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Personal growth, self improvement, and philosophies for a successful and fulfilling life. 

Craig Brockie is the Author of Ultimate Health
Last Thursday at 10:00 PM

Craig Brockie is the best-selling author of "Ultimate Health: Break Free From Your Health Issues and Live Your Best Life".

He is a serial entrepreneur, avid student, and teacher who shares the secrets of health, wealth, and happiness.

After losing his health as a young man, Craig has spent the last three decades traveling the world, researching advanced health and performance-enhancing technologies.

His purpose is to help millions solve the cause of their symptoms and achieve ultimate health for themselves.
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Justin Hesse is a Cop who coaches Cops, and First Responders

Justin has switched from full time policing and part time coaching: to full time coaching and part time policing. 
check out his sit:

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A Conversation with Marcus Higgs: A Communications Coach for Parents and Preteens

In this engaging discussion, Cliff talks with Marcus Higgs, a renowned communication coach specializing in guiding parents and pre-teens. Marcus introduces his unique "Show Up" framework, designed to foster meaningful and effective communication within families.

**What You'll Learn:**
- The principles behind Marcus' "Show Up" framework
- Practical tips for parents to communicate better with their pre-teens
- Real-life examples and success stories from Marcus' coaching experience

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A God ordained Profession: The alarming Suicide Rate among First Responders:where to go for Help

In this eye-opening and crucial conversation, two experienced, retired LA Sheriff Sergeants dive into a pressing issue facing our first responders: the rising suicide rate. This video sheds light on the mental health challenges they face daily, stressing the importance of awareness, support, and actionable steps to help prevent these tragic losses.

Join us as we discuss:
- The current statistics and why first responder suicide rates are alarmingly high.
- Personal stories and experiences from the field.
- The psychological toll of daily exposure to high-stress and traumatic situations.
- Available resources...

Two Retired Cops talk about whats going on in the world

In this episode, retired LA Sheriff's Chief Pat Jordan and I discuss current events.

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Triggered by my Flags? What is a Conservative?

Welcome to our channel! In today's video, we're diving deep into the concept of conservatism. But what exactly does it mean to be a conservative?

**Conservatism Defined:**

Conservatism is a political and social philosophy that promotes retaining traditional institutions, values, and practices. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining stability and continuity in society.

**Core Values:**

- **Tradition and Stability:** Conservatives tend to value traditions and long-standing institutions, believing they provide stability and continuity.

- **Limited Government:** Many conservatives advocate for smaller government and...

Andrea Johnson Coaches and Empowers People to live out their best Core Values

Andrea Johnson empowers executives and founders to lead with authenticity, conviction and confidence so they can make a positive impact on their lives, organizations and communities. As an adoptive parent, who grew up internationally, navigating mental and physical wellness, she learned that emotional resilience must be earned. The process of uncovering and understanding the significance of her Core Values became the key to the process that allows her clients to do the same.

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Carina Gardner talks, Design, Leadership and Team Building

Carina has a Ph.D. in Design from the University of Minnesota and taught there for 5 years before starting her design business. The Carina Gardner brand has been on dishware, jewelry, prints, clocks, sewing patterns, and holiday products. Carina also is a well known fabric designer for Riley Blake Designs and die cut designer for Silhouette. Carina was the Creative Director of Carta Bella Scrapbook papers. Her kids brand Mini Lou has sold products for Nordstrom, Peek Clothing, and 500 independent retailers and museums in the US.

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Jason Roberts is a Personal, and Business Coach, who knows Success

Jason Roberts is a charismatic National Speaker and Peak Performance Coach who has dedicated his life to studying the formulas for success and implementing these habits to create massive results in a fraction of the time. Despite growing up in a broken household and being a college dropout, Jason has successfully built 11 of his own companies, 10 of which generated over 1 million dollars in revenue their first year in business. His personal businesses have brought in well over 100 million in revenue and he has helped 10,000’s of people help grow and scale their businesses in industries as diverse as real es...

The Great Awakening is Happening

Patriot citizens from all walks of life standing up for what's right in their communities. They courageously speak out against injustice, fight for their rights, and strive to make a positive impact on society. Individuals on their journey to create real change and defend the values they hold dear. Stand up, be heard, and make a difference - together, we can create a brighter and more just world for all. Don't miss this eye-opening and inspiring film that showcases the true power of ordinary people coming together to enact extraordinary change. Subscribe for more thought-provoking content and stay tuned...