The Clock Starts Now

9 Episodes

By: Shrikant Joshi

Every week, I spend seven days crafting an audio story on a totally random theme sourced from the internet. This audio story is published every Sunday at 10 AM Indian Standard Time.After the episode is published, I ask the internet gods for the next week’s theme and spend the next seven days… well, you get the picture. Want to be featured on the podcast? Leave a message on our voiceform here: Oh, by the way, "The Clock Starts Now" now has a companion newsletter called "The Tick-Tock" in which I write abou...

1x09 What happened to the LAND?

Did you know one of the most popular landmarks in the world is down to 69% (haha, nice) of what it was when it was first erected? And that this is so by design? Did you know that there was a point when it was considered an ‘eyesore’ by the people who lived near it?

The landmark in question is the famous “Hollywood” sign in California, and I accidently found that there is a rich history behind the sign. Let’s just say, I went looking for the ‘LAND’ that disappeared and ended up discovering a philosophical question along the way...

1x08 Let There Be Light!

Why did the philosopher crack the safe?

No, this isn’t the beginning of some corny joke but the premise of this week’s episode. A Philosopher cracks a safe to help a dear friend who is desperate to get at what is inside it. The conversation they end up having is -shall we say- illuminating? :)

(NB: This episode was supposed to go out last week but I was completely swamped and couldn’t finish this story in time. I finally sat down and wrote it this weekend in one sitting – yeah, go figure!)

Also, i...

1x07 Crossing Twenty-Two

Harsh Savergaonkar is unlike any other twenty-two-year-old I have met. At twenty-two, Harsh is the founder and CEO of his own startup – Cricinshots – a web3-powered cricket strategy game.

Where others his age are busy trying to figure out what they want from life, Harsh already knows what he wants. And what Harsh wants is for his startup to be the one that brings the first million people onboard web3.

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1x06 Journo-ing Non-Stop

Sometimes called the second oldest profession, journalism is always in a state of constant flux. Especially with advancements in technology, the modes and modalities of sourcing news have changed over the years and look likely to continue doing so in the future.

I spoke to a bunch of people in the industry to get a sense of where journalism had come from and where it seemed to be headed and I think I am pretty happy with the results?

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1x05 Shocking Jock-ing Discoveries

This week’s theme turned out to be a tough nut to crack for several reasons. I think I may have bitten off a LOT more than I can chew…

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1x04 Does ChatGPT Feel Trapped?

Everyone asks "Who's ChatGPT?" but has anyone ever thought of asking "HOW is ChatGPT?" Well, think no more because I thought of it. And I went ahead and actually asked ChatGPT...


Game Jam Theme GeneratorSam Szuchan's post on Linkedin titled "How to actually use ChatGPT"


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NEXT WEEK'S THEME IS: "Beyond The Surface"

(According to ChatGPT, it "could mean going beyond the surface of things, looking deeper or exploring what...

1x03 Closing Doors to Open Minds.

In this week's story, Aakanksha Bhattacharyya reminisces about the moment when her idea to close some doors ended up opening several doors of her own.

Aakanksha Bhattacharyya is a freelance writer who specialises in copy, content, UX, and all kinds of writing. She's also a brand strategist and loves working on all kinds of interesting ideas.

Check out her work on the “Darwaza Band” anthem here:

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1x02 The Fetal Position

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode discusses abortions and medical termination of pregnancies. Listener discretion is strongly advised.

This week's theme was "Your Secret Is Safe With Me". Next week's theme, as chosen by ChatGPT is: "Behind Closed Doors" - this one should be fun!

Theme Music is Highway 430 by Blue Dot Sessions. Additional music by Blue Dot Sessions. SFX from Sound Effects Factory and BBC Sounds


1x01 ...and we're off to the races!

Every year I participate in something called a Radio Race which is organized by KCRW. In 2022, I teamed up with David Hooper of Big Podcast and we collaborated across timezones that were 11 and a half hours apart to produce a story titled, “Let’s go Brandon!” - it is NOT the story that you *think* it would be!

Anyway, that gave me the idea to start this weekly podcast. This episode is an introduction of what I intend to do with this podcast in the days and weeks to come...

This episode contains a couple of swe...