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The ‘only question’ Neil Mitchell thinks should be asked about the Premier’s friendship with Lindsay Fox
Today at 12:29 AM

Tenders for the airport quarantine hub have closed, and Fox-owned Avalon Airport is in the mix. See for privacy information.

Why Neil Mitchell thinks this 'cruel' red light camera fine should be waived
Yesterday at 11:48 PM

James shared his story on 3AW Mornings. See for privacy information.

Revive the CBD: Ideas to restore Melbourne to its pre-pandemic state
Yesterday at 11:27 PM

Major Brendan Nottle from the Salvation Army and managing director of Clement Stone Town Planners, Bill Kusznirczuk, share their ideas to revitalise the CBD. See for privacy information.

Why Neil Mitchell thinks workers returning to the CBD today will be 'shocked'
Yesterday at 11:25 PM

"The city is in trouble." See for privacy information.

Neil Mitchell: The Federal Parliament members accused of rape 'have no option but to go public'
Yesterday at 10:29 PM

Two members of federal parliament have had rape allegations made against them, and Neil Mitchell says the men accused must identify themselves. See for privacy information.

Teenage boy's campaign against mullet ban at Lilydale school
Yesterday at 9:55 PM

The mullet is banned at Mount Lilydale Mercy College, with the school threatening to expel children who fail to cut theirs off. But Year 10 student, Dale Carroll, has no intention of cutting his hair. See for privacy information.

Man remains 'absolutely convinced' he has photos of Tasmanian Tiger family
Last Friday at 3:15 AM

See for privacy information.

3AW Mornings with Neil Mitchell, 26th February 2021
Last Friday at 1:45 AM

See for privacy information.

'Had to step over human waste': Businessman's scathing review of the CBD
Last Thursday at 11:52 PM

See for privacy information.

'Sad, sad city': Neil Mitchell says Melbourne's CBD is 'in deep trouble'
Last Thursday at 11:51 PM

Neil Mitchell says Melbourne is "in deep trouble" and the CBD urgently needs caps on office worker limits to be lifted. See for privacy information.

Neil Mitchell tries to find out why kids can't spell any more and whether it matters
Last Thursday at 11:32 PM

Professor Jessica Mantei said spelling remained a crucial skill. See for privacy information.

Melbourne University college plans to make COVID-19 jab compulsory
Last Thursday at 10:36 PM

The college allegedly wants student boarders and staff to get the jab as a condition of stay and employment. Neil Mitchell has confirmed the tip with two sources. See for privacy information.

The eye-watering sum Victoria owes NSW for quarantining returned travellers
Last Thursday at 10:07 PM

NSW took a significant number of returned Victorians last year because of issues with Victoria's own hotel quarantine system. Now, NSW has sent Victoria an eye-watering bill for the service. See for privacy information.

3AW Mornings with Neil Mitchell, 25th February 2021
Last Thursday at 1:31 AM

See for privacy information.

Frustrated parents not allowed at Head of the Schoolgirls rowing regatta
Last Thursday at 1:22 AM

Neil Mitchell got the latest from Rowing Victoria's CEO, who said it wasn't their call. See for privacy information.

Premier hits out at link drawn between hotel quarantine and vaccine stuff-up
Last Thursday at 12:41 AM

The same company behind the COVID-19 vaccine stuff-up, which saw two elderly Queenslanders given four times the recommended dose, is involved in Victoria's trouble-plagued hotel quarantine system. But Daniel Andrews says there is 'no link' between the nebuliser debacle and the vaccine overdoses. See for privacy information.

Victoria Police issues public plea to woman who helped after a hit-run
Last Thursday at 12:19 AM

Victoria Police wants to find a woman who almost certainly witnessed a hit-run at Epping on Monday morning that left a lollipop man in hospital. See for privacy information.

Why the CSIRO's involvement in medicinal cannabis is big news for Australia
Last Wednesday at 11:43 PM

Peter Crock, CEO of the Cann Group, responded to the news on 3AW Mornings. See for privacy information.

Victoria Police calls for public help to improve systems that haven't changed 'since the 1940s or 50s'
Last Wednesday at 11:40 PM

Victoria Police is calling for public help to improve how it serves the community. See for privacy information.

Expert weighs in on how the COVID jab bungle will affect vaccine uptake in Australia
Last Wednesday at 10:46 PM

Confidence in Australia's COVID-19 vaccine has been shaken by a bungle which saw two elderly people given up to four times the recommended vaccine dose. But Sydney University expert in vaccine uptake, and a former nurse herself, Professor Julie Leask, says Australians shouldn't avoid getting the jab because of the stuff-up. See for privacy information.

The 'direct link' between the COVID-19 vaccine overdoses and Victoria's hotel quarantine system
Last Wednesday at 10:02 PM

"The government has got to investigate this urgently." See for privacy information.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg's five pieces of break-up advice
Last Wednesday at 3:14 AM

Prominent psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg has issued five pieces of advice for anybody going through the end of a relationship. See for privacy information.

Why Neil Mitchell is 'disappointed' by the RSL
Last Wednesday at 3:09 AM

Confusion reigns over the 2021 Anzac Day commemorations in Melbourne. Neil Mitchell says he hopes it's a misunderstanding and he "expects better" from RSL Victoria. See for privacy information.

3AW Mornings with Neil Mitchell, 24th February 2021
Last Wednesday at 1:27 AM

See for privacy information.

Driver veers off road and crashes into a Cheltenham car wash
Last Wednesday at 1:17 AM

See for privacy information.

Neil Mitchell speaks with a best-selling author about why people re-read books
Last Wednesday at 1:04 AM

Josh Pomare spoke with Neil Mitchell on Wednesday. See for privacy information.

Tiger Woods undergoing surgery after horrific smash
Last Wednesday at 12:37 AM

TLA News anchor in Southern California, Sam Rubin, shares the latest details. See for privacy information.

Former AFL umpires boss admits new rule will 'drive some people mad'
Last Wednesday at 12:25 AM

Wayne Campbell spoke with Neil Mitchell about the new rule on Wednesday. See for privacy information.

Josh Frydenberg says there isn't 'any ability' for Facebook to censor news under new code
Last Wednesday at 12:08 AM

See for privacy information.

Trade union boss concerned by government's 'dob-keeper' hotline
Last Tuesday at 11:51 PM

Michele O'Neil told Neil Mitchell it was misguided. See for privacy information.

Bicycle blitz: Police crack down on speeding cyclists in inner-Melbourne
Last Tuesday at 11:06 PM

Police nabbed 120 people for offences along Southbank Promenade on Tuesday. See for privacy information.

Two elderly Queenslanders given COVID-19 vaccine overdoses
Last Tuesday at 10:40 PM

See for privacy information.

Serial rubbish dumper cops unprecedented $50,000 fine and has his passport seized
Last Tuesday at 9:50 PM

A serial dumper has copped a $50,000 fine and had his passport seized after repeatedly leaving concrete on roadsides in Melbourne's east. Neil Mitchell was tipped off to concrete dumping on the Mornington Peninsula in November 2019. See for privacy information.

Neil Mitchell is alerted to yet another case of contact tracing gone wrong
Last Tuesday at 3:55 AM

Jonathon shared his story with Neil Mitchell on Tuesday. See for privacy information.

Hear Malu's story! He's the face of this year's Good Friday Appeal
Last Tuesday at 3:03 AM

Neil Mitchell spoke with Malu's mum on Tuesday. See for privacy information.

3AW Mornings with Neil Mitchell, 23rd February 2021
Last Tuesday at 2:02 AM

See for privacy information.

Victorian Veterans Minister says there's 'no reason' CBD Anzac Day march can't go ahead
Last Tuesday at 12:24 AM

Almost a fortnight ago, Neil Mitchell broke the news that Melbourne's Anzac Day march through the CBD had been cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns. RSL Victoria confirmed the cancellation, which has come under fire because other parades, including Moomba, have been able to go ahead. Victorian Minister for Veterans, Shaun Leane, says he doesn't see any reason why the march can't go ahead under COVID-safe conditions. See for privacy information.

RACV defends decision to provide cyclists with free call-out
Last Tuesday at 12:11 AM

Elizabeth Kim, general manager of mobility, told Neil Mitchell the RACV supported the "many different" modes of transport its members used. See for privacy information.

Jeff Kennett weighs in the on the Crown Casino controversy

The former Premier who gave Crown Casino its first licence in Victoria says the massive Southbank entertainment complex will always remain, regardless of the outcome of a Royal Commission. See for privacy information.

Inverleigh woman describes terrifying moment a B-double ploughed into her house

A B-double truck has collided with a school bus and ploughed into a house at Inverleigh, west of Geelong. Rachael, who lives in the house hit by the truck says she feels "a bit sick" about the close call. See for privacy information.