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VISION x GRIND (VXG) is the one and only podcast IN THE WORLD the merges Fitness, Mindset, Lifestyle, and Culture to create an audio experience like no other. Join your host Curtis "Dubblup" Washington and special guests as we have in depth, raw from the jaw conversations that layout the blueprint for success in your fitness journey, mental health, entrepreneurship, relationships, as well as dropkicking relevant social topics and the state of the culture with a fresh, unfiltered perspective. Yeah... This is the podcast you've been looking for. Tap in and enjoy the show.

S2E5: Non Gym Factors
Last Sunday at 5:00 AM

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S2E4: Muscle For SHOW x Muscle For GO

This week I highlight the main differences in aesthetic training versus performance training, as well as the pros and cons each way so you know which direction best suits your goals.

I touch on everything from the contrast in training styles to the nutritional differences in fueling for aesthetic purposes versus performance improvements.

As a bonus, I also explain how it’s possible to have the best of both worlds and how to create a program that allows you look good and move better.

This is a very informative episode so take notes an...

S2E3: Leaders LEAD w/Jimmy Carter (@Ingrained2Train)

Continuing the Interview Series, this week I had a chance to chat with former athlete turned leadership coach Jimmy Carter (@Ingrained2Train)

I’ve personally watched Jimmy ascend over the years and it was great to have the opportunity to hear his story.

Jimmy talks about his upbringing in Southside Chicago, how he discovered fitness as a career and was able to train high level athletes, many of which currently play in the NFL, and why he’s made the transition from fitness to leadership coaching.

We also got really in depth about masc...

S2E2: Ten In The Game

In January of 2024, I hit a pretty significant milestone...


In today's episode, I reflect on those 10 years and give insight on what its like to be in the fitness industry for so long, as well as telling some fun stories about this journey.

This episode is valuable on so many levels.
Whether you are an aspiring fitness professional yourself, or someone who has devoted years to any profession, this episode will give you a different perspective.

Real talk... This is the longest I've committed...

S2E1: Becoming ELITE w/Will Washington (@WillWashington)


And boy am I hyped for this episode.

What better way to kick off the new season than with a FIRE interview with my brother, the one and only Will Washington (@WillWashington)

Will is the Wrestling Administrative Coordinator for All Elite Pro Wrestling (AEW) and has been in the podcasting space for almost 20 years.

He's an innovator in the podcasting world and a prominent voice in the professional wrestling space who has, through hard work and determination, worked his way into his dream job with the premier...

S1E50: Q&AMA [season finale]

It's been quite the year, but here we are...

This is the season finale and in this episode I'm wrapping up what has been an amazing year with a Q&A/AMA style chat where I'm answering YOUR questions LIVE.

This was fun and a little all over the place (which is why it was so much fun).

I want to thank everyone who listens to this podcast, whether from day one or this is your first time tapping in.

We'll be back in a few weeks with new episodes including...

S1E49: Don't feel BAD for wanting to look GOOD

Unpopular opinion (apparently):

Having a fitness goal around how your body looks is totally fine.

Once upon a time people did literally anything to achieve the body they wanted, to the point of harming themselves physically and psychologically, and this was the norm.

In response to this, the fitness industry shifted its focus as a whole from aesthetic to holistic, making overall health the priority.

This is a GREAT thing.

But somewhere along the way, the narrative transformed. It went from promoting health and wellness to shaming people for...

S1E48: Spotting BS in the fitness industry

This might be the single most important episode you hear all year!

I’m sure on a daily basis, at any given moment, you are getting BOMBARDED with posts and videos from different content creators in the fitness space.

Everywhere you look

It feels like everyone is some kind of fitness influencer at this point

And look, I’m actually all for the world waking up and embracing fitness like it is

But what I’m not into is this wave of mis...

S1E47: How to craft the PERFECT PLAN for ANY goal

In this episode I breakdown how to craft and dial in the “perfect plan” for any fitness goal you want to accomplish.
You can use this strategy to build your nutrition plan, as well as your training program.
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S1E46: Focusing On Weight Loss Is Hurting Your Weight Loss

Losing weight on the scale is always a good thing, but fitness happens in so many other areas.

It really boils down to what is more important to YOU
The number on the scale or how you look and feel

Now this opens up an interesting conversation that I think is so important in our fitness journey

Because when we don't see the scale moving
And even when we don't see the progress in the mirror

We start doing things in the name of weight loss that actually hinder...