There Will Be Bourbon

40 Episodes

By: Eric Bandazewski

I take interesting people and make them more interesting with bourbon. I do honest discussion about everything that interests me and that I think you will find interesting as well. And as always, there will be bourbon.

Congressional Candidate Joe Kent and Fellow Retired Green Beret Javier Mackey

Joe and Javier's careers first crossed paths at the Special Forces Qualification Course. Both went on to deploy multiple times to countries in the Middle East before retiring. They share several stories of their time together and about the early days of SF training while preparing for the Global War on Terror. Joe is also currently running for Congress in Washington state's District 3 and gives us an update on how the campaign is going after receiving some powerful endorsements. He's also got some advice for those men and women out there considering running for office themselves. Javier and I...

Javier Goya - Global Commodities Expert

Javier has been working in commercial global commodity markets since he was 21 years old. He had dropped out of college and was working behind a bar and on ranches when they would take him before that. He was in a bar one night playing pool when the table behind his friends needed a 4th player. He agreed to play. Those guys hired him into the commodity market on the spot and he never looked back. To this day, the only explanation he has is that he was good at drinking and numbers. He likes tequila. He hates the Federal Reserve...

Terry Schappert - Green Beret, Hollywood Icon

Terry Schappert is a retired Green Beret with the United States Army and also a commentator on current events. He has hosted and appeared on several television shows and recently recorded the 5th season of Hollywood Weapons. He is an extremely thoughtful, well read, and articulate member of the warrior class in America who has fought and sacrificed far more than most in this nation. Listen to what he has to say and deliver through a mix of humor and sobering honesty.

Greg Diacogiannis - Iraq War Veteran and Patriot

Greg is a veteran of two tours in Iraq and served on a US Army Sniper team. After leaving the Army, he took on a variety of jobs and moved all over the country before finding his true calling as a father and family man. He is a passionate American with a wealth of stories and experiences worth listening to. He also has taken up a role with a veteran owned company that has been exploding in the past year that will be discussed in more detail in the future.

Sarah Blake - From Reporter to Soldier

Sarah Blake Morgan is an award-winning journalist based in Charlotte, North Carolina. She currently covers the southeast region for The Associated Press. She has reported across the United States and around the world for local and international news organizations, shooting, writing and editing her stories. Sarah Blake's work has earned her eight EMMY nominations and RTDNAC's 2017 Multimedia Journalist of the Year. She has interviewed politicians, protesters marching through tear gas, mothers who have lost children to overdoses and embedded alongside soldiers in South America. Her extensive reporting on the military led Sarah Blake to her latest challenge. In March of 2021...

Teresa Davis - Former White House Senior Communications Advisor

What a great American and human being Teresa is. She discusses her role in Operation Warp Speed and the Coronavirus vaccine as well as a variety of topics regarding political division in the media, the lack of authenticity in journalism, finding love in the White House, as well as some face time with our cats. Serious stuff here, America! Grab a glass! There Will Be Bourbon

Drew Mullins - Part 2

Retired Navy SEAL Drew Mullins returns, unfortunately clean shaven, this time to discuss bourbon, behind the scenes action in Airborne School, Free Fall training in Antigua, as well as the concept of service and doing something bigger than yourself. Grab a glass!

Drew Mullins - Part 1

Drew served the nation as a Navy SEAL for 23 years conducting high risk, low-visibility, and combat operations spanning 14 deployments in Bosnia, Iraq, The Caucuses, Afghanistan, and Somalia. Like me, he enjoys America's native spirit, Bourbon! We imbibed and talked through his time in the Navy, what SEAL training was like for him, as well as GI Jane stories involving Demi Moore. Grab a glass! There Will Be Bourbon.

Father Dan Beeman - America's Priest

I imbibed in a glass with Father Dan Beeman. Ordained in 2007 after an unfulfilling banking career, Father Beeman was assigned a parish that serves the Naval community of Norfolk. To better minister to this population, he became certified in counseling for Combat Trauma and PTSD. He has worked extensively with the military community and has ministered to deployed military around the globe. Father Dan is passionate about Notre Dame, Oklahoma, and Navy on the football field, Bourbon in his glass, mountains that intimidate, and the abolition of Daylight Savings Time.

There Will Be Banter - Episode 18

There Will Be Banter returns with a look into the Derek Chauvin trial. We get into deep waters over some personal experiences with police brutality and also provide an introspective look at personal accountability at times in those moments. You may not think like us but you probably think like one of us. Grab a glass!

Julio Rosas - America's Most Trusted Riot Reporter

Julio orders at the virtual bar to discuss what led him into the world of riot reporting and also recounts some of his most epic and eye catching moments from last summer in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Julio is also a veteran of the United States Military and has marginal taste in apparel due to his unwavering loyalty to Grunt Style clothing. Grab a glass! There Will Be Bourbon!

Kristina Wong - Award Winning Defense Reporter

You've seen her for months on There Will Be Banter, now it's time to get a little more in depth. Kristina has worked for a variety of media outlets throughout her award winning career and currently covers the Pentagon for Breitbart. She's covered the wars in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, as well as security issues related to China, Japan, Asia, East Asia, and Taiwan. She also was almost an actress. Imagine that. Grab a glass and learn more about America's finest defense reporter! There Will Be Bourbon.

There Will Be Banter - Episode 17

The crew is back and here to sound off on the new Army Combat Fitness Test. Also, we discuss the larger issues holding Soldiers back from not just meeting the standard, but also from reaching their physical fitness peak. Support Author: Music Provided by: Download Link:

Carey Duval - Combat Veteran and Adaptive Competitive Athlete

There Will Be Bourbon pours a glass with Casey Duval. Casey is a medically retired Infantry Officer who was severely injured while serving in Afghanistan. He went on to become the first amputee to complete the Special Forces Selection and Assessment Course and now serves as a Crossfit coach, competitive Adaptive Athlete, and prosthetic consultant. Enjoy the blunt honesty about how his injuries were sustained and the healing process he went through to bring himself to where he is today. Carey is a good dude. Drink up and enjoy.

Robert Thornton and Tim Mantsch - Gain Train Reunion 2.0

Tim and Rob join me to reminisce about our shared deployment to one of the most austere and dangerous environments in the world; Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. We talk a lot of CrossFit, College Athletics, multiple deployment extensions in Iraq, and great food decisions in this episode, including Tim's Zone 1 breakfast burrito. Grab a glass or six. There Will Be Bourbon!

Sam Rogers - Concerned Vets for America

Former Army Interrogator and Human Intelligence Collector, Sam Rogers joins the bourbon consumption practice to talk about his time in Afghanistan as well as his efforts with his organization to end the endless wars that continue around the globe today. Sam also has an interesting spin on the legendary Old Fashioned cocktail. I did not say good. Though it might be. But what is good is listening to his time spent deployed, how he found himself involved politically, and what he lays out as the best way to impact policy all Americans can do. Grab a glass. There Will Be...

Casey Gray - Part 2

So maybe we did these a little out of order? Here is the rest of the interview with Casey Gray describing how he ended up in Naval Special Warfare and how he found himself running for Congress! Grab a glass. There Will Be More Bourbon!

There Will Be Banter - Episode 16

We are fired up tonight! Somehow America's defense reporter, Kristina Wong, maintained her sobriety while the lovable Liberal, Veronika Lopez and the Australian eye candy, Ben Bridge, join me, the bourbon snob, Eric Bandazewski to discuss the fury of Presidential executive orders, Senator Ted Cruz apparently down in Mexico to lasso the sun for Texas, and the passing of Rush Limbaugh. Grab a glass. There Will Be Banter!

Casey Gray - Part 1

What hasn't Casey done in service to his country? Well, you're going to hear about A LOT, specifically his takes on the VA and his experience with them, but most importantly, his recovery after a horrific helicopter crash while deployed in 2011. Casey served honorably with with Naval Special Warfare, Army Special Forces, as well as with the US State Department and the CIA. He also ran for Congress in 2020. We will get to that. This man could talk for hours and I plan to let him. So this is Part 1 with Part 2 to follow next week. Grab a glass! There...

There Will Be Banter - Episode 15

We roll up sans the world class civilian reporter Kristina Wong this week, but the Australian eye candy Ben Bridge and the lovable gun toting liberal Veronika Lopez join me the bourbon snob to discuss the recent revelation about Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio. Also, unfortunately the NFL has found itself back in the news for the wrong reasons once again over a terrible new domestic violence case. We discuss causes and parallels to other sports. Grab a glass! There Will Be Banter.

"Mac" - OnlyFans Content Creator, Small Business Owner, Aspiring Writer

Mac was born & raised in the heart of the Midwest. She works as a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist and adult content creator by day; self-proclaimed creative writer by night. She's in the beginning stages of writing a self-help book using her own life experiences as a guide for each chapter. Pieces of the book will include her personal takes on growing up deeply in religion, homeschooling, experiencing divorce, living with eating disorders & mental illness, a brief snapshot of homelessness, grief, understanding healing, and finally finding herself. She strives to push others towards hopeful living. Mac is currently a homeowner near Indianapolis...

There Will Be Banter - Episode 14

This week the lovable, gun-toting liberal Veronica Lopez, the Australian eye candy Ben Bridge, and America's favorite civilian reporter Kristina Wong gather with me the bourbon snob, Eric Bandazewski to discuss America's halftime show, or the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States of America. You may not think like us but you probably think like one of us! Grab a glass. There Will Be Banter.

Braxton McCoy - Icon of the American West

Braxton McCoy is an American veteran, author of The Glass Factory, horse breaker, former stand up comedy champion, wrestler, and an overall treasure of this country. If you missed his first appearance, it mainly covered his book in a chapter by chapter recollection which I encourage you to read. This time you will see a more introspective man discussing his latest project and the influence of the West on American culture, as well as some flaming hot takes on the UFC and what, if anything, California does better than France. Grab a glass. There Will Be Bourbon.

There Will Be Banter - Episode 13

Rick Dickson - America's Public Affairs Officer

Rick shares his unique experience as a multiple tour combat veteran as an Enlisted Calvary Scout and as the Public Affairs Officer for the 3rd Special Forces Group. His candor discussing his time in Iraq as well as other stops around the globe courtesy of the US Army shed insight on America's role and involvement around the world since 9/11. He also shares in my sad fandom of the Chicago Bears which has caused us great grief over the years, but much like deployments, it's shared suffering. And we love it. Grab a glass.

Walt Nizolek - Investor, Operations Exec, Small Business Owner, Former Army Ranger

Walt has such a full and wide personal story. He's served his country during the Cold War and in Desert Storm. He was an Army Ranger. He picked tobacco growing up as a kid. He pretty much aced the SAT. He didn't have the money to maximize that academic potential immediately after high school, so he joined the Army. He would go on to graduate from the University of Michigan with a degree in Industrial Engineering. After leaving the Army he would go on to positions within Ford becoming the man responsible for that kind, audible reminder to fasten your...

There Will Be Banter - Episode 12

The gun toting liberal, Veronika Lopez, the Australian eye candy, Ben Bridge, and America's decent civilian reporter, Kristina Wong, return with me, the bourbon snob, Eric Bandazewski, to discuss the do as I say, not as I do politicians and the return back into lockdown in many parts of the country due to the coronavirus. You may not think like us, but you probably think like one of us. There Will Be Banter.

Lisa Jaster - Delete The Adjective

In 2015, West Point graduate Lieutenant Colonel Lisa Jaster became the first female reserve Soldier to graduate the iconic US Army Ranger School and was among the first 3 women to do so. There is just a bit more to her than that however. From a small town in Wisconsin, she had a call to serve early on as her father was also a West Point attendee and served 3 tours as an Officer in Vietnam. Fresh off a first place finish in her age group in her first ultra trail marathon, Lisa describes a few other moments in her career along the...

Brink - Adversity is Not an Excuse

"Brink" tells his personal story of surviving serious physical abuse as a child, his eventual adoption, kidnapping, and boarding school, before finding himself in the Army. Behind the mask of humor is a sterling example of never giving in to your circumstances and fighting back when life inevitably beats you down. Brink also describes how he came to find his one true love through the power of MySpace. Grab a glass. There Will Be Bourbon.

There Will Be Banter - Episode 11

America's favorite riot reporter, Julio Rosas, joins America's favorite bourbon snob. That's me. Also, the Australian eye candy, Ben Bridge, returns along with America's favorite civilian reporter, Kristina Wong to discuss the COVID-19 vaccine being developed by Pfizer and Moderna. Are YOU ready to take it? Will you? There Will Be Banter.

Eddie McClintock - America's Actor

I grab a glass with Eddie as he discusses with true honesty what it takes to become an actor in Hollywood, overcoming his addiction with drugs and alcohol, and just what it takes to be successful. You listen to this story and you can pick up on the driving points to success. We all have them. You just have to listen to them when they speak to you. Eddie is a great, American story. Listen to it. Grab a glass. There Will Be Bourbon.

There Will Be Banter - Episode 10

The lovable, gun-toting liberal Veronika Lopez, the average civilian reporter Kristina Wong, and auspicious Aussie Ben Bridge join me, the bourbon snob Eric Bandazewski to discuss what continues to persist in several battleground states from the US election. Hear an "inside outsider" opinion from Ben, as well as some purple drank fueled gems from Kristina while Veronika reminds us all that she drinks and she knows things. Remember, you may not think like us, but you probably think like one of us. There Will Be Banter!

There Will Be Banter - Episode 9

The retired CIA spook Ron Moeller, the lovable, gun-toting liberal Veronika Lopez, and the decent civilian reporter Kristina Wong join me the bourbon snob, Eric Bandazewski to discuss the elephant in the room this week; the US election. There is a lot of passion behind the views and feelings expressed on this episode which I feel is a microcosm of what many in this beautiful nation are experiencing right now. You may not think like us, but you probably think like one of us. There Will Be Banter!

Clay Martin - Green Beret, Author, Guy YOU Should Listen To

Clay Martin is a retired Green Beret and author of multiple books including Concrete Jungle: A Green Berets Guide to Urban Survival. This is a no holds barred interview discussing a wealth of topics including the Global War on Terrorism, what to do when the worst scenario you can imagine plays out in your neighborhood, what gun you should own and know how to use, what Clay thinks of Krav Maga (as well as other Martial Arts), and how to build your personal network to rely on in a crisis. This is brutal honesty from a man who has lived...

There Will Be Banter - Episode 8

This bourbon snob is joined once again by the lovable, gun-toting liberal Veronika Lopez and the average, formerly decent, civilian reporter Kristina Wong. The retired CIA spook Ron Moeller is out hunting peasants, or pheasants, one of the two. This week we discuss the spike in suicides and mental health issues during the pandemic. We also tackle some of the problems that members of the military face overseas and returning home as it relates to seeking help. You may not think like us, but you probably think like one of us. There Will Be Banter.

Larry Teakell - Soldier's Medal Recipient for Heroism

Sergeant First Class (Retired) Larry Teakell talks in depth about the incident in Iraq on July 18, 2007 that led to him being awarded the Soldier's Medal; the highest award for valor and heroism under non-combat conditions. Larry describes multiple deployments to Macedonia, Bosnia, and Iraq recalling in vivid detail his experiences. His actions are a direct definition of the Army Value, "Selfless Service". Every Soldier and American should know what he did that day. In retirement, Larry has started the Junkyard Tactical company making knives, swords, and other weapons out of scrap and discarded metal and steel. His latest fundraising effort...

There Will Be Banter - Episode 7

We rolled up sans the lovable, gun toting Liberal, but the retired CIA spook, the average civilian reporter, and myself, the self-professed bourbon snob come together to discuss deep rooted corruption you may have heard about. Remember, you may not think like us, but you probably think like one of us. There Will Be Banter!

Pedro Turushina - Colombian Immigrant and American Business Owner

Pedro has a very familiar story to the American immigrant population, but also unique in his circumstances that led him to the United States as a young teenage boy. Growing up in Cali, Colombia, Pedro's father was pressured by the Cartel and ultimately moved his family to America. Pedro describes his upbringing in Colombia as well as his evolution into a business owner in the US. Next, he recalls his time spent on vacation in Spain with his family and the struggle to return home in the midst of a pandemic. This is a great American story and another chapter...

Renee Goble - Assistant City Attorney and Senior Litigator

Renee is a long time litigation attorney and lawyer for the city of Denver. Here is your chance to learn everything about the Mitchell Report; the investigation into performance enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball. Additionally, get her take on the current nomination to the Supreme Court in addition to her opinions on the culture in the United States as it relates to recreational drug use. You will also learn her upbringing as an immigrant in the United States of America and its impact on her career. This is a unique American story of success and one we all should...

There Will Be Banter - Episode 6

The lovable, gun toting liberal, Veronika Lopez returns! Maddy Houghton is here once again along with the retired CIA spook, Ron Moeller, to help keep my bourbon snob of a glass always full! This week we cook up some flaming hot takes regarding the recent presidential debate. You may not think like us, but you probably think like one of us! There Will Be Banter.