Transcendent Minds Podcast - Empowering Your Evolution

10 Episodes

By: Peter Michael Dedes

The podcast explores the concept of transcendence in the context of personal and collective evolution, and raising consciousness in the 21st century. The podcast aims to expand awareness and embrace new paradigms of thinking and being beyond the ordinary.Humanity is experiencing significant advancements in technology, science, and interconnectedness. These advancements create new possibilities for personal and collective growth.The podcast explores the idea of personal evolution and aims to cultivate an awakened awareness, expand knowledge, and develop a deeper understanding of oneself and the world. This process involves questioning established beliefs and societal norms, challenging limiting perspectives and embracing...

How To Foster Mind Body Connection with Ginny Hoyt. Episode 2.

In this second insightful episode, we build upon last week's exploration of somatic vision by delving into the awakening of the mind-body connection with somatic practitioner Ginny Hoyt. 

Discover practical techniques for cultivating embodied awareness and understanding the impact of Polyvagal Theory on self-awareness and emotional regulation. 

Learn about the transformative power of the witness perspective, the interplay of the brain's evolutionary development, and how to expand your window of tolerance. 

Join us on a journey towards greater empathy, compassion, and personal accountability as we explore the profound connection between our physical and emo...

Michele Marie Angel: The Power of Surrender and Spiritual Attunement

Join us in this episode of the Transcendent Minds podcast as we welcome Michele Marie Angel, an exemplary figure in the realms of education and spirituality. 

Michele, a teacher with a diverse academic background and a trailblazer in holistic learning, shares her journey of surrendering to a higher power and finding profound spiritual enlightenment. 

We discuss her daily practices, the alchemy of letting go, and the transformative power of surrender. Michele’s impactful literary contributions and her role in the Alchemy of Light project reveal her commitment to conscious creation and service.

 Learn how s...

Ethereal Encounters: Jenny Lea on Mediumship, Spirit Art, and the Afterlife

Explore the profound journey into mediumship, metaphysical realms, and the unseen world with Jenny Lea, a gifted medium, empath, psychic, and channeler, on the Transcendent Minds Podcast. 

Jenny shares her intimate encounters with spirit guides, angels, extraterrestrials, and higher dimensional energies, offering a unique perspective on astral travel, past lives, and the power of spirit art. 

Delve into the mysteries of mediumship, learn about the ethical considerations of channeling, and discover the transformative impact of connecting with the unseen. 

This episode is a gateway to understanding the profound strangeness and potential that lies bey...

The Alchemy of Spirit: Shaping the Future with Paradigm Pioneers

In this podcast episode, Michelle Marie Angel, a retired teacher and author, talks about personal transformation, spiritual growth, and star seeds. She prefers to call them ‚ÄúParadigm Pioneers‚ÄĚ.¬†

Michelle shares her wisdom and experience, exploring how individuals identify and nurture their spiritual gifts, break negative cycles, and contribute to the collective elevation of humanity. 

Peter Michael Dedes, the interviewer, navigates this conversation, asking thoughtful questions that reveal profound insights into spiritual awakening, surrendering to one’s higher self, and the transformative power of love and service. 

Together, Marie and Peter upon the significance of this m...

Between Wisdom and World: A Journey of Transcendent Leadership

This episode embarks on a philosophical exploration between Corey Jung and Peter, diving deep into spiritual leadership, ancient wisdom's relevance in modern times, and the immense potential for personal and collective transformation. 

They discuss the integration of ancient symbols like the Axis Mundi and Anahata Chakra into contemporary understanding of leadership, the impact of personal transformation on broader societal shifts, and the essential role of facing personal shadows, authenticity, and vulnerability in authentic leadership. 

The dialogue also touches on overcoming modern challenges through deeper self-awareness and reconnecting with the sacred in everyday life for harmony an...

The Soul's Odyssey: Ania Halama's Quest for Purpose and Spiritual Agency

Ania Halama shares her inspiring journey from struggling Polish immigrant childhood to becoming a globally renowned spiritual leader and entrepreneur.

She opens up about overcoming poverty, family trauma, and a corporate grind through radical self-discovery, ancient healing modalities like ayahuasca, and manifesting an enriched life of freedom and purpose.

 Ania provides insights on subconscious reprogramming, spiritual awakening, marrying business acumen with spiritual principles, and her rebel's guide to personalized spirituality.
Her startup Xpansion Alchemy offers a unique mental wellness solution for employees. Ania embodies resilience, defying limiting beliefs to live authentically.

A Somatic Vision with Ginny Hoyt

Embark on a profound journey of somatic wisdom and spiritual awakening with Ginny Hoyt. 

In this insightful conversation on the Transcendent Minds podcast, explore the transformative power of somatic practice and embodied consciousness. 

Discover how to transcend energetic blocks, cultivate mind-body connection, and unlock your true potential through breath work, meditation, and somatic healing techniques. 

Gain life-changing strategies to overcome emotional reactivity, release generational trauma, and find purposeful alignment with the universal flow of energy. Embrace somatic awareness as a path to self-discovery, empowerment and reclaiming your physiological sovereignty.

 Experience profound pers...

Alien Origins, Human Challenges: The Starseed Experience with Raven Willow

In this captivating episode, Raven Willow, a renowned psychic empath, delves into the profound connection between cosmic origins and earthly well-being. Discover the unique challenges faced by starseeds, individuals with extraterrestrial lineages, and how their vibrational alignment impacts physical and emotional health. 

Raven shares her personal journey of self-discovery, shedding light on the transformative power of embracing one's starseed purpose.

 Gain valuable insights into ascension symptoms, navigating chronic health issues, and cultivating harmony between the seen and unseen realms. Join us as we explore the intersection of the ethereal and the material, unlocking the keys to...

From Depression To Joy with Alisha Kapani

In this inspiring conversation, Alisha Kapani shares her incredible journey of healing from severe depression and anxiety. 

Despite trying various healing methods without success, Alisha experienced a profound shift in her life when she embraced surrender. 

By letting go of the desperation to heal, she discovered the practice of mind-body medicine, which paved the way for her transformation. 

Alisha’s story is a testament to the power of consciousness in healing, and it offers hope for those who are struggling with mental health challenges. Join us as she reveals the insights that led her f...

From Curiosity to Calling: A Medium's Transformative Journey

In this captivating podcast episode, Sharon Farber, an evidential medium and author, shares her remarkable journey from an initial spark of curiosity to a profound calling as a messenger between the physical and spiritual realms.

 Defying societal norms and scepticism, Sharon's unwavering determination and resilience have paved the way for her to become a passionate advocate for mediumship and a guide for those seeking to unlock their innate abilities. 

Prepare to be inspired as Sharon offers a candid glimpse into the transformative power of mediumship, the challenges she overcame, and the profound impact her work ha...