LDS Military Members

10 Episodes

By: Sam

Hello and welcome. This is the LDS Military Members Podcast. This podcast was born to supplement the Military Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Facebook group. While the group is a phenomenal resource for all things military and LDS related, we thought it would be great to highlight our members in a conversation style podcast to better understand the different branches, jobs, challenges and successes of our military members their families and friends. The long form podcast can bring in depth helps, insights, and is a great way to simply have fun and build community. So...

Naval Ships and the LDS Church

Just a quick episode this week, but a great one! The history of the LDS church, it's members and of course Utah and the relationship they have with Navy ships. From the USS Bryce Canyon to the SS Brigham Young. Let us know what we got right and what we may have missed with this quick listen. 

S.F.R.G Resources for Military Families

Christine McPhee shares incredible insight from her role with the S.F.R.G. This sonderful group is designed for the sole purpose of supporting soldiers and their families. Much like our calling in the church, service in the military is not only for the active duty member. Christine has rolled up her sleeves and gotten to work leading this wonderful organization as a military spouse and continues to work countless hours to serve the Company. Give the episode a listen and find out just what the S.F.R.G. does, who they support, and find a bit...

Marriage Counseling - James Christensen

James Christensen a licensed Marriage and Family Counselor joins us to dive into counseling. Covering what's important, how counseling works, and  what can be expected. Sharing his own story on seeking out counseling for the first time to become a counselor himself, James opens up and provides insights that lead us to a better understanding of the counseling world and its benefits. As members of both the Military and the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day-Saints we face many challenges but know that through love and guidance we can find love and happiness  in our personal lives along wi...

Memorial Day

Just a quick episode as we celebrate Memorial Day, what it means to me and hopefully some comments left by you. We jump through a brief history and talk I share my experience with Memorial Day while serving in the U.S. Air Force.

Real Estate - Buying and selling prep

Its spring time and you have orders, now what? Listen in for tips on buying and selling those homes. Looking to sale your home faster, get more viewings, or things to think about when looking to buy? Jen Cluff joins us again to highlight some things to increase your homes desirability.  We cover some of the trends we like or dislike, how important is staging a home, and why might two similar homes be on the market for drastically different lengths of time.  No matter your situation, if you are buying or selling this info is for you. 

The Mormon Battalion

Military Church History. Join us as we take a 30,000 mile overhead view of the Mormon Battalion. This episode will give you a starting point to explore the rich history that is the Mormon Battalion. The only Religious unit to ever exist in the United States Military. This 2000 mile march launched from Kanesville (Council Bluffs) Iowa, mapped a route through the south west, and ended in San Diego. Oh, this episode also contained a shameless plug at the end for a great book written by yours truly! Hope you join my friend Nick Walker and I for a fun podcast...

Faith, Hope, and Blessings

When trials come, and they always do, we have the choice to accept anger and drown, or focus on Hope and heal. This weeks episode shares just one such experience as a Military mother, Wife, and Saint shares how her choice to focus on the Savior brought here wonderful blessings even during the hardest trial she has ever had to face. Cherisse shares what she has learned about the Lords plan and his willingness to place people and blessing in our lives. 

Yoga Traveler Abby Turner

Join us this week to learn about Yoga / Military Life / and how the two are a match made in heaven through online connections. Weather you are looking for something to help with fitness, mindfulness or even a social connection to the outside world, Yoga just may be the thing for you. Abby has taken her Yoga teaching online and connects friends and military members from around the world in her online classes. She definitely has a passion for what she does and she is loaded with all kinds of great information.

Investing Coach

Have you wanted to start investing but don't know where to start? Or have you wondered just how that TSP or 401K work? Listen to this weeks episode as Lisa Juhasz gives insight on how she got started investing and how she is helping others do the same. Through education, Lisa helps raise confidence, alleviates fear, and explains investing, allowing anyone to attain the skills to take more control of their finances. 

Personal Miracles

Have you ever experienced a small coincidence or something you chalked up to luck? In this weeks episode I share a few small bits of luck strung together that was worth a second look. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we often hear the experiences of others and wonder why don't the big miracles happen to me? Well perhaps they do. Sometimes we may just need to look at things in a different way to realize the power of Heavenly Father in our lives.