Baristas After Dark

3 Episodes

By: Emilie and Cayley

Two Midwestern baristas (Emilie and Cayley) shootin' the shit with a fresh pot of coffee. Pour yourself a good ole cup o' joe, pop a squat and get ready to giggle as we chat about our own human experiences.

Beware of the Attack Butterflies
Last Wednesday at 1:15 AM

We all have fears, right? I mean, we are human after all. Brew up your favorite roast and join us as we go from silly to serious-the whole spectrum-discussing our own fears!

Little Timmy the Conscious Fart

We know spooky season's loooong gone, but have you ever experienced something you can't quite explain? Gather 'round the fire, grab a warm cup of coffee to soothe the chills you're about to get while listening to our own personal spooky experiences!

White Rat Barbie Jeep

Do you dream? We both do. A LOT. We're sure you're thinking, "wtf is a white rat Barbie Jeep." Well, pour yourself a steaming cup of coffee and get comfy in the BAD Cafe as we paint a few scenes from our wack ass dreams!