Where and Why

11 Episodes

By: Dan Suwyn

Conversations with the "quiet influencers" in the Coastal Empire that begin with the questions: "Where were you born and why?"

Ep. 10: Christi Hester

Today we are in conversation with Christi Hester, a certified massage therapist at Savannah’s Temple Day Spa. Hester comes from a family of well-known Savannah performers. Her mom and dad were Broadway actors before her father, Billy Hester, was ordained as a Methodist pastor and moved back to Savannah.

Christi started off wanting to be an opera singer or a dancer, then an injury caused her to switch to pursuing organic farming. She spent time in New England and California on a 10 year search for the right mix of massage, yoga, tantra, somatic in...

Ep. 9: Sydney Lance

Today we’re in conversation with Sidney Lance, the founder and CEO of Rhoot Man Beverage Company.

Sidney was a small town South Carolina boy who went out to see the world, first with his father the preacher and then serving in the U.S. Army.

Sidney was voted the city’s best bartender before branching out on his own as a maker of mixers, known in the business as shrubs.

Ep. 8: Candice Nelms

When a hurricane washed away her acupuncture practice in the Florida Keys, Candice Nelms followed her gut, and her partner, to Savannah.

It was yet another risky move that paid off for this Renaissance woman. Candice has followed “a feeling” throughout her life. She was born and raised in Texas and Florida. 

Became a nationally-ranked college tennis player, an oriental medicine specialist, an herbalist, as well as a sound engineer for Lily Tomlin, and a writer of screenplays. Her work, which we should start to see late this fall, will feature Savannah and some famous names...

Ep. 6: A.L. Addington

Today, we are in conversation with A.L. Addington. He is former dean of the business schools at Valdosta State University. After a long and successful academic career at schools in Tennessee, Georgia, and Ohio, Addington worked with churches across Georgia matching congregations and priests. He is retired and spending time with family and God.

Ep. 7: Ariana Berksteiner with the Emmaus House

Today, we are in conversation with Ariana Berksteiner, executive director of Emmaus House, which daily serves between 100 and 300 homeless people in downtown Savannah. 

When she moved to Savannah more than a decade ago, Berksteiner helped new restaurants get up and running. Today, she helps the city’s homeless get through each day by serving a meal, offering a shower and a place to do laundry and arranging for medical assistance. 

Berksteiner sees homelessness in many forms. Before the Pandemic, the city’s homeless was predominantly Male and African-American. Today, there...

Ep. 5: Tom Kohler

Citizen Advocacy founder Tom Kohler talks about growing up in Savannah and witnessing how parents of special needs children came together, black and white, to keep and evolve services. 

To talk with Tom through Coffee and Consulting, you can email him at tkbiggerwe@gmail.com.

Ep. 4: John Deering of Greenline Architecture

Prologue: Meet your host, Dan Suwyn

Ep. 1: Jessica Osborne of E. Shaver, Bookseller

Ep. 2: Brittany Curry of inkyBrittany on Graphic Facilitation

You can find Brittany Curry at inkybrittany.com

Ep. 3: Mae Bowley of Repurpose Savannah

You can find out more about Mae at www.repurposesavannah.org