Unconsidered: For Modern Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Marketers

3 Episodes

By: Dallas McLaughlin

Unconsidered is a podcast that explores the psychology of the modern entrepreneur, business owner, marketer and organizational leader. Using modern research, Dallas McLaughlin helps his listeners explore the unconsidered psychology impacting our day-to-day decision making and uses that insight to develop frameworks, brain hacks, mental shortcuts and explores game theory thought exercises to help entrepreneurs overcome their emotions, outthink the competition and lead more efficient businesses, better equipped to scale through increased brand awareness, sales and revenue.

Scope Insensitivity & Neglect: Understanding the Problem with Large Numbers
Last Wednesday at 2:00 PM

On Season 1 Episode 3:
Scope insensitivity is that look that comes across the face of your prospect as soon as they hit the proposal amount. You know the one... *Blank stare*. Then all of a sudden you find yourself locked in a negotiation, debating your value compared to the other guy's, start dates are dragged out, proposals go unsigned, revenue sinks.

In this episode we learn how scope insensitivity - the problem of large numbers - is costing you business, sales and revenue. We'll take some principals from our research to build some simple indicators, frameworks and...

Decoy Pricing & Attraction Effect: Increase Revenue by Eliminating Negotiations
Last Wednesday at 1:00 PM

On Season 1 Episode 2:
Decoy pricing surrounds us. Not only is your favorite restaurant pricing their menu in a way that causes you to order what they want you to order, but some of the biggest brands on the planet are using decoy pricing to get you to spend more without even knowing it.

In this episode we discuss the psychology behind decoy pricing, dig into some past research on the subject and then give you practical examples of how to use decoy pricing to win more negotiations, increase the average amount each customer spends with you...

Sunk Costs & Escalation Traps: How to Reduce Costs & Improve Decision Making
Last Wednesday at 12:00 PM

On Season 1 Episode 1:
Sunk cost problems cloud our decision making for a number of reasons - invested time or money, our own stupid ego, lack of accountability, no clear path out - you name it. Not only is sunk cost costing time and money, it's costing us trust and relationships. 

In this episode we discuss how to spot sunk cost problems, what escalation traps are, or the commitment of escalation is, and how we can make better decisions which lead to better business outcomes.

Full episode transcripts includes link to all research and reviews c...