Cooking Craic

6 Episodes

By: Aaron

Cooking, Craic, stories and more.

Ha Ha Halloumi Burger

Welcome back to another session of cooking craic. Today I am making a delicious halloumi burger, with a chilli slaw and pineapple. This burger made me think of Australia and there is a wee story to go along with the meal. Enjoy!

They call it Macaroni?

Welcome back to cooking Craic. In this session I will be cooking a comforting dish of macaroni. I will also be telling a short story about an old friend who visited Florence for a 'relaxing' holiday. 

Tunnocks and tea.

A quick session tea break. In this session experience the wonders of the 'tea break', accompanied by a delicious chocolate treat. 

Thai sweetcorn cakes

Welcome back to Cooking Craic. In this session I will be making Thai sweetcorn cakes and telling you a scary story. Pull up a chair and join me for a bit of cooking and craic.

Cooking Craic Intro

A brief intro to the Cooking Craic sessions. A show about cooking and having the craic. Cooking Craic! 

Bangers and Mash

Episode 1. Bangers and mash. 

In this session I will be making traditional bangers and mash and having a bit of craic along the way. Enjoy!

This session mentions alcohol and there will be a light consumption of alcohol.