The School of Bliss Podcast

10 Episodes

By: Collins Adika

This is a platform for inspiration and motivation to achieve health and fitness, mental wellness, career development, personal growth and higher consciousness.

Life is spiritual.

Life is often considered spiritual because it encompasses more than just the physical aspects we can see and touch.

How healthy is your gut?

Gut health plays a crucial role in overall health. We delve into matters gut health.

When life shows you the middle finger.

Real talk, motivation dose by Collins Adika.

What is your life purpose?

Have you found your life purpose?

Do you believe you are fulfilling your life purpose?

We delve into these and much more in this episode.

Kicking addictions | Rewiring the brain.

In this episode, we delve into addictions, addiction triggers, addiction signs and symptoms etc. Then we talk about getting rid of them.

Conversations and wisdom from Grandpa.

I compiled several important lessons that I learnt over the years from conversations with my grandpa.

Metabolism | Fat loss | Effective training.

Why is metabolism so imperative in keeping us healthy and alive?

Let’s look at lifestyle changes to bring about effective fat loss.

Great vs Average.

Let’s delve into habits of effective and successful people in contrast to negative people.

Ancient practices that will change your life.

In this episode we revisit the quality of life in the past, in contrast to the overall quality of life now. Why is life expectancy falling drastically?

Life cycles | New chapters | New beginnings.

I realized that through our journey in life, we experience cycles that definitely have a beginning and an ending. Most at times our greatest challenges and lowest moments signify the end of a cycle.