Gel about how as a crucial part of her personal development she is incrementally upgrading her life starting with a posh new handbag.  All in the name of personal growth of course.

So Chilled They're Horizontal

Is there even a theme this week? Gel and Rach discuss future themes  and talk the power of sound, music and Rach pratting around in her dancefit class.


Episode 9 and Gel teaches Rach about the power of tapping. Another Gel story this time about an accupuncture and is the Universe telling Rach to apply for Survivor?

Reading Auras

This week Gel teaches Rach how to read auras with the help of her magic candle. Gel yet again has dead peoples stories and Rach has been manifesting stuff again.

Goosebumps, Tingles and Signs

It's episode lucky number 7 and Gel and Rach talk strange feelings, goosebumps and signs from the spirt world. Rach is getting tingling sensations in her arm... is it a spiritual sign or just nerve damage? 

The Law of Attraction and Manifesting

Episode 6 and Gel and Rach are talking The Law of Attraction and Manifesting your desires.  Rach is all over gratitude and magic Mondays whilst Gel manifests a caravan and accidently gets involved in dogging. Be careful what you wish for!

Tarot Cards and Telling Fortunes

Welcome to Episode 5 this week Gel and Rach talk about tarot cards and fortune telling. Gel gives Rach a tarot reading whilst sitting on a creaky witches commode and Gel tells us how she solved a murder case with her psychic powers.

Crystals and Remote Viewing

Rach and Gel have had a mad maniesfting week, this week they talk about crystals and remote viewing. Gel explains basic concepts to Rach and send help ...the KGB are onto us.

Crystal Balls and Cats

This week Gel shows Rach her balls, we meet the witches cats and Rach asks stupid questions.

Gel Sees Dead People

Welcome to Episode 2 in which Gel talks about her childhood experiences of her witch powers and how we can talk to children and young people about healing, energy and spell making. 

What even is a witch?

Welcome to Episode 1 of My Mate's a Witch! Gel talks Rach through the basics of witchcraft and a flavour of what's to come in future episodes, and already the spookiness is real in Gels witches house...