Ignorance 2 Illumination: A Shift in Consciousness

26 Episodes

By: Calvin J.

An informative platform that discusses personal and social issues.

Aliens and Outer Space
Last Friday at 9:00 PM

Finally, the highly requested talk about aliens and outer space!

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Question Everything

Ignorance is bliss but question everything you've been told. Be accountable for your own Truth.

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The Placebo effect is a MIRACLE

I'll explain how the infamous sugar pill illuminates the power of the mind.

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Religious Dogmatist and Atheists

Religious dogmatist and atheist have more in common than you'd believe. 
Check it out.

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A.D.A.P.T. in Life

In this weeks' podcast I'll share my formula for success in the acronym A.D.A.P.T.

How does Free Will and Pre determinism Coexist?

How does free will and destiny work in the same lifetime??? Join me this week as I give an amazing analogy on this topic.

Perception is your Truth

In this weeks' episode I'll discuss how Life from your perspective is the only truth you might experience.

Visions pt.2 The Movie of Life

Join me this week as I talk about my second vision entitled The Book of Life.

How to find TRUTH.... Just BE

How to find Truth in a world full of lies and deception. This week I'll share insight on how to attain your Truth.

Visions pt.1 (Death is the space between the Words)

Join me as I explain one of my "Visions" about what death is really like!

"The Brain Cleansing" (Dreams pt.3)

In this final episode of the mini series entitled "Dreams", I'll share and explain what "The Brain Cleansing" was all about.

i2i (instrumental)

Sit back and relax to the background music and theme of this seasons' podcast.

"Teach us about God and Jesus" (Dreams pt.2)

In this 2nd episode of dreams, I'll share and explain another dream. Check it out!

"Everything Is Happening at Once" (Dreams pt.1)

In this short episode Ill be sharing my dream entitled , 
"Everything is happening at once" Check it out!

Physics of God pt.2 (God is like...)

In this second part to the physics of God episode, I give my perspective on what God is like. Should be interesting. Tune in.

The Physics of GOD

This week I'll be discussing The Physics of God. Diving deep into the science and spiritual aspect.

Relationships "Is your relationship healthy?"

I will be discussing the ethics of a health relationship and this weeks' book review will be The Road Less Traveled.

The 5 Stages of Grief

Join me as I explain and explore the 5 stages of grief in realistic scenarios.

Relationships "Is your relationship healthy?"

In this podcast episode I will discuss the ethics of a healthy relationship and the book review will be "The Road Less Traveled".

Meditation 101: a guided session

This week I'll explain the fundamentals of effective meditating and we'll go through a guided session.

Spirituality "Find your Truth"

I will discuss spirituality in todays climate and how it relates to science. The book review is "A Course in Miracles".

Wealth "Stop trading time for wages"

I will be sharing my thoughts on money and self discipline. The book review will be "Rich Dad, Poor Dad".

Health "Make it a Lifestyle"

Join me as I discuss the different aspects of health and this weeks book review "Seat of the Soul"

Traveling "It's free to TRAVEL everyday"

I will explaining my definition of Travel. In the second part, the book review I will discuss Eckart Tolle book "The Power Now"

Session #1 Travel

I discuss the difference between vacationing and traveling. I will also discuss Eckart Tolle book "The Power of Now".

Ignorance 2 Illumination: A Shift in Consciousness (Season 1- introduction)

Get to know Calvin J. and the Podcast I2I