Winning IR

8 Episodes

By: Irwin

Winning IR is a podcast exploring the diverse insights within the investor relations community. Join host Mark Fasken as he discusses the winning strategies, tactics, and shifts in thinking with innovative investor relations professionals who are redefining the profession. Each episode features a different challenge, innovation, or perspective on the ever-evolving role of investor relations, giving you real, actionable insight you can use to build a better investor relations program. Winning IR is hosted by Irwin, an investor relations and capital markets platform built on the belief that investor relations is a critical strategic component of a company's success. Companies...

S1E07 - IR Innovators: Creative Tactics for Standing Out and Engaging Investors with Alyssa Barry & Caroline Sawamoto, irlabs
Last Sunday at 12:00 PM

This episode of Winning IR explores the innovative ways that modern companies are seizing the attention of institutional and retail investors. Alyssa Barry and Caroline Sawamoto, Principals and Co-Founders at irLabs, join Mark Fasken to share the tips and tricks they use to create value and interest for issuers.

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How can IROs incorporate untraditional and creative elements into their IR programs?What makes for a compelling story? What differentiates a compelling story from a bland one? What ca...

S1E06 - IR on the Cutting Edge: Navigating Investor Relations in Emerging Industries

This episode of Winning IR explores the challenges faced by IROs and issuers in new and emerging industries. Leah Gibson, Vice President, Investor Relations & Strategic Communications at Cybin Inc., joins Mark Fasken to share her perspective from transitioning from a traditional biotech company to one developing treatments derived from psilocybin, a Schedule 1 Substance in the US.

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The similarities and differences between  IR for traditional and emerging companies.How to address gaps in investor education.Managing the risks and challenges a...

S1E05 - Catapulting Your Career: The Habits of High-Performing IROs with Smooch Repovich Ro

This episode of Winning IR explores what qualities and actions separate the top performing IROs from their counterparts, and how CEOs and CFOs determine the best candidate for their enterprise. Smooch Repovich Rosenberg, Founder and Chief Talent Innovator at Smooch Unplugged, joins Mark Fasken to share her learnings from over three decades as a human capital expert. 

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What does the current career market look like for investor relationships?How have the expectations have changed for investor relations professionals in the last five years? But wh...

S1E04 - Building a Strong Foundation: Creating an In-House Investor Relations Department from the Ground Up

This episode of Winning IR highlights the challenges and benefits of building an in-house investor relations department from scratch. Brooks Rennie, Vice President, Head of Investor Relations at Byline Bank, joins Mark Fasken to share his experience in developing an investor relations department from the ground up. Listen to the episode or read the transcript to learn more about:

What steps should you take to build a business’ IR function from scratch? What’s needed to get from day one to long term success?How can you become an expert in the company story in a sh...

S1E03 - Best Practices for Earnings Calls with Jason Fooks

This episode of Winning IR discusses how to use your earnings call to strategically grow your audience and disseminate your company story. Jason Fooks, SVP of Investor Relations & Marketing, joins Mark Fasken to share the learnings from the nearly 100 earnings calls he’s done in his tenure. Listen to the episode or read the transcript to learn more about:

Why are earnings calls so important, and how can IR teams make the most of them?Why and how IROs can grow the audience for earnings calls.Deciding the key themes to cover during your earnings call.How to fr...

S1E02 - Winning the Battle for the Boardroom - Navigating the Do's and Don'ts of Proxy Fights with Michael Verrechia

This episode of Winning IR discusses what activist preparedness looks like in a public company, and how companies can strategically navigate an activist situation. Michael Verrechia,  Managing Director of the M&A and Activism Advisory Group at Morrow Sodali, shares his perspective on how he has helped clients develop the skills and tools they need to defend their board seats.

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What should IR teams be on the look out for in terms of stock surveillance?What should IR teams do if they think there is an a...

S1E01 - The Most Frequently Asked Questions About ESG with Victoria Sivrais

This episode of Winning IR discusses the most common questions IROs have about ESG and its practice. Victoria Sivrais, Partner at Clermont Partners, joins Mark Fasken to discuss the guidance she gives her clients on the implementation and best practices of ESG and disclosures. Listen to the episode or read the transcript to learn more about:

How do we improve our current ESG ratings?Which ESG Questionnaires should we focus on?How do I get my company on board [with ESG]? How do I get the budget for it? What ESG materials should my company be developing?What E...

Winning IR- S1E00 - This is Winning IR, an Investor Relations Podcast

There’s an inspirational community of professionals working in investor relations, but so few opportunities to learn from our peers and hear about their stories, their challenges, and their triumphs. 

Investor relations has changed drastically since the coining of the term by General Electric in 1953. Today’s IROs need to foster deep relationships with the investment community, act as strategic advisors to the management team, become experts in ESG and corporate governance, all while providing quality, transparent and credible information to investors. There's tremendous insight to be gained from IR professionals who have weathered the changes of the i...